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  1. The Brazil Thread

    Dave, the biggest difference between this Brazil and the average Brazil is that this is actually a team. The tem has been together for 3 years, with the same system, same tactics and virtually the same key players. It's very gelled, players understand each other very well. With some big players out of the squad, like Ronaldinho and Adriano, our greatest strenght is the sinergy in this team. So I also doubt you have a better team I hope the game delivers and ends up being the clash of titans anticipated!
  2. The Brazil Thread

    I'm really sorry to drag this discussion any further, but there are a few things that have to be said. Have a look at the World Club Championships/Intercontinental Cup. We have 25 vicories for South American teams, against 24 for European teams. Out of the 4 countries with most wins, 3 are South American. So much for secondary feeder leagues. If Brazil will become the NBA of football it's another thing, personally I don't think it will, as I don't think any country will, football is a very global sport. But the brazilian teams have a very rich and vitorious tradition, and are a strong as they come. The big teams here would put up a fight for the title in any major european league, as they do year after year. And dont't give me the excuse that Europe doesn't care. That's childish. At the same time we don't have a uber expensive squad full of stars like Real or Barça, the average standard of Brazilian teams are pretty high. There aren't up to 4 teams that absolutely control the league every year. And most mid table teams, such as Villareal, Fulham etc. would probably fight against relegation in Brazil. The only thing keeping some great players from staying here is the money, there is nothing more to it. We care about the European championships as much as you care about Brazilian football. We just watch it out of love for football, something that plays a major factor in us being the most sucessful country in the history of football. It's all a matter of point of view, for you the main chapters of football were written in Europe. Well of course, that's where you were born and grew up. If his team is playing the Copa Libertadores, a South American man couldn't care less about who wins the UEFA Champions League. You shouldn't speak so bluntly about something you have little to no information whatsoever.
  3. I had this issue when I first downloaded the game....do as Matt says and give a shout to the Sega dudes, they will sort it out for you quickly.
  4. I got an email from them, with one CD Key, the only key they provided me with. Just as I try to open the game, an uniloc popup comes. I enter the key, nd it comes back "critical failure"... Maybe they sent me the key with some sort of typo.
  5. Already tried that my friend... Really out of options, and struggling to get any help... Thank you anyway..
  6. I'm sure, I'm not even typing, but copying and pasting the code. Where could I contsct Sega?
  7. It is FM 2010, I got the digital download from gamesplanet. Got a CD key, and an uniloc thing pops up when I run the game, I enter the key, and it comes back with an error...-1036, or -1033....
  8. Downloaded it form gamesplanet, the cd key doesn't work.... I keep getting a -1036 and -1033 error... what should I do? should I patch it?
  9. Just bought from games planet, the CD key they gave me doesn't work on the Uniloc activation....can anybody help me with this?
  10. The problem as I see it is that a lot of users with specs that should undoubtedly run the game are currently unable to, I think there are some compatibility issues to be worked on by SI, it is not just a matter of updating our systems.
  11. Demo and system specs

    So from SI's perspective me and my brother buying a copy of FM09 and installing in two computers in my house, therefore using 2 of the 5 "slots" available qualifies as piracy? In that line of thought, if we both want to play the game we must purchase individual copies of the game? We are in Brazil btw.
  12. It's amazing how some ppl can judge a match engine from a game they did not play, based on a release video with images of it when it was 33% complete...
  13. Good for you, nobody is gonna lose any sleep over that, no need to let us know... The new game looks awesome, could anybody provide me with some info regarding release in Brazil?
  14. The 2008/2009 Arsenal Thread

    What about Eduardo returning, any predictions? I heard here in Brazil you were being linked to Luis Fabiano, from Sevilla.... And Cesc, there is only one Phenom...and it's the fat one...
  15. Goalscoring Goalkeepers!

    Rogerio Ceni from Sao Paulo easily scores 10-15 goals in a season from free kicks...