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  1. Will you continue playing the game now that you've finished it? I mean, how could you possibly top this?
  2. No It isn't, you can assign short term focus even if the assignments are handled by someone else.
  3. This is a fantastic idea! Post it on the suggestions forum!
  4. Wondering this too. I'm not even getting notifications for managers getting sacked in my own league, this used to be standard stuff before. What happened?
  5. Short term focus does exactly what you describe. Why don't you use that?
  6. Assigning coach assignments for the reserves and U19 is not under Dev centre. If you take control of them maybe but not if you don't. However as i wrote earlier if you sign a coach for the reserves or U19 you can assign the new coach for these teams. Seems kinda stupid to hide this function like this.
  7. I was JUST about to make the same thread. The only way to find it is if you sign a coach for the u19 or reserves and then the button pops up to change the coaches assignments. No other way to find it.
  8. Getting this too. The 2D engine is now choppy and the there is now flow anymore as it was before the update.
  9. In FM19 there used to be an option for not showing the social feed all the time, has this been removed because I can't find it anymore. Getting tired of the break in processing only to show me social feed which I don't care about.
  10. This was a hot new feature for this year Even though the assman have always suggested players, now he has a whole page dedicated to it. Sack the ass man.
  11. Thanks for explaining. I've been playing FM the wrong way for the past 4 years then it seems
  12. Fair enough, I'll drop this and get on with my football.
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