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  1. Looking for a bit of advice, I have take York City from Conference North to L1 in consecutive seasons. However, I know have a very substandard squad for the league and a dissapointing transfer budget of £54k. The board likes Attacking and Entertaining football, but I feel the need to abandon my 4231 GenGen Press for a more defensive 4141 to give a chance of staying up. What have others done in this situation? The is new territory for me.
  2. Benoit Costil - Used to sign his on FM07 or 08 can't remember which with a bunch of other free French players, Samir Nasri and Yohan Gourcuf, I believe they came from some academy? Anyway Costil would always be good enough to stick with me for many promotion campaigns and winners medals no matter what save I was playing.
  3. Many relegations in the older games, but no some much in the last few releases, things seem to have gotten easier.
  4. 34 and started out with Premier Manager and On The Ball for the Amiga, sadly Championship Manager never slipped into my possesion until CM2 96/97 on the PC and been playing ever since, maybe dipped out after CM01/02 but came back for FM2005.
  5. I sometimes switch between 2D and Only Commentary, glad it is still a feature in the game.
  6. Having great fun with my current save at York City, 2nd season in and just about the win the conference and get back into the Football League.
  7. I don't mind the current graphics at all, as i have a Potato PC and can't afford a new one.
  8. Could the in-game Inbox function like a regular mailbox account with custom folders to separate out injuries, scout reports, etc
  9. I think Dev Centre has been a great addition having everything in one place, but it was confusing to myself when there was no quick menu to U19/U23
  10. I think this would be an excellent addition to the game. Do Clubs have their own Social Media teams too?
  11. I might be wrong but it seems interactions with the media are a bit limited in how they affect your career. I feel it would be more realistic if your we're say, doing well at a lower league level, had an interview with TV/Radio/Magazine, etc and this would give your profile in the football world a bit of a boost?
  12. I am also having issues with this, had tried unlinked the game from my Twitter account and re-adding, still keeps logging me out.
  13. Was wondering if adding a 2nd Career mode where all the licenses are removed and Random Player, Team and Leagues are generated could introduce a few features that are not possible due to licensing. For example, kits changing every season with different fictional sponsors? Might also offer something different for those who like to create their own fictional FM stories.
  14. Is this years version of FM a little bit easier compared to previous years? I got promoted into the Prem with W.B.A and finished 6th in my first season up, only really loosing to the top clubs. This is in no way a bragging post, usually I struggle and it can take seasons before I start to get any positive results. What was weirder is that I got offered the W.B.A job in my third season in charge of York City who I got promoted into the Conference National, totally jumping L2 and L1. A friend of mine took Barnet to League 1 in consecutive seasons, it just seems that winning and success in this years version is so much easier, is it the new tactics system?
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