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  1. UPDATE: I have uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers and have since played a few games without crashing. But the game is still a bit sluggish and I 'feel' as though it may crash again at any time. Will let you know if it does crash again but if there is anything else I can do to prevent further crashes please let me know.
  2. Removed custom logos and kits and definitely improved it for a while, but it has returned with a staging crash during a match twice in a row. I have no anti-virus installed. Just using Windows Defender.
  3. Over the last few days FM 2018 has been crashing on me with the staging error 18.2.1f1051982. It started randomly, but is now doing it virtually every match (happens mostly during games). I currently have logos and kits in graphics folder but I have been playing since launch without any issues, until the last few days. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but still have the issue. DxDiag.txt
  4. Hey @claassen with the updated Oceania Champions League it doesn’t seem to do the draw each year so it isn’t played at all, and a random NZ club is given continental qualification for the Club World Cup each year. Do you know what is happening there?
  5. I am just a couple of seasons in but just realised the O League isn’t working for some reason like not being played at all. The Oceania team for Club World Cup seems to be a randomly selected NZ club. Some editor files must have conflicted somewhere because I’m sure I loaded it. Think I’ll need to start again. Good luck in American Samoa!
  6. Simply outstanding. As a New Zealander I am biased, but this has been one of the best threads I have seen. I’ve started a journeyman career in the NZ regional leagues so it’s good to see it is possible to take on the world from Oceania! Look forward to seeing what is next.
  7. Some great efforts at the Club World Cup! Are you looking to take on the national team job at some stage? Would be interesting to see what you could do with New Zealand.
  8. Same here. Think I’m going to start a journeyman save in NZ regional leagues and work my way up.
  9. Nice. Can't wait to see how far you can take Auckland City. I see Alan Tereu is part Cook Islander. What youth system did he come through? Was thinking of trying that Cook Islands youth only save again but now reading this I'm leaning towards following your footsteps (except with my local club Hamilton Wanderers).
  10. Wow! I didn’t think an O-League win would happen before you got to New Zealand. And knocking out Auckland City in the process, amazing stuff. Looking forward to the Club World Cup appearance.
  11. Nice choice. As a New Zealander I am looking forward to when you make the move there. But Amicale is one of the best clubs in the islands - a good stepping stone. This has really got me wanting to start an Oceania save! Just not sure if I want to do journeyman or youth only.
  12. Gutting end to the season, but great start to the new campaign. How long do you think you will stay in Tahiti? Must be tempting to at least experience the French Cup.
  13. @claassen outstanding work as always. I see the Oceania OFC Champions League is expanding to include a quarter final stage. Any chance of including this in the next update? Link
  14. Enjoying this. I had a brief youth only save in the Cook Islands on FM17 and this is tempting me to give something similar another crack. It is a great thrill taking a small island club to the O-League with the (very slim) chance of a Club World Cup appearance.
  15. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I've just started in Scotland and my club's Under 20s are not showing. Before I get too far in - has anyone had this issue and does it eventually sort itself out? I had an actual player (not a greyed out one) from my Under 20s even score in a pre-season friendly so the Under 20s has some players, there is just no way to view the squad or promote the players. Will I be able to get a youth intake without the Under 20s showing?