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  1. I have scored a few free kicks since the op, but none of them appeared on the stat board. It is a bug with the stat board, documented by more than a few players. Dear fellers at SI, please take a look at this!
  2. I can confirm this now. After 2 years, on the very first match that none of my set piece takers were available, a player with a 12 attribute for freee kicks was assigned and curled a marvelous kick into the top corner to win me the match. The stat board still shows no goals from free kicks in the league though, so that's where the bug is
  3. I wouldn't mind not scoring myself, free kick goals are actually increasingly uncommon in modern football. Two full Serie A seasons without a single goal from any player, from any team however is far form normal. It is specific to the league I manage in. Other leagues selected as playable do have a few goals, at least shown in the stats. I'm moving on to the third season, and still there hasn't been a free kick goal in Serie A in more than 2 years. This is a bug, and it is a gamebreaking bug that absolutely ruins any feeling of realism. It's been 24 hours since I posted and I hope to get
  4. I have talked to 4 other friends that have been playing quite heavily since launch and not one of them has scored a single goal from a free kick yet.
  5. I take it nobody else is experiencing this? Now at two full seasons, and not a single goal from a free kick has been scored by any player, from any team in the Italian Serie A.
  6. Well, I have been playing for two seasons now, at Serie A in Italy, and it's been enough to conclude that direct free kicks are broken. I started to get suspicious after I signed a player with a 17 attribute for free kicks and he failed to score a single goal over a 30 game span. It could be bad luck, but then I went to check. There hasn't been a single direct free kick goal over a little less than 2 seasons in Serie A. Not a single one, from a single team through the entire first season and now more than halfway into the second one. During my matches, whenever there is a free kick, the p
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