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  1. Have tried reloading in England and Portugal but the teams seem fixed now. How far back do you need to save and reload as just the 1 day doesn’t do it anymore.
  2. That is good to hear! I'm halfway through first season and unbeaten in the league. This team seems good enough for Premiership right now.
  3. Looking for a new lower league save and don't want to grind through the long England seasons so thinking Scotland where I have had some enjoyable saves in the past. Eyeing up Raith Rovers in the third tier - they have the facilities to be a Premiership club and I like the idea of growing a big club in Fife, who have not had a Scottish champion before despite being one of the more populated areas of the country. Any other ideas for teams at a similar level but with some decent facilities?
  4. Looking forward to this maybe taking off again. Previous @smp20 threads have got me addicted to youth academy challenges. I still suck at them but I love giving them a go and reading about others doing them.
  5. I've just started in Sweden and the club I chose only had about 10 players to start with but some extra players have been added when I took over. I definitely didn't have add players to playable teams ticked - it just seems to have added 4-5 players to get my squad up to about 15 total. Is this okay for the challenge?
  6. This looks brilliant @DementedHammer. Can finally attempt my dream FM career - from Te Awamutu AFC to Manchester United. Haha. Any chance you will be adding the rest of the stadium names anytime soon?
  7. Is this challenge doable on Nintendo Switch/Touch version?
  8. I did think of that bit pretty sure it would melt my iPad. At least the Switch is designed to handle a game like this. Plus I like the idea of playing on my TV screen then easily just carrying on when in bed/on the move.
  9. I’m hoping for some more Switch details soon. I’m holding off buying for PC this year as I want to give it a go on Switch.
  10. Thanks, good to know. I guess after a couple of years on the full game you have so many academy players you don't even need anyway.
  11. Does FM Touch still have only the small youth intakes? Might get FM19 for Switch but keen to give the youth challenge another go if I can.
  12. Keen to try this on FM Touch this year as I will be getting the game on Switch - are the youth intakes on FMT still very small though?
  13. I'm just about ready to buy a Switch but waiting on the announcement of FM19 to get me over the line. Have always played the full version but with our first baby on the way now seems a good time to change to more portable gaming and FM Touch. Is there any indication as to when an announcement might be?
  14. I’ve been looking at getting a Switch and a big reason for that would be the ability to play FM, so I’m basically waiting on the FM 2019 announcement before buying the console. Fingers crossed!
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