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  1. Nice one LAM Its funny- when I did the Prozone panels, I was amazed at the amount of statistics that had been included- but often not presented anywhere in game (at least, not obviously). I put them together on the basis of just showing everything that was there- rather than having any foresight that they would be especially useful in game. However, I have found them fascinating and often lose myself in them. As I put in the OP- its reserve team football where they come alive for me- you tend to judge your first team on results and performances viewed in game. But for reserve team where I don't watch them- absolutely vital in assessing performances. A couple of times already I have successfully retrained a player in a position simply because his stats were telling me he could do a job there. And, when I'm resting players in the first team- its usually the stats I turn to (whereas it used to be average rating and form). So, if you like, Ive started picking the man for the job- rather than fitting a man in form in a role he may not be as effective playing. I'm just pleased SI stuck them all in- even if they decided not to use them by default NakS- to be honest, Ive had no time at all over the past week to develop the panel set any further- however, that looks like a really good start. Definitely earmarked for inclusion mate- good job
  2. Agree with Jim on this- sounds like a really good idea for inclusion in the panel set. Maybe good to include some of the PPM's- though this may be slightly more tricky. Do you have more details on what you would want to see included? Happy to look at screenshots if you want to upload them at imageshack- or Ill upload the panel.xml if you have it and Ill take a look from there. With regard the media handling style, you can put this on the squad panel with the following line (you may have to put this in place of something else if you are running at 1280); <record id="Pghm" width="45"/> <!-- media handling style--> The "45" signifies the width of the column. It can be quite a long field so may take some experimenting to get the width right. If you are on a 1080p monitor that shouldnt be an issue though, so you could use <flags id="Pghm"/> <!-- media handling style--> which will just use the default widths. Either way, added this for inclusion on the WIdescreen set
  3. Have you been able to get the new base skin to load?
  4. That's why I said I like your suggestion! Maybe it could be implemented so that it takes much longer for a scout who doesn't know the region to scout a player than if he does (its always struck me as a little odd that the only thing the effects how long it takes to scout a player / how many players they can scout in a given time period) is Determination. As you say, If I have a USA scout and keep sending him off to (say) places in Eastern Europe to check individual players- it should detrimentally impact how well he does- or at least how long it take him to do it. So it could take 24 hours to scout a player from a known region to upto 1 week for an unknown. Something like that.
  5. OK, breaking this down bit by bit; Changing the staff screen for your staff is easy- what Ive done for now is amended it so that it works exactly the same way as the staff search screen (will be in the next release). So you have views for assman, coaches, scouts, etc. Will be in next release. Adding the Knowledge panel to the right-click sub-menu for scouting is impossible I think (it will only display a single field on the submenu for starters; secondly, knowledge could have multiple values as well, so I'm not actually sure how you'd display it anyhow). I think your nickname workaround is probably best for this. What would be possible (I think) is to add the knowledge widget to the staff panel. So as you select each member of staff, it would show you their knowledge in the widget panel next to it. However, I'm not sure it helps you anyway- if you want to know who your primary scout is for each area is, you can just use the 'Scouting Knowledge' subpanel (under 'Transfers'). Plus, from a gameplay perspective- I'm not sure of the relevance? I think what your suggesting is that if you are looking for a scout report on a French player (for example) its best to get the report from the scout with the best scouting knowledge of France? I like this idea- but, I don't think it works that way. Once you send a scout to get a report on any player- his knowledge of the county plays no part in his report (I don't think). Or rather, I've never seen this suggested before- and it certainly doesn't seem to be true from what Ive seen. I play a lot of lower league, and occasionally sign players where I have really low knowledge of the region. The scout reports don't seem to be effected by this- it just effects your ability to find players in the scouting assignments. Once you've 'found' them- providing they are in a region you can scout- any of your scouts can get a report- with equal accuracy (depending on relevant JPA, JCA).
