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  1. Same issue here after updating my graphics drivers. Changing to Software rendering solves the issue but I'd much rather be able to play with GPU assisted. Any idea why this might be happening? I've got a Radeon HD 7870 and just updated to the 14.6 catalyst beta drivers.
  2. Really hope they add nets to the 2D classic version, it's preventing me from using my favourite match view.
  3. Yeah it's often very inconsistent for me, quite frustrating trying to drag the player about 10 times before it registers properly.
  4. Enjoying the game but the use of the L trigger to move a player around in the tactics screen seems temperamental and often doesn't work properly, I end up having to try it several times before it works. Also, the player role and instructions on the tactics screen seem to go blank at certain times which is rather inconvenient.
  5. Have you enabled steam cloud synchronisation in steam>settings>cloud?
  6. The usual hilariously terrible posts in reaction to a patch are still occurring then. People giving feedback after 1 or 2 games is laughable.
  7. Very limited time with the update so far but I love that the height of the ball is now much better represented in the 2D classic view. Looks so much more realistic now.
  8. Great work guys, really appreciate the efforts made to address these issues.
  9. Or just that there's a chance they may have more contact with those who do.
  10. Sorry for pestering, but are you talking in general terms or do you have information that it won't be released imminently?
  11. Well PaulC (I think) said he's hoping/it should be this week, why would you think otherwise?
  12. What do you mean the AI despises players? Are you struggling to win matches? It's probably your tactics.
  13. They're actually showing plenty of respect by making sure the update is of the desired quality and will have the desired results for the users. You're just translating your own impatience into SI being complacent or dismissive.
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