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  1. we dont do that

    Help!! Target man needed!!

    Paul Onuachu has got 41 in 39 so far this season for me
  2. we dont do that

    FM17 Tycoons

    You could use the in game editor to give yourself a bigger budget
  3. we dont do that

    Great CM but no flair

    Is his vision 20? Should still be able to put up decent assist numbers with that
  4. we dont do that

    AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Your sign a new sponsorship deal with a Far East drinks/telephone company for massive money to get round FFP so don't worry about failing it
  5. we dont do that

    Looking for a Center Back

    Laporte from Bilbao is a monster of a centre half
  6. we dont do that


    Sugar daddy owner? You get that with clubs that have them as a way round FFP
  7. we dont do that

    Kids from Monaco

    Sold the first kid to Southampton for £60 million in the 5th season
  8. we dont do that

    British / English talent

    literally any other young Chelsea player haha but most probably Chalobah
  9. we dont do that

    British / English talent

    He's not had a single loan anywhere. One of the only ones who hasn't tbf
  10. we dont do that

    Who is the New Pirlo?

    Sensi from Sassuolo
  11. we dont do that

    Giuseppe Rossi

    I'm guessing his injury proneness will 20 so wouldn't sign him myself
  12. we dont do that

    View all players

    No. Using the in game editor (sorry should have put that in to OP) every player in game would come up in the player search screen
  13. we dont do that

    View all players

    Last year there was a way to view every player in the game in the player search bit. Can't seem to be able find it this year can anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers
  14. we dont do that

    FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Celta Vigo tick all those boxes