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  1. Arteta for England

    Arteta would walk into the England team for me. And he should be in the Spain squad, it's just some of the talent ahead of him in the first XI is phenomenal. I'd rate him higher than Alonso, just my opinion.
  2. Football Manager Sayings Thread

    I mainly do a lot of swearing and fist pumping. Quite scary. And a lot of 'Get hold of that', 'Av it', 'Eat it', 'Come on, play it you mug' ... general lunacy. There's a been a few occasions where strikers KEEP missing clear chances where I repeatedly shout the word "sold" at the screen. I'd like to see that in real life.
  3. I've just started as Bath City. Didn't realise there was a Team Bath til I looked at the table. Or Chelmsford, who if they come in for me I may join. Not very far in, played my first 4 pre season friendlies and won 3-0, 6-0, 4-0 and 5-0. Although to be fair those team were mugs. Suspect BS South may be trickier.
  4. I want to comment on 2 things that brilliant. 1. This tactics project looks fantastic, it's a great piece of work, well done you guys. 2. I've just posted after a guy from Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Brilliant.
  5. The Double -- C64

    Wow, I loved Tracksuit Manager. Fantastic, I was about 9 when that came out. Also, anyone remember Emylyn Hughes International Soccer? That was a quantum leap in football games, the ball physics were another level, forget Kick Off 2 and Sensible. Plus you could edit player names. Mega.
  6. I've searched for this but no dice. Does anyone know of a fix for the demo crashing pre and post match? I just get the ball cursor up then it freezes. My computer is fully up to date in terms of drivers etc.
  7. I quite agree, but you can see how it might sound ike 'towing the party line' a bit. Regardless, a list of known issues, then people posting their specs and how many of these issues effect them is a good idea. Would diagnose problems much quicker than posting "Anderson - only 16 passing!!!!!111!', which is mental. I've searched for it, but does anyone else have an Acer Aspite 5920G laptop??
  8. Thanks for the contribution.
  9. Ah, I've noticed that guy was a moderator. As I said earlier, we needs less apologists or flamers. Let's see if we can help the fixing of some of the issues.
  10. Okay. So what you're saying is every single person who has a problem with the demos has not updated their PC sufficiently? 1. That isn't true, clearly 2. It doesn't sound like very robust programming to me even if that were true. I can't quite make out your last point means. But getting the game running is not the problem, it's the multitude of bugs.
  11. And as an aside have you had the following problems- 1. 3d issues 2. Sensitive keyboard use (doubble typping) 3. Post match freeze/crash 4. Lots of injuries Cheers
  12. I asked this question earlier - have people downloaded different versions of this game. The reason I ask is how some people don't seem to be affected by the injuries issue. I got the steam version, and have 8 injuries after 3 games. I might even try the NOTW version (although I resent having to go to the site of that toilet paper)
  13. It is almost a certainty this was not tested very much. I can't believe even 100 game hours has been run through this. So in a sense we are the beta testers, a role I think some of us are not too unhappy about, should the issues be addressed. That said I wait hopefully for SI to sort the issues, I really hope they do. Is it at all possible that the different versions from different sites are fundamentally different on a code level? Would explain the great variety in the reports of the game....
  14. Since when was a twisted ankle 2 months out. Just had the same thing with Elano.
  15. Like the lad above my laptop is an Acer5920G. But it's crashed 4 times, 3 post match. It can't be a spec issue. If there are drivers, updates etc. I'd suggest that someone post those as remedies for people having trouble. I think less apologist posts and less flame posts would help everyone.