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  1. I'm having a go with the tactic using Spurs...some lovely attacking play and started with an unbeaten run of 15 games - ending with an away loss to Seville in the Champions Cup. Two issues with the tactic that I wondered if you could help with. Firstly I concede a LOT of goals...even if I switch to counter in 9 cup and league goals I've scored 25 goals (inc an 8-3 victory against Palace) but conceded 14. Anyone tried anything to tighten the defence a bit? Secondly Lloris keeps giving away silly goals by rolling the ball to an opposition attacker....which I think is a match engine issue rather than tactical. I've switched to long throws to see what happens.
  2. Interested in how this worked out...there doesn't seem to be many tactics that try to emulate Leicester and quite hard to find a counter tactic that uses direct passing too
  3. Sorry if I'm being an idiot but where do I get the badges and face packs used with this skin?
  4. any luck kallemannen - I have tried the suggested tweaks from bomba35 and they do seem to be working so thanks for that
  5. Can anybody make a suggestion for the AMC position. Can't seem to find someone who really excels in this position. Tried two or three candidates who look good on paper but they never really seem to contribute as much as I would like. Anyone tweaked instructions for the AMC, got a better offensive input but kept things tight at the back?
  6. I'm struggling with the second season too for some reason - conceded six goals in three games with the same back four whereas last season I was conceding a goal every other game.
  7. I've been using the original with Stomper's changes for 60% of the season with great results - my only slight disappointment is scoring from corners. Anyone got a decent routine?
  8. The date is back from the loo - my day is saved. Thanks Mr Rosler. Will be testing it today.
  9. like a date that says she is popping to the loo and never comes back...........full of promise but ends in disappointment
  10. any chance of puttin this on the workshop - I can't seem to extract it
  11. Any chance of putting this on the workshop - can't seem to extract it!
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