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  1. Do find its a lot on PA because eg Buonanetto (spelling) I have bought he never plays but then a sweason later I get 5mil bids, how does that work?
  2. I have played Lan and it runs so fast but this is in comparison to long distance over hamchi games which are slooow, esp the match day for the non run as server players! Also why does it take so long to process Internationals esp the under 21,20 19 etc do we need afull calculation for hong kong v macau u19'S?
  3. I lvoe the fact that 3d is coming to Fm as it means some of the really silly things in the ME will have to be sorted because they will jsut look awful in 3d, think the kicks out of play by defenders who could have just stopped the ball and turned around and carried on. One issue could be ball over the line. A computer sim should always know if it was or wasnt but officials don't so will these be in the ME?
  4. The Forced Unleashed Demo until the main thing comes out
  5. I think every player should be able to learn a ppm as easily as the next, but just be less effective at it, i mean tries steppovers doesnt mean it works so your CB is prob not th guy you want doing this as he falls flat on his face, but your tricky winger with 20 flair and dribbiling you might find it useful on Or you might not if you just want him to whip it in the box as early as possible I hoep the PPM actually add to the dynamic of the style you want to play
  6. Largest Database

    Have Leagues on playable and also load players from specific countries
  7. Regarding the ME, this is constantly being worked on so FM2009 will be "better" than FML, but will FML have its ME constantly updated during the year? IF so would this mean patches of the most up to date ME being availabel to FM2009 users or will FML just get the updated ME when a new FM game is released?
  8. FM09 - Will it be worth it

    If yuo pre-determine it but take no action isnt it self prophesy?
  9. FM09 - Will it be worth it

    Because you have said it a lot b4 and we have all "mostly" listened and can now deal with these issues Take it as a compliment
  10. FM09 - Will it be worth it

    For every person not doing well there can be found one that is doing well, if at least one person can do well then the game is not broken or cheating its just that that person is better than the rest at the "game" I know many games I am no good at on PC and other platforms but as I play more i improve and steal tips from those that are better so again improving myself. Those that are not good and do not get any better after experiencing FM2008 for a year now and with all the advice available on these forumns not to mention the ability to download tactics/training/player shortlists etc are doing somethign very very wrong. So there are 3 choices, be happy with mediocrity, improve, stop playing (the final choice appears to be that which the OP is taking)
  11. tactic counters

    AI tactic cracking is a myth, yes they will play differently against you as you become more succesful and any manager playing agianst someone who has doen well would ook for potential weaknesses in theri tactic which is easier to do if its the same one all the time, you dont need to change tactic but freshening up personel is good as is a few slider tweaks to alter the style a little during a game as it goes through if inital tactcs arent doing the business. generally this will be more clsoing down higher up the pitch and a lot wider and more creative to get through parked buses that counter attack
  12. pay as you play(contracts)

    The transfer system has been reworked ground up with more specifics to come soon, so this may well have been included in some form
  13. A nice, if not mostly cosmetic pice of addition, whihc might well have a few issues over the coming year (we the community wil lfind them ) but will be worked on and be the real deal come FM2010, think Confidence 2008, Training in 2005 etc. The reason the ME is much better this year is because of so many human testers, that is in essence what we are when new features for FM are released which is why they are so good the following year, its because we complain (fairly) a lot note: not a rant this I see as a good thing
  14. FM09 - Will it be worth it

    I want to play a football management sim, the best by far is FM, so i will buy it every year play it lots scream abuse and cheat at the AI even though i knwo there is no point, over the year I will go from being mediocre to finally acheiving success, through a process of reading the tactic psoting T&T etc, other peoples experiences/tactics etc and my own failings aor success, this will now be repeated with FM2009 when i just about have this FM2008 down pat, anyone for bi yearly releases The alternative to the above, buy another football sim that is inferior in every way but you may not see any issues with because it is not very complex or stop playing Football mangement sims (never). I love the CM/FM series it always has had issues it always will but they never get in the way of playing/enjoying the game - ok the closing down thing before 1st patch in FM2008 was close