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  1. As Tipps said, you have no facilities to upgrade. But, you could be sharing a training facility with an affiliate. If not, ask for one to share training facilities with.
  2. The counter counter

    I've seen this for the past few years. My issue or question with it is what is FM actually showing me? Why not just show the final play leading the the last chance? Instead i'm forced to watch a series of incredibly stupid plays leading to whats normally a cross/volley goal. It has nothing to do with tactics.
  3. Unfortunately, no. I have him on loan again without a position agreed upon and also another ST with only ST as the agreed position so i'll see if this helps.
  4. Twice, Aitor Karanka from Middlesbrough was upset Fewster wasn't playing in the agreed ST position while on loan with me at Hartlepool. He's played all 29 games as ST and is currently the leading scored in League 2. The first meeting I used: I believe he is playing at the position The second i used: He's doing well anyways Neither worked and i had to tell him i'd play him at ST so i don't lose him.
  5. I'm sure it's been discussed a thousand times before but the players, who don't understand international rules, asking for new contracts after good performances when i'm wage capped with FFP, when we are in a good promotion position and they are risking a squad revolt against their manager gets annoying like every time it happens which is about 100% of the time. It's normally something that can be dealt with but i have run into situations that ruined team morale over a backup player wanting a raise.
  6. Well FM's MLS is in full swing. Win the SS 2 years in a row...2 years in a row dumped out ot the first round. Never could figure it out since it's something that has been going on release after release. I'll eventually take over and dominate every trophy but it's still funny that the first year or two plays out the same in every FM. Wage adjustments are huge though. Don't know how to directly buy down a contract yet.
  7. CDM rarely ever get great ratings but that doesn't mean they aren't preforming what you have them doing. 6.5 is about as good as it gets. In FM15 i had J.Kimmich at a CM (Defensive Mid/Defend) roll and he had maybe 2 goals and 5 assists in 4-5 seasons but maintained a 88-90% pass completion rate and leading in interceptions always. Never above a 6.5 rating and when Bayer came calling to bring him home he went for 25m (bought for 3m).
  8. MLS is very hard to play. I've been very successful there but it is stressful in the offseason. Few of my biggest problems are: 1. Players asking for enormous wages. Yeah i get it, players moving to a new country or lower league want a bigger paycheck but at some point there has to be an understanding that MLS doesn't pay DP wages for Fullbacks. 2. League not increasing in reputation or evolving. 8 years in and the salary cap is still $3m. 3. Clubs not balancing their rosters and budgets out. After about 3-4 seasons you should be in complete dominance mode due to the fact that other clubs can only keep a roster of about 15-20 with most making $200+ a year.
  9. -There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As: "Most Vulnerable." FACT: A team that scores is more likely to score again than immediately concede. -We have a corner. It's headed away by the opposition and punted 90 yards for a chance against me. They have a corner. It's headed away, possession retained by opposition for 3 more tries on goal. -"This is my new signing..."who has injured himself on his way to the presser, out 2-3 months. -In Game: "i see you have made all 3 subs before the 70th minute...heres an injury and a red card . Enjoy." -Opposition gets a red card. Last 15 minutes of the game and we're down by 1...speed simulates to last 5 seconds game over kthxbye. WTF -Press: Player not offered new contract yet! Only 19 months left! Cause maybe he just signed a new one 6 months ago?
  10. When you go out and get National coaching licenses for real because of a video game.
  11. I have a custom US database. Is there any way to allow certain countries or continents into the squad registration so they don't fall under the foreign player registry. Example: All American and Canadian players are National or HG selections but I'd like to add all CONCACAF countries too and maybe more.
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    You have a Fox in the Box? We have a Snake in the Grass.
  13. Slightly adjusting the budget on a lower division club to allow some room to build is fine since there's hundreds of teams that start with nothing, making the "i like to start at the bottom (with nothing)" arguments irrelevant.
  14. This is a major problem for 2 reasons. 1. We are all under the impression this game is supposed to be realistic. So we limit the functions of the game as an FU to the developers. Except... 2. The Game already knows everything. If you don't make the right moves, the CPU will. It knows the potential of its players, yours and others. This is where the ratings system vs self righteous FM player is completely ridiculous. Whats the difference between signing a scout or just using Genie Scout? Theres ZERO difference. The point is, there should be no rating system based on a number value. The only rating system should be their regarded talent level vs all other variables. Then, when you "discover" a player it'll feel more genuine and his success/failure will link to you more so than just signing the guy with the most stars.