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  1. 2040 is now done, and the Premier League currently includes Doncaster, Leeds, Southampton, Notts Forest, Ipswich, MK Dons, Oldham and Leicester. The league ahs been dominated by the big teams still, however Everton did manage a league title in 2031. Interestingly, Everton have also picked up 4 Europa League's and 2 European Super Cups since this game started. The MK Dons have won two FA Cups in a row over the past decade, while even Blackpool have a League Cup. Aston Villa are perhaps the biggest club to have been relegated, now languishing in the Championship, although they are the current League Cup holders. You can download 2040 here; HERE!
  2. Unbelievable-Jeff (We call it UJ...) has just passed its first birthday. We've no cake left -sorry - but we do have some other awesome stuff for you to take a look at! We won't waffle on for hours telling you how amazing our design is, dribbling over impressive board stats, and telling you of complicated 'features' we have, because quite frankly, you've probably read all that guff before. What we will show you, is some of our most interesting content and projects at the moment, that we think you'll like! Righty'ho, first up we have some brilliant things being made in the Databases/Updates part of the forum. Macdab55 is currently completing a mammoth project to create a huge, super Polish league structure. In actual fact, he's completed over 400 subdivisions already, and I'm lead to believe that it's not far off being available for download!Also in that kneck of the woods is Mike's 100YearsofFM project; in the not too distant future, you'll be able to download a saved game from Football Manager 2012 for every decade, right up to the year 2100. He's currently at 2030, and you can follow his progress over on the forums. I'll also mention UJ's Challenge League. It's still young and growing, but it already has some interesting FM2012 Challenges to get you back into the game! So far this year, we've had literally dozens of inspirational, detailed guides for FM2012, from tactical analysis to financial guides and everything in between. Take a look at our guide to finding the best newgens, or perhaps our recommendation that you only need the one physio. Ever dreamed of having a perfect scouting network? We have that covered, too.We also have many guides on the tactical side of things as well. Here's the basics of getting to grips with the tactic creator in-game, for example. I've always struggled with touchline shouts in FM12, so here's how to get the best out of them. We also have a bucket full of downloads for tactics and training, like TG's acclaimed, exclusive Revolution Training. Thanks for reading! The Unbelievable Team. Come and take a look; http://www.unbelievable-jeff.com
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys. 2030 is now available!. First post updated. Click here to download 2030!
  4. Woah, thats insane! No, I'll never catch him up! I'm just concentrating on the download per decade thing. Thanks for linking to that thread though, pretty incredible stuff!
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, hopefully 2030 will be done tomorrow
  6. 100 Years of Football Manager 2012 By MikeB and Unbelievable-Jeff. Ever wanted to see how your local team turns out in the future? Ever wanted a sneak peak at how the best wonder kids turn out? (Ssh! Thats cheating!) Or simply wanted to jump into the future and start your management career from there? Well, we are now giving you that chance. The ultimate aim is to create a saved game download in the year 2100, and the best bit is, we'll be uploading a saved game for every single decade, starting with 2020. This allows you to start the game whenever you want! First up, is indeed 2020. The Saved game is currently at the 1st June 2020, with only the English leagues loaded, but of course, you can add and remove leagues as you so wish. Simply download and add a new manager in game, to have a look around or start your very own career in the future! This is perhaps one of the most interesting decades to be uploaded, as many of the players still in the game are 'real'. Future decades will follow soon, but feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the mean time. Download the Decades! --2020-- COMPLETED! - CLICK HERE! --2030--COMPLETED! - CLICK HERE! --2040-- - COMPLETED! - CLICK HERE! --2050-- - IN PROGRESS! --2060-- --2070-- --2080-- --2090-- --2100--
  7. [FM2012] Greenlandic Structure

    Thanks everyone for your opinion. I've just started this. I intend releasing several versions eventually, to give people alternatives a sto what they prefer; V1: Reality (minus Indoor) - League is structured with 4 regional groups, then a two-group final eight, and then a grand final. Meeqqat cup is played after the end of the league season. No Indoor football either. Greenlandic Super Cup also included. V2: Reality (plus Indoor) - same as above in terms of leagues and cups, plus several 'indoor' leagues and cups in the Winter - mainly regional, as well as one national knockout. V2: Fantasy - League is structured with 4 regional groups again, from which the top two from each qualify for a super-eight. The rest qualify for a second division type thing. There is no grand final - it is the winner of the super eight that wins. Greenlandic Super Cup, and Meeqqat are both included, as is the indoor football I detailed above. It will also include the Arctic Cup - the winner of the league versus the Icelandic champions. I've no idea which I'll make first, but I'll let you know. Thanks for all the comments!
