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  1. I would agree with this. I've done two saves for FMC and there are always loads of quality MCs but very few decent FBs. One of my saves was with Man Utd and the other one in Brazil. Same results after a few seasons.
  2. Awesome, thanks guys! I'm going to give Brazil a try.
  3. What country and/or league generally has the most matches playable for a team in a year? The most cups, etc?
  4. Just throwing this out there.... wouldn't it be cool if you could invest in your feeder/affiliate teams? Investments such as helping them build a better youth academy and facilities. That way, if you are using those feeders to help develop your youth/reserve players, then they might progress faster. I've seen debates on here about how sometimes loaning out players does not good because then they don't have the advantage of your training facilities. Might this be an interesting solution? Or am I way off??
  5. My keepers tend to lie on the ground for ages after blocking a shot, often letting in a goal several seconds later. Annoying.
  6. I did not see them play Cleveland. I did see them play host to Burnley FC, which was pretty sweet. I REALLY want to get over to England and see a game at Wembley or Old Trafford.
  7. I'd like to see it, even without promotion/relegation. I go to Minnesota Thunder games regularly. Bechkamisation, lol, good term. He is bringing more attention to soccer, ahem, football here in the US, though, which is good for everyone, right? Right?!
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