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  1. Zero reaction from mind games

    Im coaching Inter and with Continental reputation, I know some managers dun like to respond but i guess at least it will notify me like they ususally did in previous version telling me they are not interested or something like that.
  2. I was trying to stir up the opposing managers and start playing mind games by commenting their ability in a negative way, hoping to stir up some kind of war of words, however everytime I do this, at least for 4-5 managers, they do not respond to my comments at all, i mean not even "I would rather concentrate on my own team" kind of response in the previous versions of FM, i was like an idiot talking to myself, i mean if the manager dun wanna play mind games wouldnt they at least say they are not interested in my comments rather than just totally no response from them or from the press? Or... is this a bug?Is it just me?! =/
  3. clarky boy's Global Managerial Tour

    Clarky are you chinese or living in HK?
  4. im waiting too but while i wait Im busy at playing FIFA11, guys,just find something else to do and the patch will be out outta the blue
  5. [FM10] Crouchy's Calcio Journeyman Save

    Crouchy, Im also a great italian football fan, so I just started a journeyman save in Italy, my first job was also offered by Carrarese. So have you been playing lately?would love to see your progress with Verona!
  6. Career Updates Forum Mini Updates Thread

    Hi guys I have just started a career game. Mine is rather small scale, Im Hong Kong nationality with english as second natioanlity. I only start England Italy and Spain from Championship Serie B and Seconda Liga 6 leagues. I begin unemployed with Semi-Pro experience. My aim in my career is to prgress as a manager, hopefully can manager a top side and win a league and even champions league in 10 or 12 years time. Would love to manage a nation one day too. So I went on holiday,came back seeing Reading has offered me a job after they have fired the previous manager McDermott after he led them to 9 points from 12 and lying in relegation zone in the championship. In the press conference I thank the chairman Sir Madejski for his faith in me as I have little coaching experience. I however am confident that with hardwork, commitment and determination, I can drive this team forward and push for promotion as media have predicted before the start of the season, so my aim is to get back into top 6 and hopefully can snatch a play-off place. Its a big task as we are 11 points behind 6th placed team but we still have 34 games until the season ends so there are plenty of time to catch up. Id hope to show my managerial ability and hope to attract some bigger team and if the chance arrive I wouldn't hesitate to progress as Im an ambitious manager. The first thing I do is to hire my assistant right away as I badly need help for the rebuilding job. I have hired Al Stewart who was previously a ManCity youth coach, Al possess great ability as an assistant as he is good at man management, motivating and very good discipline. And I let most of my staff go as I dint think they are good enough, I do manage to sign a few good coaches and couple of physios who all have over 15 in their specializing attribute and national reputation. I did however kept a few originally staff to make sure the transition would go smoothly. After assessing my squad Im very pleased as the reading squad are quite talented and it has a lot of promising young players. That makes me optimistic about the future. Club Captain Ívar Ingimarsson has been at the club for a long time, I will rely on him to liaise with the players. The players who impressed me most is Turkish young star midfielder Jem Karacan. He got great skills and defensive ability as well, he will be the main man for me in the middle of the park. We had a few loans and the most notable is Zurab Khizanishvili the Georgian defender, hopefully he will give us more quality and experience at the back. One problem I need to address is the defensive midfield area where we are a bit short. I will look to the free transfer market since its the middle of October. There are not much good quality players available. Im interested in 36 year old former Brazilian international Amaral. Despite his age he still got great physical form and his experience from playing in different country should make him settled in England quickly.Made an offer for him unil the end of the season and he accepted, however it is still unknown weather he will be granted a work permit despite he had 31 Int caps. I'll know in a few days if we could sign him on, I have an alternative ready in Matt Holland who now without a club and a player with a massive experience, a good alternative to should Amaral fails to get his permit. As for tactics, Im a advocate of Mouinho. So I will employ an balance and compact 4-2-3-1 formation. Since there is no Maicons in my team my full back will only support the attack, a holding midfielder and a battler with two wide defensive wingers who would track back without the ball and will look to launch a quick counter when we recover possession. Gylfi Sigurðsson, the young and promising Icelandic playmaker will be my Sneijder to support the lone striker up front. My first game in charge was away to QPR, I tell the boys to be calm and there is no pressure as we are in a bad run I dont wanna give them too much pressure. Despite going down 0-1 from a corner scramble at the start of second half, we showed character and fought back to draw level with striker Long. We actually dominated the rest of the game but the QPR keeper was outstanding, so the game ended 1-1. A spirited draw where I see a lot of positives from the game, that makes me happy and optimistic. Next up will be league cup and we are traveling to Anfield! A massive opportunity for the boys to prove a point without any pressure. I will update the progress later hope you enjoy it.
  7. cm italia 95

    Still remember this classic quote that would make me furious. XXX has decided to go abroad at the end of the season. LOL
  8. Do you ever quit and play again?

    I only replay if it got crash during the game,otherwise,never.
  9. sorry are there anyone kind enough to send me the file?cant seem to open the download link...million thanks!
  10. anyone would help to upload the file to another site?quite a few people here cant open the site...
  11. I certainly hope director of football play no role in this game, it will ruin the joy of being a manager because you no longer have full control on team affairs anymore.
  12. I think this is the best new feature in FM2010 and one of the best feature in the series. In the past,when i think of setting tactics I feel dizzy. Not that im a lazy manager,I like thinking about tactics but when I think of the sliders it just take the enthusiasm out. Now its so simple,all you need is to understand different roles in the pitch, which comes naturally if you are a football man. Now I feel like more of a manager because i tell my players to be a deep lying defensive midfielder, not telling him to rarely go forward, rare long shot, many thru balls...blablabla.
  13. This service is temporarily not available from your service area. Sorry but when i click on the dl page it says this.Is it only me or the page doesnt work?
  14. Why I so love my Girlfriend

    You are very lucky man,your gf is very sweet! I bought my copy by myself today,but my gf bought me a new notebook with extra rams so that I could play more leagues and run FM smoother...did that just beat you?! Just kidding man! wish you and ur gf in love forever!
  15. FM10-Director of football

    I agree DOF should be implenented in the game and we should be able to tick or untick it. While its almost a trend now that most teams have a DOF and buy sell players and managers nowadays dun have the final say on who they want. ie Even Jose Mourinho cant get Deco against his wish. But to avoid taking the enjoyment out of the game we should be able to choose if we want a DOF to interfere things.