  8. Greenlandic National Team & Domestic Structure for Football Manager 2012 By Mike The Arctic has always fascinated me as a culture, and its principal country is the world's largest island - Greenland. With only limited football during the summer only, they have always struggled, especially with international football, as they can not grow grass suitable for FIFA. However, they have an ever burgeoning domestic league which celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this summer. Despite its uniquely low reputation as a footballing destination, I will be creating a full Greenlandic database, as accurate as possible - bear in mind the low levels of material online about football in the country. Nevertheless, I shall do my best! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The main, and currently only properly organised league is the GM-Coca Cola League: This starts off with 4 regional groups (North, South, Midlands, Disko Bay) with four or five teams in each. From what I can understand, teams play each other in their groups at both home and away. From here, we have two options which I want your input on: - Option 1: This is what happens in real life. The top two from each division go to the final eight, which is split into two randomly drawn groups. The winner from each of these then play each other in a Grand Final. However, those that do not qualify for the second phase, only get six/eight league games in a season, which seems a bit poor. - Option 2: This is a 'fantasy' twist on what really happens. The second phase is split into a 'Super 8' of the top two from each group. They play each other once (No time for playing each other twice due to short summers!) and the winner from here, takes the title. Additionally, those who do not qualify for the Super 8, (nine teams) - go into their own 'Bottom 8' group, just so they simply have a longer season than in real life. The problem, is that there is no second division, so there is no relegation, and thus these bottom teams would be playing for pride only, which could be slightly pointless? Would people prefer the real-life Option 1 or the fantasy Option 2? Feel free to make any other suggestions, too! Either way, here are the teams of Greenland! North: E-56, KI-45 (Kingmek), UB-65 (Uumannaq-Boldklub), Malamuk FC South: EQ-54 (Eqaluk), S-43 (Siuteroq), N-85, K-93 (Kissaviarsuk), Nagtoralik Midlands: SAK, Kagssagssuk, B-67 (Boldklub of 1967 Nuuk), KT-85 Disko Bay: A-51 (Akunnaaq), K54 (Kugsak 54), G-44 (Qeqetarsuaq), KG-45 (Kugsak) The Meeqqat: From what I can gather from a google translation of information on an iceland website, this is what the national cup is called, although in theory, Meeqqat could mean anything for all I know! It also seems to be a straight knockout which has in recent years been played in full completely before the league season, or completely after, rather than clashing with the league at any point. Proposed Other Competitions: I think it would be fun to add in an Arctic Super Cup or something, with the winner of the Greenlandic league versus the Icelandic winner, or something - should be easy to add! Also, I believe that most, if not all of the teams in Greenland play in informal friendly competitions/leagues/cups between each others indoors! as the outdoor conditions for playing football are very short (May - September). I'm wondering off the top of my head (Without venturing into the editor, as I'll end up on it all night, as usual) if there is a way to add 'second' stadiums for certain games, such as these. Could possibly add the indoor 'arenas' as reserve stadiums and somehow make the first team (Or, as a last resort, the 'reserve' team, but with first team players) play certain competitions there. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- I'm no expert on the Editor, although I've made basic leagues/nations for personal use for the last couple of years so know what I'm doing, kind of. If anyone has any information on the current system in Greenland that I've missed, let me know! I'll check this thread as often as possible, but I'm more often going to be over here; http://www.unbelievable-jeff.com/forums/index.php/topic/1586-fm2012-greenlandic-structure/ Any help appreciated!
