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  1. Amazing work. This has a lot of potential and has basically brought me back to FM. You are going to continue to improve on this database right? If so I really look forward to it.
  2. I remember all of the legendary matches in 2D with dots. I haven't had any yet with the 3D match engine. I support this. Honestly it just looks weird in 3D.
  3. Name. Marco de Luca Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Position. L/RB, CB Favored personnel: Filippo Inzaghi, Luigi Del Neri, Luciano Foschi Weaknesses: Aggression (well let's just say that I am very aggresive on the pitch and I let everyone know it. The refs love me.), Free Kicks, Penalties. Strengths: Pace, Crossing, Tackling
  4. Give us the Serie D and Eccellenza. More lower leagues would be great. Licensing wouldn't be difficult since they aren't in any game. Also more options for press conferences and more communication options.
  5. I occasionally go back since I haven't removed it from my PC yet (two 1tb hard drives yay). Glad to see some people still playing it. I had a legendary save with Palermo going...and a good River one. Had a little bit of LLM too that should still be around.
  6. I couldn't refuse signing him. The name is class.
  7. Yesterday after going to the Mexican restaurant I frequent I had an press conference, meeting with the board and tactical discussions with my ass man while finishing it off with a tactical brainstorming session. Thank god for cheese sauce, three cheese enchiladas and a tamale.
  8. The preferred moves bar in the training section is always grayed out (none)....how can I get this to work?
  9. Cyprus, Egyptian, Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan and other leagues should be added. More Asian and African teams
  10. I do press conferences out loud when I am driving somewhere. When I am taking a shower I do it also and when I am taking a dump. I know I am bored.
  11. You know your addicted to FM when you go to the Renzo Barbera (Palermo stadium) everyday with the team track suit and a clipboard and you wonder why nobody recognizes you or talks to you. You then walk up to the ass man of the club, Renzo Gobbo, and ask him "How are the lads looking today? We have the international break which means they should get some good training time in. By the way where the hell is Adriano (my star player on FM), fine him two weeks wages for missing this session!. Then security guards carry you off the field before throwing you in the street. At least you look good in your pink training suit. Of course you did win the Scudetto three years in a row, Champions League and UEFA Cup along with the Italian and European Super Cup and Club World Cup and you question their intelligence and remind them of who you are. Once the police show up its a different story.
  12. When you sign Titus Bramble, make him your captain, and after his first start the media criticizes his start and you say "I am sure that he will get used to our system" then you use an editor to max out his stats and sell him to your rival for 120M then you reset them once he has left. I wonder if you could copy him and make an entire squad of Titus Brambles....Bramble FC is the future!
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