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  1. FM on a MacBook Air

    I use a Macbook Air, it's a year old, and runs FM just fine, no worries.
  2. FM WeeGiE - Summer Transfer Update Thread

    Michael Laudrup confirmed at Swansea - 2 year deal.
  3. my scouts found a world class 16 year old regen playing in the Northern Irish 2nd division. Signed him immediately of course.
  4. Yay! Will the changelist be posted soon?
  5. Patchcake Day?

    As far as I understand it it's humans trying their best to crash it Humans click the wrong box sometimes etc, whereeas a computer wouldn't/
  6. Extending a Player's loan

    Can't have loans longer than 3 months outside a transfer window.
  7. iPhone FM remote? Make it happen!
  8. I play a 4-1-4-1, and will usually take the DM off for a striker if I need a goal, that's as much tinkering as I do though.
  9. Not a regen, but the centre back Mark De Man makes me chuckle whenever I see it.
  10. Just signed a Slovakian called Peter Grajciar, would love to know how to pronounce it so I can shout obscenities at him correctly
  11. The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    Schennikov is a bit out of my budget unfortunately, looks good though. Thanks for trying
  12. The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    Brunt has gone to West Ham and Poulsen to Sunderland
  13. The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    OK I got bored and started again so.... Club: Swansea City (Championship) Date: Aug 2009 Need: Left Winger Budget: 2m ish
  14. FM 10 - Keisuke Honda

    brambleten, what is that skin? It's lovely.