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  1. Almunia and Nasri, the only two players to show any kind of stones that they actually wanted to progress over the two legs. really dissapointing. and i fear the fact we didn't get the absolute battering we deserved (4-1 flattered us greatly) isn't going to speed up any changes that are clearly obvious and have been for 3/4 seasons.
  2. yeah, any injuries between now and next week and there really is no hope.
  3. I think this last couple of weeks has gone to show how much we miss Gallas, basically our only natural defender(a little like when we missed Gilberto alongside Vieira)
  4. threw that away three times /o\ back four, Denilson, Cesc and Bendtner were diabolical. Song, Nasri and Fabianski all did well. Arshavin a ****ing hero. would have taken a point before the game but the two there and two thrown away at home to Spurs could have made a massive difference.
  5. agree that it could be a huge ingfluence on his form the next few weeks. a clean sheet at Anfield would be huge. Villa drew today right?
  6. becuase on a day like today you can't really put fair criticism on the back 4 and GK seeing as though with injuries we were down to the bare bones.
  7. imo he had to come out. if Drogba gets it under control 1v1 then Fabianski stands even less a chance. at least by coming early there's a chance of a bad touch from Drogba on the awful pitch, him going wide enough for Toure/Silvestre to get back or at the very least the same chance that Drogba will kick it straight at him. as much chance as if he'd stayed.
  8. pitch was an embarrassment. Second goal was absolutely not Fabisnski's fault. he had to come out and make Drogba take it round him. Drogba was so far clear of Silvestre that he'd have just controlled it and walked it in.
  9. fair play to Chelsea, deserved winners todays
  10. unfortunately if it comes down to battling qualities; strength, desire (which is very possible as the techincal differences in those comparisons is marginal) then id put chelsea as favourites.
  11. i think we might go Diaby, Denilson and Cesc in midfield. Walcott/RvP, Ade and Arshavin up front. are chelsea still playing 433 these days?
  12. Arshavin was ****ing awesome that second half. really couldn't us getting anything today, especially after 45. and what a goal from Song!
  13. poor first half. lucky to still have 11 and only be 1 down.
  14. Fabregas was booked for taking a free kick too quickly, after that every Villarreal player went down within 5 yards of him, which is probably why it looks like we committed so many fouls.
  15. That is some goal Mr Adebayor. brilliant result, first half we were along way short of Villarreal.