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  1. When you come up with a version of the new Nike ad with your world class Ukrainian regen striker as the star.
  2. The reason I sent out the reserves against Atletico in the cup match above was because Barcelona were visiting the following weekend. And the first team showed how it's done. Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 0 I actually created a bit less than against Atleti, but in the other hand I am quite proud of my defensive work, nearly completely nullifying their threat. The goal was a stroke of luck, with Valdes pushing up far to pick up a stray clearance and laying the ball to Dani Alves, who held on to it just long enough to be tackled by Kaka, they ball falling to Xabi Alonso, who noticed Valdes had not yet returned to his goal, and sent a screamer from the halfway line into the net! Curiously, I have won both league matches against Barcelona, both by the same scoreline, and exploiting Dani Alves's subpar defending in both goals (in the first game, he gave Cristiano Ronaldo enough space for Kaka to pick him out with a through pass).
  3. Atletico 3 Real Madrid 0 Probably the most annoying game of my FM career. All their shots on goal went in (including a very soft penalty). Meanwhile, I kept producing shot after shot, even creating more CCCs than them, and hitting the woodwork three times. The only consolation is that this was the second-string 11 playing.
  4. February 2011, First knockout round of the Champions League. I'm managing Celtic, and we're playing Liverpool at home on the first leg. My guys are playing well enough, deserving at least a draw, then with less than 10 minutes to go Torres goes and scores two screamers from outside the box for the only goals of the game. AAAAAAAAAARRGGHHHH!!!! At least I can get some consolation from the board and fans just being delighted to get this far, but it felt like a kick in the nuts.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks the analysis screens obscure more than they clarify? That would be an area to fix.
  6. Does philosophy determine anything besides individual player mentalities (all else being equal)? If so, what?
  7. Surely some of these may have been suggested already. Still, here goes: - For lack of a better name, I'll call this floating slider adjustments. To explain with an example, say I want to set my team tempo two notches above the standard setting given my tactics. So, when I change my tactics (via shouts or whatever), the new team tempo increases or decreases as well, remaining two notches above the standard for the new tactics. - Furthermore, I want some of the adjustments to be "programmable", so that player instructions adjust automatically according to the player in a certain position. For example, I want to tell the computer to automatically reduce my AMC's long shots one notch if his long shot attribute is below 15. - A better way to set up set piece instructions. Assigning roles according to attributes as opposed to positions would be a start.
  8. Many many thanks, specially for the Venezuelan leagues!
  9. I've read around that league reputation remains constant during a game. If that's true, then that's one thing I would like to see changed. Maybe the calculation of league reputation could be done similarly to UEFA's league coefficients.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. I'm still playing FM2007 so I don't know if these have been established in 2008. - Conditional farrows/barrows. These would allow to recover some of the flexibility of the old with ball/without ball screen , without sacrificing ease of making in-game changes. To explain with an example, if an MC has a conditional farrow to AMC, it means that if the team has the ball in the offensive half of the pitch, the player moves forward to the AMC position (likewise, an MC with a DMC conditional barrow would indicate the player to move back if the opposing team has the ball in your own half). I split the pitch in halves for this example, but if this could be made to work splitting it on thirds, it would be better. - Weight average ratings according to the minutes a player plays each game. - When I add new countries to the EU using the editor, EU players still count as foreigners in their leagues. Please fix this. Plus the stuff that has already been mentioned. Specially taking charge of youth NTs without having to manage the senior NT as well, more team talk options... EDIT: Something I just remembered, give us some incentive to take higher salaries.
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