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  1. That sucks, and definitely a game breaker.
  2. @DazRTaylor what happened to the Samoa save? I followed the first season but now looks like it is gone?
  3. I love small nation international only saves. Haven't done one for a while but a few years back I nearly got Namibia and Vietnam to the World Cup. There used to be a challenge in the challenge forum to take on nations who hadn't appeared in the World Cup before and try to get them there. Good times.
  4. Sorry accidentally posted twice.
  5. I've just started my Cook Islands youth only save and it would be great if someone did a similar save. There is not many saves on here in Oceania so would be nice to follow someone trying a similar career.
  6. I really like this overview. What time of each year do you record it? And maybe a dumb question but where can you see average attendance?
  7. Great read @Jupjamie. A question - how do youth intakes work with amateur clubs? Do your good prospects get pinched much? Looking at a similar save but I am be amateur for the first few years at least.
  8. Edit: had a rethink on my career in Belgium. Watch this space.
  9. After several months away from FM I am looking to start a new game and of course the youth challenge is drawing me back in, despite failing terribly in previous attempts. Just trying to settle on a team now - thinking about Merthyr Town to build a Welsh dynasty in England (assuming most regens would be Welsh?) or starting a 'police academy' with Met Police. Or possibly a country not as daunting to take on. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks. I have holidayed two seasons to get Ribeira Brava in Portugal to come up who I had an enjoyable but failed attempt with last year. The first season will be tricky - starting squad of 12 with best midfielder and best centre back both leaving in pre-season. So I have my back up GK playing left wing and a grey player at DM. Looking forward to intake day...
  11. Can you holiday for two seasons to try get the team you want to come up?
  12. Keen to give this a crack but don't have the fastest laptop. Could you get by with one or two leagues from each continent and if so which ones would be essential or recommended?
  13. I had them come up once early on (didn't save it sorry) and have been reloading a fair bit since the Beta came out. Still trying to get a team no one has seen yet before I start. So I would say Warrington are rare, but not impossible.
  14. Finally got the team I wanted to come up in Wales - Denbigh Town. Will wait to see how season one goes though before posting. Although I will mention @MCPlay that I have started with two wins in the cup and league against Haverfordwest
  15. Are other added on European nations eligible for this? claassen has released another 10 European countries in the Editors forum but just wondering if they are eligible for here?