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  1. I use a Macbook Air, it's a year old, and runs FM just fine, no worries.
  2. Michael Laudrup confirmed at Swansea - 2 year deal.
  3. my scouts found a world class 16 year old regen playing in the Northern Irish 2nd division. Signed him immediately of course.
  4. Yay! Will the changelist be posted soon?
  5. As far as I understand it it's humans trying their best to crash it Humans click the wrong box sometimes etc, whereeas a computer wouldn't/
  6. Can't have loans longer than 3 months outside a transfer window.
  7. iPhone FM remote? Make it happen!
  8. I play a 4-1-4-1, and will usually take the DM off for a striker if I need a goal, that's as much tinkering as I do though.
  9. Not a regen, but the centre back Mark De Man makes me chuckle whenever I see it.
  10. Just signed a Slovakian called Peter Grajciar, would love to know how to pronounce it so I can shout obscenities at him correctly
  11. Schennikov is a bit out of my budget unfortunately, looks good though. Thanks for trying
  12. Brunt has gone to West Ham and Poulsen to Sunderland
  13. OK I got bored and started again so.... Club: Swansea City (Championship) Date: Aug 2009 Need: Left Winger Budget: 2m ish
  14. brambleten, what is that skin? It's lovely.