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  1. Since I finally got the leagues working last I posted and have now run several test games on them, I thought I ought to share them. The update I used to create these competitions on top was UEFA Revival. It has the old setup with Champions League, UEFA Cup and Intertoto Cup - somewhat cooler than the current one. We aware that I did change one important thing for the European competitions: Registration was buggy (known bug in the game when using the editor), so I decided to scrap the need for player registration for these tournaments altogether. So, attached is a file with both my new cups and then a file with each cup respectively. I've also attached the description of the setup in the UEFA Revival 13 file. Uefa Revival 13 file guide.txt UEFA Revivial 13 - Great Britain Cup & Royal League.fmf UEFA Revival 13 - Great Britain Cup.fmf UEFA Revival 13 - Royal League.fmf
  2. Ok, so I did a bit more digging. On the surface of it, it seems easy. Add nation rules, convert to advanced, disable FFP in the fixture rules and disable the agreement change to disable Brexit (I hope, unlike what I saw in the discussion from FM 2017, that it doesn't just happen anyway). I disabled all work permit rules. However, not surprisingly, I found myself unable to validate the leagues of the English Level 15 update meaning that I cannot use this. The first validation error is a classic, from what I understand, dating back several itrelations of FM. Image 1: It says the promtions and relegations don't add up. Image two: I try to relegate one team less, and now they still don't add up (too few relegated). Either way, I'm sure this is the first of many validation error. Any suggestions?
  3. Can anyone tell me how to remove financial fair play rules and prevent Brexit from happening in the game? Both things really degrade the game, and a not fun to play with. As of yet, I'm just setting up my database and doing test game, but my friend tells me Brexit happens in this one like I read about it happening in previous iterations of the game. I've not been able to find out anything about the topic with a quick search, and I wanted to ask here to make sure I remove it correctly. Since, for instance, I have an England FMF (with one with level 15) loaded, I fear that I won't be able to remove the financial fair play rules there, since I assume it requires a conversion to advanced rules (while the England level 15 FMF has basic nation rules).
  4. Ah, a bit more sleep today, and solving it seemed easy. In the "Teams" I had accidentally put "Main Stage Name" to the last round of the previous stage, rather than the first one of the next stage. I'll do a few test seasons to make sure everything works as intended, but in this test season Great Britain Cup worked just fine. So, now I'll see whether Royal League works next season (it not in the first season, since it starts before the normal game start). The less sleepy me also figured out that I could just run the test game with one league rather than loading all my 500 divisions (which I originally did since I wanted to make sure everything worked together without crashing, but that was assuming my cups worked). That means that I can test ruled changed within one day instead of having to waiting for a week of being on holiday in the game.
  5. Alright, so after I found a FMF-file that actually had the European compeition, adding the two cups I wanted seemed like a small matter. I added them, and everything loaded fine. However, then I discovered a major problem: The next stage of the competitions never start. Before I lose my mind, can someone tell me what I am missing? FMF-file for the cups attached. UEFA Revival 13 - Great Britain Cup & Royal League.fmf
  6. Do you know that nations in the game have player values in regards to their reputation defined in the database?
  7. KUBI: Thanks for the reply. After I got home from my holiday, I started checking out the various FMF-files. What you said seemed true in some cases - I was able to add some of the files before 1 March 2019, and without my test-games crashing so far. However, some files didn't work because divisions lacked teams. That might've been easy to fix, but I didn't dare risk them being faulty and crashing later, so I didn't use them. Either way, I found replacements for those files, and, all in all, I'm very satistifed with what was out there. I've been able to find expansions for all significant leagues, so now my games have 500 active leagues/divisions (and half a millon player), which is adds a sufficiently level of detail. I'll still be doing some test games to make sure things don't crash. I had a scary in my latest test-game because FM started using all my CPU, making the computer unresponsive, around 1 January. But I guess it's just because the game had lot to do, opening the transfer window and updating all the yearly stuff - it started responding a while later. Monsi9958: That's excellent. Exactly the amount of leagues I wanted. I love having Italy in my game, making the Italian leagues much better and more exciting, and this is exactly what I need as a platform for this. Thanks a lot.
  8. I’m putting together the fnf-files I need to start playing FM2019. However, I notice that the data updates after 1 March are all marked as compatible with the 19.3 data update. Can someone tell me the consequences of using an older fmf file despite playing with the most recent database? Are some ids altered? Will the game crash? How can the be resolved? Plenty good fmf files have not been updated after 1 March. And to my surprise no one made a fmf file for the Italian lower leagues this time around. I googled and found one in an Italian forum. However, it was released shortly after the game, so I fear I’ll discover that it won’t work when I get home from my holidays.
  9. Are you playing this as an active league in full detail? Have you made sure all the clubs are full professional? Are there rules as to the amount of foreigners? Work permits? Do you use the option to add missing staff when you create the game? If you’ve considered all this, I bet the peoblem is club and league reputation. If you look up videos where non-league teams have been given a billion GBP, you will see that they don’t start spending properly until the clubs are promoted to Premier League. I’m guessing that FM does’t want to use computing power to make sure that lower reputation clubs spend their unrealistic amount of money optimally. I don’t have any experience with any of the most recent versions of the game, but my vast experience with previous versions tells me that the game prioritizes where to spends its energy and cuts some corners, to the disappointment of those of us who favor depth.
  10. -number represents a range. -10, if it’s the same it always was, means a potential between 170 and 200.
  11. I want to create a continental competition called "Great Britain Cup" (among many other additions I intend to make - Royal League in Scandinavia and an alternative World Club competition being among those), and I did a quick attempt this evening based on what I could find. I discovered that when you select "add continental rule", add some nations and convert to advanced, you can access "Advanced Rules". You delete the continental rule, and then you set up a specific rule that applies to your competition only. That seemed like a good option, since I could add this cup without having to redo every European competition, as it first seemed. I selected the option for my ruled to co-exist with the hardcoded ones, since I don't want to accidentally overwrite anything. So, I create the cup and then added a stage, some teams, and the necessary rounds for the cup. I though; great, this wasn't more complicated than it had to be. Except, I'm sure I've missed something; The fmf-file is loaded when I try to create a new game, but my new league cannot even be found when I searched for it. I tried to change the competition to England and I've set it to appear under England, but it's simply not loaded into the game. I have attached the FMF-file. I haven't been able to find any clear cut step-by-step guide for creating a new continental competition (or even a national one with advanced rules), so I hope you guys can help me out. I'm finally returning to Football Manager after a long hiatus. Football Manager 2015 started crashing at some point in the first season for me and my friend after I made 200+ hours of database changes (certain changes make the game much more interesting and enjoyable for me, and I wouldn't play without them), and it broke my heart, since I love this game. Now, I finally feel confident in being able to start a game again without it eventually crashing, and therefore I want make sure I add everything correctly. Great Britain Cup.fmf
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