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  1. My first League 1 Season is going well, currently sitting second midway through October! Also had an amazing result in the League Cup, beating Chelsea 2-0 at home! Sadly in the next round I was defeated 4-0 by Man City, but we can forget about that one! Jake Cassidy though is a player I can only reccomend, scored 12 goals in 9 games so far, doing phenomenally
  2. FC United of Manchester Season 4 - 2014/2015 – nPower League Two This season could not possibly have gone much better, but it was a true rollercoaster that thrilled to the very end. We started the season brightly and looked set to run away with promotion, but the campaign took a dent when we lost our star striker to injury and our form dropped. We fell as low as 12th and never looked like getting back to our start of season form, but we turned it around and as Jake Cassidy returned, the goals came again and we took the championship to the last game of the season where we won 3-1 whilst then-1st placed Rushden succumbed to defeat, allowing us to leapfrog them and take the title on the last day. It was a truly brilliant moment. Sadly, we once again failed to do anything in the Cups. We lost 3-0 in the first round of the League Cup to Sheff Wed, lost on penalties to Carlisle in the first round of the Paint Trophy and we lost in the first round of the FA Cup to Gillingham in the replay 3-1. This is my main aim for next season, to turn our Cup fortunes around. All in all it was an amazing season which saw me reject my first job offer, from fellow League 2 boys Exeter. I didn't bring in too many fresh faces but those who came in excelled and made a massive difference from last season. League Two Table | Position Graph Transfers | Finances Top Players Jake Cassidy (ST) - For the second year running, my absolute best striker. If he hadn't taken a serious injury midway through the season he would have no doubt finished Top Goalscorer in the league, sadly he didnt and only featured in 35 league games, scoring 22 times and finishing with an average rating of 7.22. He was truly brilliant to watch and I can only hope he continues to fire them in as we move forward to League One Matthew Pearson (DC / MC) - A new signing in the January window, the first ever FC United transfer to cost a fee, 45k well spent that is for sure. The big man played in 20 league games this season and managed to get 4 Man of the Matches, 3 assists, a goal and finished with an average rating of 7.37 Curtis Weston (MC) - Another new signing, and yet another great free transfer for FC United. He featured in 36 games this season, another who had some trouble with injury. He scored 8 goals this season, a nice total for the midfielder. He was phenomenal in the middle of the park throughout the season. Jack Dean (DC / DL) - An FC United player for the past four seasons, he just continues to improve, going from strength to strength. One of the few to still feature regularly from the team who won the Blue Square North. He was yet again great at the back, defending with great resiliance. I hope he can keep this up, with 40 appearances and an average rating of 7.04 he is still a huge part of the backbone to this team. Next Season I want to stay up, anything else is a bonus. However my main aim is to make it past the first round of a Cup tournament for the first time in years. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2011/12 Blue Square North 1st Promoted - Champions 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 2nd Promoted - Play-off Winners 2013/14 nPower League 2 19th None 2014/15 nPower League 2 1st Promoted - Champions
  3. FC United of Manchester Season 3 - 2013/2014 – nPower League Two My initial aims for this season was to stay up, and that was exactly what happened. This season was rough, we took lots of defeats and found wins hard to come by, but we slugged through and managed to finish up 19th, which I was more than satisfied with. We didn't do anything other than stay up, knocked out in Preliminary round of League Cup, knocked out of Paint Trophy in Second Round and knocked out of the FA Cup in the second round. There was nothing memorable about this season other than staying up. Oh and my finances had a massive slip, which wasn't good. Things will have to change for the good next season. League Two Table | Position Graph Transfers | Finances Top Players Jake Cassidy (ST) - My best striker this season, he finished with 16 goals to the good in 40 appearances, which was a nice turnout for him along with a couple of other goalscoring strikers. He finished with an avg rating of 6.88 Stephen Stirling (MC) - He was great in midfield all season and really looked at home in League 2. Finished with an avg rating of 6.91 Reuben Hazell (DC) - My big 34 year old captain. Did brilliantly at the back again and played in 41 of the 46 league games. Finished with an average rating of 6.81. Next Season I want to push for a play-off place and make some serious improvements on last season by getting rid of alot of the dead weight in the team. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2011/12 Blue Square North 1st Promoted - Champions 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 2nd Promoted - Play-off Winners 2013/14 nPower League 2 19th None