  9. FMHVibe - Feel FMH

    Advertising before it opens, urgh. I admire your determination so wish you luck, but I can't see it being any different to your numerous other sites in the past.
  10. As I mentioned when speaking to one of the staff at this site; There's nothing wrong with free forums, but you'd be better off using a decent one, rather than one that looks like an Obese ******. http://www.novaboard.net/ - Was originally created by Caleyjag whom I'm sure you all know as a moderator on the SI Forums and a generally top bloke on the scene. not his anymore, but it's by far the best Free software around, looks really professional, has friendly support forums and is very easy to use as an admin or Moderator. Good luck with the site.
  11. Like I say, there's nothing wrong with starting a site etc, Caley - you must have misunderstood me - but Joel you won't get anywhere unless you take comments onboard - everything originally mentione dby Dec, and mentioned by me has been constructive, fair enough if you don't want to listen but to just say 'stop spamming, leave us alone' etc is probably the wrong way to go about it - we're just trying to help. It's harsh, but if we lied to you, you wouldn't get anywhere. We're just trying to help, and if you need advice on anything my PM box always has room.
  12. I'd just like to say that I agree with dec - being a respected admin of a number of sites on the scene over the past 7 years which have been successful, and like dec, am part of the SI affiliate scheme. There is nothing wrong with starting a free site with no effort, no money, no anything, charging people for VIP Privileges which don't offer ANYTHING - and then claiming it's coming along nicely. However, I can safely guarantee you will never reach the heights of TheAwayStand, LosWonderkids, etc without following the advice of other web masters such as dec, and others. From what I can tell, having read about 8 advertising threads for FM-You, and browsing the site for a few minutes before getting bored, your doing things totally wrong and going about things the incorrect way, and ultimately just making yourself look like a some clueless bloke who hasn't the slightest idea about how to run any form of website. However I wish you all the best of luck.
  13. Simply FM

    Looking good guys. I recognize a few names back from the CM4rums days, and I do log-on and browse ocassionally. You just need a nice skin now, and it'll be looking good. I wish you guys luck, it's about time something was done to revamp the old place and nice to see it being done. if you need any help or anything with the new software, let me/TAS know.
  14. Do you really need 3 threads for 1 fansite? No. Take a look at some of the affiliate scheme websites such as www.theawaystand.co.uk/community and www.loswonderkids.com - I think that's constructive feedback, as if you've half a brain you should see why your website has only a handful of members and no quality discussion. Mike. EDit: Oh, and for the record, I think whoever came up with the idea of charging people on your site is an absolutely disgrace. The likes of Susie, FMGLive etc can offer such schemes yes, and I'd be more than happy to pay for them considering the amazing features and content offered regularly. You offer; - Own section to the forum. Fair enough, but your forum only has 18 members. I doubt any of them are 'VIP', so I'd be talking to myself, no? - Emails from the Admin? At TheAwayStand, and infact all other sites around send out regular emails to all members through their software, infact we do it atleast a couple of times a month, you want to charge for this? Serious? - Different Coloured Name. Same as above, really. You are also running FREE forum software, on FREE hosting, using a FREE domain, why the hell are you asking people for money? Absolutely no reason whatsoever unless your trying to make a quick profit. Again I refer you to other fansite,s particular the established, affiliated SI ones. WE pay a good £70 for our Forum software license, and about a £10'er every single month for our hosting, sometimes more. If you were too, and you showed you were putting effort and money into your website, maybe, just maybe, would I have some sympathy to you offering such a scheme. I hope that's constructive enough for you, Mike.