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  1. I'm not entirely sure why you'd want such a shortlist. However, if you're set on having one then just create a new shortlist in your game and add all the players from each shortlist in to the new one (shift + click the top and bottom players to select all and send them to the new shortlist with right click)
  2. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    yeah, Briand is ace. Obviously go for Aguero if you can. You'd probably need to add some additional fees over 24 months to break that transfer budget, maybe also alongside a 50% sell on, but if he's still at Atletico then work something out and grab him
  3. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Check out Claudio Marchisio for MC, another underrated one by scouts I find, even the best (I always sign Vilas Boas at the start of a new game). He's just had a little bump in his stats on my game and suddenly looks like a worthy challenge for J Martinez and Nocerino
  4. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Yeah, they usually come in for him got to be quick on the draw! kapow! Actually, something I noticed recently which I'm pretty sure wasn't the case pre-patch was that he can be tempted in at the start of a new game. You have to give him a hefty contract of course but there aren't many players who are as worthy of one as he is.
  5. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Oh and if looking to replace Owen then Aguero every time
  6. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Yeah, sell N'Zogbia. Ummm, MC-wise I'd take a look at Nocerino, Denilson (Arsenal) and Vaart if he hasn't been snapped up already. ML replacement : well personally I usually get Stewart Downing, I feel he's under-rated and almost always performs for me, topping assist charts. If not him then definately Guardado
  7. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Well SWP is okay but if it were me and I needed a Right Winger I'd go for Fiorentina's Mario Santana. IMO he's better off the bat whereas SWP might need to develop a bit to fit the level of your squad. Santana would also probably be cheaper, check him out. If money's not really a problem then go for Ricardo Quaresma, he should be interested so long as you're in the ECL. Oh and for an LB grab Gonzalo Pineda or Taiwo as recommended above. Pineda would be an easier catch I imagine
  8. Best Signing you ever made?

    every single one of those transfers looks completely ridiculous to me, the only way those would be accepted would be if you had control of both sides
  9. Best Signing you ever made?

    lol....... if you mean first summer window as in 'start of a new game' then you're going to have to come up with something a bit more believable than those.
  10. FM 2008: Staff Guide

    Joebutler : you need Andre Vilas Boas, portugese scout who starts unemployed in a new game. You may need to be running a large database or something, but if you can get him he's the best scout in the game and has a lot of years in him (only 27/28 at start!)
  11. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    New game: opening review Rules: Real Players, No Funds First Season, Attribute Masking Players in:Thiago - Free (Barcelona) Players out:None Things could not be going much worse. I normally feel a tad guilty about utterly destroying the current squad when funds are available but now I see why I shouldn't. Martins is 1 goal in 6 and looking every bit the shocking disappointment he became following 8.0.2 once again. Michael Owen got injured for 3 months on his first game back. Got a goal before he left but we still couldn't finish the match off (2-2 v Villa - bloody frikkin ex-Newcastle). Emre's out for a month as well, Given's still not back in the side, Harper's doing alright but even so. Current position 18th W1 D2 L6 If I can actually make it to the next season I doubt I'll follow through with my plan to restrict myself to English lads only, this side needs an overhaul
  12. FM 2008: Newcastle United

    Got some answers for you Ben. MR/AMR - look no further than Mario Santana of Fiorentina, probably better than all three previously mentioned by yourself straight off the bat (although Barnes and Bentley could possibly develop above him), but most importantly very cheap. Check him out. GK - I know everyone will feel it's obvious but Lloris is your man. I'd say offer around 10m with a 50% sell on (no intent to sell in the future of course) and you might be able to get him. RB - again, fairly obvious, but certainly worth checking the availability of Rafinha. Again I'd advise bumping your bid with a 50% sell on to drop the initial fee. If not Rafinha then maybe Ryan Taylor or Carlos Diogo. Good luck
  13. aye, fingers crossed. Nice advice btw, I usually have my eye on the player ratings screen and I probably miss a fair bit by ignoring the opposition. Would be nice to have a screen in the future that showed all you needed to know about either side. Say something like the formations screen with a little performance indicator above each players circle and a condition indicator below their name underneath the circles.
  14. I'm not saying it's a huge inconvenience, I just don't understand why overview is the default screen and why your last choice of screen isn't memorised. I mean it happens in a number of ways across different parts of the game e.g shortlists, squad sheets with filters and so on, so why not here?
  15. On this note, anyone else find it slightly perplexing that you need to set up your match screen each match? UI wise SI have done well IMO but when it comes to the match screen defaulting each match to Overview (easily the LEAST useful of all the screens on offer) it's hard not to be disappointed