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  1. Imagine Gennaro Gattuso, as a manager, completely plastered after drinking all day and you have me during my imaginary press conferences.
  2. I always mirror my FM tactics & formations after real life variations. I have a general football philosophy that I follow and I adapt new formations as I make changes. Also sometimes it depends on the quality of the team, injuries, players and opposition.
  3. Like Jimbo says it depends on the squad. I have had success using a Rigid philosophy while managing a smaller side while I generally play fluid football with a larger club.
  4. They are supposed to have a strike on the 25th-26th but that's pretty much all that I know. There's always been plenty of conflict, dissent and bickering between clubs and the FA so I kind of saw this coming.
  5. Raspberry Lemonade. Vodka for derbies and finals.
  6. 109M bid from Barcelona (Including three players I selected just to see if they would go through with it) for Adriano back on FM08. The guy was an absolute legend for my squad and single-handidly won us the treble and quadruple four seasons in a row. Eventually they upped the price and I couldn't reject. Sure it was insanely unreallistic and insanely over-priced. It hurt to see him go but I did use that cash for good reasons.
  7. Torino F.C, Inter, Catania, Gremio, Toluca, United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Cittadella. I despise Torino with everything I have, hate Inter for various reasons (except for Jose), Catania since I don't even classify them as a team. Ugliest colors of all time and a terrible organization to go along with it. That and their city sucks. The last few are for various obscure reasons that aren't really important.
  8. vrv

    Good teams for Brazil

    I had a brillliant save with Palmeiras going. They used to have Keirrison but have lost a lot of their former team and are lacking with the returning Euro-Brazilian's (Ronaldo, Adriano, etc).
  9. vrv

    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  10. I already do press conferences in the bathroom. I have no need for this feature but I always let my ass man do it. But it is a feature that should stay with FM. Dan that's a pretty cool idea and at least it wouldn't be the same boring lines every time.
  11. Winning the Quadruple for the second year in a row with Citta di Palermo. That and resurrecting Adriano's career with my pure epic managerial skills. Of course after five seasons he went to Barcelona for like 100M+ and I couldn't resist that money. Never going to forget that trio....Adriano, Augusto Fernandez, D'Alessandro. Maybe one of these days I'll rebuild an attacking lineup like that.
  12. I always start out in the preseason or whenever I start the save with at least three tactics. Usually they are modified versions of previous ones I've used but it all depends on the team. I usually just stick with a 4-3-3 Wide, 4-4-2 Diamond and a asymmetrical 4-4-2. But recently I switched over to Brazil so my Italian tactical style probably won't transfer well. I've experimented with everything from a asymmetrical 3-4-1-2 to a 3-2-5-0 but I like to use what I have experience with. Never liked the 4-4-2 lol.
  13. vrv


    How has Alessandria and Palermo been doing in Italy? Did Alessandria ever make it to the Serie A?
  14. I would classify this as the first rage quit of the new season. While I get the odd fixture and get upset by some obscure team I tend to take an analytical approach and figure out what is wrong. Also just get sacked and find another team