  6. Cheers Jeff Its a good point you make. Ive never seen these as 'skins' to be honest. Ive never been concerned with appearance in these panels (or, more accurately, my primary focus is on getting all the relative information on each panel I need to make a decision on whatever it is Im doing). So, for example, if Im renegotiating contracts- I want all transfer, contract and some appraisal information on there- rather than it being spread out across 2/3 different views (as it often is with the default). If that means I have to shorten some fields so that you dont see the full text (name, club, personality, etc), then thats fine by me. It may not look as pretty if it says 'Not Needed B..' instead of 'Not Needed By Club'- but you still know what it is- so youve got the info needed quickly. Even the stars- which are entirely cosmetic in nature- were born out of this ethos. Having to mentally 'count' stars and 'half stars' when your looking at players is simply not efficient. Quickly scanning down the list- you are instantly drawn to good ratings. Which makes searching and reviewing much easier. Plus- as Ive said before, a three-quarters more space across 3 fields is not to be sniffed out. Mind you- at the res your playing- I doubt thats a problem I always end up playing with a skin. I admire the work they do hugely- its certainly not something I could (personally, Im waiting for steklo 11.1- always been a big fan). However, these panels are definitely function over form. I only wish there was more you could do with the fields in game (in terms of manipulating and presenting data). For example, Id love to be able to convert some data into icons- like converting the squad status for example. What about this; Key Player- A Key 1st Teamer- '1st' Squad Rotation- Swirly Arrow Not Needed - Downwards Thumb ..etc, etc You could get fairly creative. You'd get the info you need- just in less space- and it would be less 'wordy'. Or being able to change the base certain things are displayed in. Like instead of salary being quoted as 130,000 per week- a simple 130k will suffice (I know its per week- you dont need to tell me- its a game setting I can change!). Or even being able to create additional fields that could be computed in game. Im sure these would have to be parameterised to ensure you dont accidentely build some monster formulae- but it seems to me people that use Genie fall into two camps. Those that want hidden attributes- and those that just want a better way of rating players from information available in game. How these are calulated are still entirely subjective- but it would be great if you could create these fields for use in a panel set (from the available- rather than hidden). Maybe you could only have these work on scouted players or something. Either way, use would remain entirely optional after alll, so Im not sure what harm would be done. Anyway, all minor gripes I guess. Been playing CM/FM since the first release- so it cant all be bad
  7. Nice one Long time lurker and first-post too.. I feel honoured Let me know if you get any ideas for anything else that could be improved- Im open to suggestions. Cheers.
  8. Not dumb at all- forgive me for being too lazy to put up decent instructions Firstly, since FM10, to make certain changes to the game (such as these) you effectively need to have a skin loaded. Fortunately, the excellent michaelmurray has put together some 'base skins' that are identical in every way to the default game skin (they are just extracts from FM Resourcer that comes with the game). Once you have the base skin loaded, you simply extract / copy the stars downloaded into the graphics subdirectory of the skin. See this thread for much better instructions- and to download the base skins: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/230887-Football-Manager-2011-Base-Skins Let me know if you get stuck at all though- happy to help
  9. Excellent Thanks for the feedback Gee. Let me know what you think of the stars (Im not having much time to actually play at the mo- so other's feedback it invaluable). The motivation issue seems to have stumped everyone thats looked at it- so it may be beyond me. I also found it really useful for teamtalks tho- so Ill give it a whirl
  10. I didnt explain really, did I They are the star rating out of 10. Applied throughout the game (assman reports, scout reports, coach ratings, etc, etc). So above, on my squad panel are showing Recommended, CA, PA (from the assman). On the search / shortlist panels, Recommended, CA, PA (from the scout). Normally shown as a longer field (5 stars that are shaded in 'halves'- so 1 star, 1.5 stars, 2 stars, 2.5 etc). Personally, I dont like them because they are difficult to distinguish when you have a long list (they all blend in). The colour schemes and simple numbers make them easier to spot / jump off the page. Plus, as per the OP- they take up much less space- which means I can fit more in on my customised Squad Panels So my stars show as a simple number-scale of 1-10 (with '10' being the '*' you refer to). I should add- if you use Genie Sout or similiar to find players- then you probably dont take much notice of them anyhow. However, if you dont they are pretty vital indicators on the panels- handy when your filtering a list of hundreds of players
  11. Cant show hidden attributes. Not sure thats a bad thing anyhow The others I'll look at- though it appears a few people have been having trouble showing motivation in the skinning forum. Hmmm Added a third (final?) set of stars- HeatMap (ie the 'hotter' the colour, the better the rating). General Info Player Search Download Link: HeatMap Stars
  12. As you can see^ added a third set- HeatMap Stars (ie the hotter the colour, the better the rating).
  13. Player Search Traffic Lights Blue HeatMap
  14. Here you go- they're all from the lowest possible game resolution (Im working on a panel set that works for 1024 users- though the current set is optimised for 1280 and above). Squad Panel- General Info: Traffic Lights Blue HeatMap
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