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  1. Well let's hope it doesn't happen in real life then! Pretty sure the 8k per week is based on the amount that highly skilled workers from abroad will need to be earning to be able to work here in some Brexit scenarios. Something that some parts of the government are pushing for in real life. It's almost like SI are trying to educate you all here by literally showing you how Brexit will be completely crap if it goes ahead!
  2. I hope everyone who is moaning about Brexit being in FM is against it in real life as well. Come March next year the rules you are getting in game might become reality and then you're going to be even more annoyed when you can't take it out of next year's game.
  3. You could also activate with a vpn. Most offer trials these days so you can do it for free.
  4. I feel like I've spent most of today seeing you post that it's not going to be out until tomorrow.
  5. Can't find how to delete the above quote box on mobile, sorry! Regarding fixing issues, it's quite obvious they won't be fixing it, or any of the other bugs until release. I imagine late Thursday.
  6. There is also a quickness training session you can add to your weekly schedules.
  7. This genuinely sounds amazing! Will be the next game I start once the injuries have been toned down slightly!
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