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  1. Fair enough, I'll drop this and get on with my football.
  2. I know this. My point is the media shouldn't make these assumptions and dub everyone wonderkids when they apparently are not.
  3. I know it's just a description but comparing it to how many wonderkids are at the start of the game to about 10 years into the future it feels a little unbalanced even though as you both say, they might not even reach world-class level. I just feel that it should be a little more rare.
  4. So I'm in 2025 and almost every goddamn teenager from South America my scouts find is a wonderkid. Why is the game generating so many? Being a wonderkid should mean something and be very rare, like 1-2 a year. Now I barely look at them and some are only decent at best according to my scouts! (I know it's relative to your current squad but still) Anybody else feel the same?
  5. Don't use it. Here's what you do, save the game to folder in your dropbox instead. The steam cloud is so unreliable I've had a few saves getting corrupt and also perhaps the most important thing; it's slooooow Trust me.
  6. Why are you posting it here? This thread is for the 3-5-1-1.
  7. This is not the tactic he posted though...
  8. Wasn't sure where to post this. So two of my players which I signed when I was in division 2 and promised promotion are now unhappy. The problem is I secured promotion last season and I am currently 3rd in the highest league and they seem to have failed to understand this.
  9. What is the reasoning for the LB to have a support duty and the RB attack? Is it so that there is always 3 defenders during opponents counters? My RB is wrecking **** up while the LB isn't near that level.
  10. Is there an option to remove the logo in the background? It's awfully distracting.
  11. Why wouldn't I bump it? Using this tactic was the most fun I ever had in an FM game in years. So you're telling me I shouldn't request a new version of it because it "annoys" you?
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