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  1. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Hi there, Maybe one of you Advanced Guru's can offer some advice Trying to extend the premier league to 24 teams but having a couple of issues: 1) The 4 teams it automatically places there are grayed out 2) I cant figure out how to actually change the teams - I can see the bit where it says get all teams from premier league but how can I actually change who is there in the first place? Do I use the normal editor? Thanks in advance Garry
  2. Editing English System

    Or when I choose nations at game start I get an error for England saying premier league should have 20 teams found 24
  3. Editing English System

    Yeah but no matter who I put I always get 4 non playable teams
  4. Editing English System

    Also, How do I change the actual teams? It defaults to the best 4 in the championshiop which means Cardiff, Forest, Middlesborough and Leeds are in both! Cheers Garry
  5. Editing English System

    Hi magicmastermind124 Took your advice and messed around abit, Managed to get 24 Teams in but the 4 "New" teams are grayed out at selection, any idea why? Kind Regards Garry
  6. Editing English System

    Where do I find the number of teams in the editor? Kind Regards Garry
  7. Editing English System

    Hi magicmastermind124, Thanks for that but I really seem to be quite stupid I open the file in wordpad an edit the number of teams to 24 - Where is the part that changes the numer of games? I have loaded the file in FM11 but still only shows 20 teams? Thanks again Garry
  8. Editing English System

    Hi thanks for that, I'll be honest, I've been looking at the advanced thread for a couple of hours now and still have no idea. What I want to do is: 1) Increase premier League to 25 Teams 2) Increase relegation/Promotion places for the Premier league down to Blue square to 4 up 4 down. Any Guidance woul be much appreciated. Kind Regards Garry
  9. Editing English System

    Hi There, Is there any way I can edit the promotion/relegation places without having to re-do the whole system? Kind Regards Garry
  10. Team talk screen and motivation

    I second this, would save a lot of time flicking between screens
  11. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    Yep, No signal is says
  12. Commentary Speed

    I used to be on here as "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" before the forum changed?
  13. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to change the commentary speed as I'm finding it really slow in comparison to FM08. The match speed slider is at full but still seems a lot slower than last year. Thanks is advance!