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    FM, football and food what else do you need?

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  1. Imagine Gennaro Gattuso, as a manager, completely plastered after drinking all day and you have me during my imaginary press conferences.
  2. I always mirror my FM tactics & formations after real life variations. I have a general football philosophy that I follow and I adapt new formations as I make changes. Also sometimes it depends on the quality of the team, injuries, players and opposition.
  3. Like Jimbo says it depends on the squad. I have had success using a Rigid philosophy while managing a smaller side while I generally play fluid football with a larger club.
  4. They are supposed to have a strike on the 25th-26th but that's pretty much all that I know. There's always been plenty of conflict, dissent and bickering between clubs and the FA so I kind of saw this coming.
  5. Raspberry Lemonade. Vodka for derbies and finals.
  6. vrv

    Legends Database 2009 - It's Out

    Amazing work. This has a lot of potential and has basically brought me back to FM. You are going to continue to improve on this database right? If so I really look forward to it.
  7. I remember all of the legendary matches in 2D with dots. I haven't had any yet with the 3D match engine. I support this. Honestly it just looks weird in 3D.
  8. Name. Marco de Luca Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Position. L/RB, CB Favored personnel: Filippo Inzaghi, Luigi Del Neri, Luciano Foschi Weaknesses: Aggression (well let's just say that I am very aggresive on the pitch and I let everyone know it. The refs love me.), Free Kicks, Penalties. Strengths: Pace, Crossing, Tackling
  9. Give us the Serie D and Eccellenza. More lower leagues would be great. Licensing wouldn't be difficult since they aren't in any game. Also more options for press conferences and more communication options.
  10. vrv

    Who still plays FM08?

    I occasionally go back since I haven't removed it from my PC yet (two 1tb hard drives yay). Glad to see some people still playing it. I had a legendary save with Palermo going...and a good River one. Had a little bit of LLM too that should still be around.
  11. vrv

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I couldn't refuse signing him. The name is class.
  12. I am going to sound like an idiot but I need help interpreting one of the framework So the numbers stand for the amount of ticks on the individual sliders right?
  13. vrv

    The toilet seat press conference

    Yesterday after going to the Mexican restaurant I frequent I had an press conference, meeting with the board and tactical discussions with my ass man while finishing it off with a tactical brainstorming session. Thank god for cheese sauce, three cheese enchiladas and a tamale.