  4. FC United of Manchester Season 2 - 2012/2013 – Blue Square Premier My initial aims for this season was to stay up, anything else would have been an added bonus. At first it was looking like I was going to struggle to succeed this goal. I sat around 21st for a while and progressed slowly towards mid table. Throughout the season my results got better and I picked up some amazing form January through April, to the point where I came so close to taking the top spot. I took the title to the very last game and in the end it was a three-horse race between us, Macclesfield and Grimsby. Despite defeating Burton 5-1 in my final game though, Grimsby found success in the league and secured promotion. It wasn't the end of the world though, I excelled in the play-offs, with a good 0-1 away victory against Darlington in the first leg followed by a 1-1 draw at home which ensured we would battle against Macclesfield for a spot in the Football League. In the end, after extra time it was indeed FC United who came out victorious. I could not be happier, it was a slog of a season we had lofty highs and also some serious struggles. For a time we were relegation candidates but come November we started to climb the league and proved we were no pushovers. FA Cup run this time was not particularly successful. We were knocked out in the 3rd round with a 4-0 defeat at the hands of QPR. The real cup success this time round was lifting the FA Trophy! We defeated Sutton Utd in the final to claim the trophy and sum up an amazing rollercoaster season PLAY-OFF FINAL Blue Square Premier Table | Position Graph Transfers | Best Eleven Finances | FA Trophy Run Top Players Jack Dean (DC) - He was my star this season, he was the fan favourite and the man in the Team of the Week almost every single weekend. He helped save us on numerous occassions at the back and also got a goal to his name in his 31 appearances in the League. Sadly he missed some time due to injury or his impact could have been even larger. He finished with an average rating of 7.20 Jake Cassidy (ST) - Another star of the team. I had an overflow of strikers this season and so I never truly cemented a strike partnership as the "main" one, but Jake was usually thereabouts and contributed 16 league goals in 31 appearances along with 6 goals in 8 Cup games. He finished the season with an average rating of 7.16 Reuben Hazell (DC) - Absolute beast at the back. Started 45 league games and managed to contribute 3 goals to the cause. He would have been above Jack Dean in my records if it hadnt been for his poor disciplinary record, receiving 3 red cards this season. Despite this, he has given some seriously needed experience to the squad at an age of 34. He still has a lot left in the tank though and hopefully can help us in League 2. Chris Fagan (AM C, ST) - Took on a much different role this season, with competition for striker places so much higher he played most of his season in an attacking midfield position. This didn't stop him finding goals though as he scored 15 in 37 league appearances, a huge contribution to the squad and leaving him as the second top goalscorer in the team. I have high hopes that he can continue to develop and feature in my team next season. He finished with an average rating of 7.09. Next Season I mean it this time. My only aim is to stay up, if we can do that I will be immensely pleased. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2011/12 Blue Square North 1st Promoted - Champions 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 2nd Promoted - Play-off Winners
  5. Wish me luck as I head into the BSP playoffs Just finished 2nd there just one point behind Grimsby taking it to the last day and defeating Burton 5-1, not enough though. Oh well, please dont **** this up Utd.
  6. Preseason didn't go so well this season. 4 defeats to Premiership and Championship opposition and just 2 goals scored (in the one game).. hopefully our determination against BSP teams will be high! Time for the season to begin.
