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  1. I think you misunderstand me slightly, it is not producing any players who can play at any level, not even league 2 standard, I was just generalising. I am played FM for years, and the standard slowly goes up the more you improve your facilities, on this one it hasn't gone up at all. I think I must be missing something, as it has never done this or any other save. If I look at teams with exactly the same facilities as me, every single one of their players are better, even their worst one. You don't have to tell me all that, I already know all this, I usually play FM with 11 lads from the academy.
  2. He is world class, JP 20, youngsters with 20 it seems like I am making a basic error because the players are nowhere near the standard they should be, it isn't even close
  3. Hello I built my Hartlepool team up to the premier league, with very little money spent, and all money going into the academy. I now have: Superb Youth Facilities Youth Level 2 Excellent Junior coaching Above average youth recruitment The problem is every year the youth candidates are all maximum 2.5 star potential I know I am a small club, but I do the same thing every FM and by now are usually producing top quality players, or at lease 3 to 3.5 star players Has anything changed on this FM? Any ideas? Basically these are the same level players as I had in league 1, I know the youth recruitment is slightly down, but still a lot lot higher than it was originally, and the players are getting no better Also my head of youth recruitment is top notch, he has 20 for JP and 20 for working with youngsters
  4. I thought so, cheers, not complaining, just never heard of it. Will it happen less as the club gets bigger? Also if I resign the player, will he count as a player from my academy in the european quota etc
  5. Ah OK, so essentially these lads were at the club when they were 13 or 14 then? In real terms. If you sign them back, do they count as players from your academy?
  6. Hi Just a query, no big problem, just wondering if someone can explain this I am doing a game with Hartlepool where I try and only bring through Youth players from the academy Anyway just before I got a message saying that I received £150,000 from Middlesborough as Jordan Snook has now played 10 league games for them I had no idea who this was, I looked at his history and he has started at Hartlepool in 2017/18, I have no memory of this whatsoever I went on transfer history, players in and out, and youth players in and out, and he doesn't appear on the players information his favourite personal are all Middlesborough staff and he is a Middlesborough fan So is this something that happened within the game? As in he never existed as a Hartlepool player I could control, but moved before he was created when he was 14/15 It is now 2019/20 and he is only 17 Any ideas? Edit I am just looking at clauses and there is another lad at Forest who left in 2014/15 There is no record of these players leaving other than this Help!
  7. Hi I set my Opposition instructions in the week before the game in the main tactic screen However when I get past the match preview and into the actual game, all my instructions do no appear and they are all blank Why is this?
  8. It is an excellent tactic, and working well for my Hartlepool side, I just can't stop conceding from crosses and corners Are there anyway to stop this via tweeks using this tactic?
  9. Please please get this fixed, only way I concede, try everything!
  10. Which is the new tactic, they are both called pretty much the same thing on steam workshop and I can't tell them apart
  11. One point I would make is, I am a 15 to 10th premier league side. Very strong at home but away from home it is just a bit much, going to try make some tweaks to make myself more solid away from home.
  12. Ah sorry mate, usually down the wings. I will take a step back and wait for more feedback to come in, started off well initially but can't buy a win, might just not be suited to my lads.
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