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  1. Great response and very helpful, Thanks! Also that wage trick seemed to work like a miracle as it answered another years old question i had: Are players/agents aware of my exact finances? Thanks again!
  2. I'm managing Hartlepool United in it's 3rd year in the EPL after 4 straight promotions and currently defending EPL champs (all realistic things, i know). Since the beginning I've had my own wage structure in place to remain as profitable as possible. example: The 1st year in the EPL was £25k/w, 2nd year was £40k/w. I have quite a few incredibly good players who are now all asking for big wages or moves to superclubs. I'm talking £80-180k/w. The board will allow up to KP: £325k, FT: £185k. I'm spending a total of £687k/w out of £2.5m/w allowed. That's £20m/y less than when Pompy won t
  3. I also used Dropbox and i have no clue why i didn't start years ago. Use cloud to export tactics and screen views so you always have them if you redo a PC.
  4. Do you know if players who need a work permit can play in Europa League matches if registered?
  5. Does the youth scouting package have anything to do with Youth Intake?
  6. You have a Fox in the Box? We have a Snake in the Grass.
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