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  1. does fm19 run ok on Catalina? reluctant to update if going to have issues like previous os update too Mojave. quick look on forum and can't see any response from users who have reported issues after moderator advice
  2. is there a way to change tactic fluidity? or is it related to style/formation played?
  3. sorry i have maybe not made clear what i was trying to ask. i was trying to ask if those graphics compare to any that are suggested for minimum requirements. not tech savvy when comes to graphics cards so wasn't understanding any of the attempted internet searches i tried. ps already pre ordered so if not it could be a big mistake but going on current version being very smooth was just having a look for advice from someone who is in the know of this sort of stuff
  4. this is my current laptop. runs fm17 perfectly well even though star rating shows only 1 or 2 stars with 14 nations and 40 leagues. my concern is are the graphic good enough for fm18. currently have graphics set to medium quality on fm17 without ever changing setting. sorry if this is in wrong place but after several internet searches i couldn't understand any graphic card comparisons
  5. my concern here is the graphics can't find if these compare to minimum required
  6. I have noticed Rangers play Celtic in the 3rd round of the League Cup in my previous Rangers save 2 seasons running then also noticed this in other seasons I have completed when playing as a Scottish team. How long does this carry on for? Does it still happen with the new patch?
  7. mohamed zidan in fm 2005 was unreal and mika aaritalo was the bargain of year in fm 2008
  8. Just finished first season Won Div 3, Challenge Cup and League Cup. Got beat by them 1-0 in Scottish Cup Final. How much money does the club lose in first few seasons? My income for season say 25,245,482 and Expenditure was 25,528,922 not much of difference but i am positive i started season with around 6 million mark. so where has this 6 million gone? surely with the income and expenditure being almost identical it should work out that there should be just under the original starting balance left
  9. The guy is Tonbridge is league 1. When will that ever happen? Not realistic at all really is it. So I think Newcastle playing reverse players against a league 1 team who will have very little reputation is extremely realistic. I would do the exact same and would expect to win
  10. more to the point why are you complaining when you won the tie?
  11. Man Utd made 10 changes for their replay with West Ham from their squad that beat Liverpool so major changes in line ups even when playing other EPL teams
  12. There shouldnt be a reserve league but in game there is and no under 19s league for SPL teams. Reserve league only allows 3 over 20 players tho
  13. Just go to a shop and buy it and then cancel amazon order
  14. I ordered from amazon and mine arrived on Wednesday and also received another football game earlier than original release just last month so I think amazon are doing a wonderful job
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