  7. FC United of Manchester Season 1 - 2011/12 – Blue Square North After last year's attempt with FC United I am determined to take these boys the whole way. I've grown to love FC United after last year's long game with them, so I'm not just jumping on a bandwagon. The season was just a huge success from start to finish. I never did hit the top spot until just two games before the end of the season but I was always on the tail of Boston Utd and sat 2nd and 3rd for the majority of the season. Anytime Boston would take a defeat or a draw, I'd fail to pick up my 3 points but finally with just 3 games to go I managed that and from then on out the title was in the bag. So pleased with how my team has performed, and the depth I have, especially in strikeforce. Possibly the highlight of my season though, was my superb FA Cup run as seen below. I made it all the way to a Fifth Round Replay and was so unlucky not to make it to the Quarters. Was so proud of the boys as we defeated 2 League 1 and 2 League 2 teams and took Crystal Palace to a draw away from home. Shame we didn't progress further but it helped the finances immensely. Blue Square North Table | Position Graph Transfers (+ Jerome Federico and Connor Ripley) | Squad Finances | FA Cup Run Top Players Aarron Racine (DC) - With an average rating of 7.21 this man was perhaps my star of the season, he was a saviour at the back and also got 8 goals to his name in 47 appearances which was a good return for a central defender. I'm hoping he can keep up as we step it up a level to the BSP Chris Fagan (AM C, ST) - The top scorer, with 20 goals to his name in 47 appearances. He was brilliant throughout and when he wasn't going through goal scoring spells, he was supplying other players with him, an all round great player as shown by his 7.17 average rating. Again, fingers crossed he can make it in the BSP Craig McShea (AM L, ST) - One of my four strikers, he finished with 11 goals to his name in 48 appearances, not quite the best but his 7.06 average rating proves he has been doing well all season. He is the man I took from the BSN to the Premiership last year, with him still featuring in the Premiership and advancing so crazily well.. I'm not so optimistic this year, but hopefully he'll stick with us for a few more seasons! Christian Montano (ST) - Another of my strikers, his season was crippled by injury sadly, but despite this he got 11 goals in 31 games which was very pleasing when you have a machine up front like Chris Fagan, great player finishing with a 7.0 rating Jack Dean (DC) - Another great defender, scoring three goals over the course of his 41 game season and recieving a 7.08 average rating. He has been great in partnership with Racine throughout the season and I hope their partnership is able to continue Next Season My aim for next season is to stay in the BSP, anything more would be amazing but I'd rather just consolidate my team and survive. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2011/12 Blue Square North 1st Promoted - Champions
  8. Yess! Moments like these are why I love football manager. 1-1 at 93 minutes in the FA Cup 4th round vs League 1 Southampton. Fagan blasts down the line and crosses it into Scott McManus for the GOOOOAAAALLL! 5th round here we come
  9. Words can't describe my delight. FC United 3 - 0 Leyton Orient. What an upset! McPike secured it with an absolute wondergoal from 25 yards out for the second goal in 68 mins. I changed from my usual attacking 4-2-4 to a 5-4-1 which payed off remarkably well, we were defending for practically the whole game bar the three attacks which led to the goals. Defence were absolutely brilliant and onwards we head to the 3rd Round! Don't think I could have got a much better draw, Chelmsford or Crewe.
  10. Here we go, determined to get a result in this one. FC United vs Leyton Orient - FA Cup 2nd Round
  11. really? he always does these excellent masy runs for me successfully and has scored some wonder goals EDIT- In response Welsh Wizard's suggestion about Fagan. Quote ****ed up
  12. Just thought I'd quickly add, my man Chris Fagan just scored his league debut hattrick!
  13. FC United - Pre-Season Report - 2011/2012 So much has happened at FC United since I came to power. 15 players have come in, all free transfers and 11 have been released. I've also brought in an assistant manager and a scout to help cope with the workload. All this caused a slight financial problem in that I am over in my wage budget. Over the first few games of the season I'll be assessing the players closely and deciding who is to be released. The pre season games have for the most part gone immensely well and has allowed me to figure who is likely to feature in the season to come. Anyway, in addition to a win against the Reserves, we played 5 other friendly matches. The results of which I am very satisfied with. FC United 6 - 2 Linfield - What a start this was! Excellent result against a team expected to beat us, brilliant. Fleetwood 2 - 1 FC United - Minor slip up in a game which we dominated literally from start to finish, no idea how we lost but still took many positives from the game. FC United 3 - 2 Falkirk - Another victory which was widely unexpected, we performed brilliantly and the goal in the final minutes left the fans reeling with excitement. Truro 0 - 3 FC United - Easy victory here as was expected. Bournemouth 1 - 1 FC Untied - Perhaps the most pleasing game of the preseason against a League 1 side who fielded their first team in a match against a Blue Square North team who damn near defeated them. Was so pleased with the boys, shows our team has what it takes to rise to the big leagues. Star Players Chris Fagan - ST - I've been playing him as an attacking midfielder on the right and his mazy runs have been nothing short of superb, should be a star this season Michael O'Halloran - ST - Released from Bolton, has scored 4 goals in 5 games where he started just once due to fitness. If his fitness gets sorted he is sure to be our top scorer this season Cecil Nyoni - DC/DM/MC - Absolute stalwart in defence and has an eye for goals too with 2 to his name. I've not posted any links atm but will have profiles up upon completion of the season Aims for Season Promotion is easily within our grasps and I aim to finish top of this league
  14. FC UNITED - 2011/2012 - The Journey Begins Here we go again, taking my team from last year and hoping to do it all again! Wish me luck
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