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  1. Can anyone tell me what purpose this serves? It appears fleetingly and seems to be behind the live action. Am I missing something?
  2. Can anyone tell\me what The Visualiser is for? I must be missing something.
  3. They should be white but are blue even at home. I've reported as a bug.
  4. Chelsea socks should be white but in my latest home game they were blue. It was against Newcastle so there was more of a colour clash because I was wearing blue not white.
  5. Hi, when will FMT 20 at least be upgraded to match the full fat version. It seems to be being left behind as the lesser version these days.
  6. I am unable to progress the game as the buttons do not respond when touched. Any advice please?
  7. Hi, I purchased through Shop To yesterday and have had a confirmation e-mail but I cant find an activation code in my account and the Beta is nit in my Steam Library? Any advice welcome thanks
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