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  1. good enough to share the tactic try. 1st season Legia warsaw final euro cup loose 0-2 against ajax dominate league
  2. Update 12.2.2 http://speedy.sh/7RNyP/4-2-3-1-Balista-By-Qetesh-44.tac
  3. MC creative and some defensive attribute like positioning and takcling will be good DMC normal defensiv player like at fisrst versiom all for assistanthttp://speedy.sh/BrPsz/CR1.tac the last version for latest patch
  4. You must try but for me its better in defence. My best game so far And this is after change club This is confirmation of my history managment
  5. Update for patch 12.2.2 http://www.gamefront.com/files/21493220/4-5-1+Balista+!!!!+v7.tac http://speedy.sh/7kkx6/4-5-1-Balista-v7.tac
  6. Gram teraz fortuna dusseldorf i jak na beniaminka 7 miejsce do luksus wiec chyba nie
  7. Nic nie jest zaznaczone nic nie robilem nie ma rozgrywajacego ani odgrywajacego My assistant do everyting match preperation team talks
  8. New test in the 2 bundesliga team Fortuna Dusseldorf. Media prediction 10 place. On the start have no money for transfer and 1 mil Euro wage in month (team wage 964K euro) Fixture
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