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  1. were you overspending on wages? i noticed that every player i tried to sign insisted on having a 40% wage increase for promotion clause, which would be quiet a substantial difference in wages in the top flight!
  2. crazy transfer stuff

    the stoke centre half isnt a very "stoke" kind of player. i mean 5'5" and 65kg. although his stats are quiet impressive.
  3. has any one used bartley as a back up? ive been scouting him on his loan at rangers and he seems to be pretty consistant. any thoughts?
  4. how is chamakh scoring so much for evey1 else but he is useless for me? i play 2 up front usually walcott as a poacher and rvp as trequista (sp.?) but rvp got injured and ive ben playin chamakh as an advanced forward for the last 6-8 games and has returned 1 goal and 1 assist. ive tried encouraging his as his morale is low but stil nothing. any suggestions?
  5. thanks ishu, help greatly appreciated!
  6. hi guys. just wondering would someone be able to let me know if this spec will run fm11 efficiently! i'm thinking of buying a new laptop. CPU and Memory: •Intel Core i3 350M. •2.26GHz processor speed. •3GB DDR3 RAM memory. •320GB SATA hard drive. Display features: •15.6in display. •Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. DVD optical drives: •Dual layer. Graphics: •Intel with HD graphics card. Interfaces and connectivity: •Multi-Media Card (MMC) compatible. •3 USB ports. •1 HDMI port. •B/g/n wireless/WiFi enabled. Operating system and software: •Microsoft Windows 7 Premium.
  7. Biggest Whingers!

    dirk kuyt. i personally dont like him so i dont play him and hes in the reserves. every week he wants to be transfer listed and a week later he wants to come off it! insane.
  8. David Amoo

    28 goals is impressive but id like to now how many tiers of the english leagues you are using, for example if you have the championship and league 1 running he wil face teams of poor u-18 squads scoring 2 or 3 a game and not scoring against the teams with better quality!
  9. My Arsenal Team!!

    your team is good in my opinion, however both wide midfield positions could be improved. instead or farfan i would have gotten marcelo at the start of the game from real madrid, he is excellent and scores loads. then for bentley, i would go for rosina as previosly suggested. also rotate your strikers to aid vela's developement. hope that helps.
  10. when i deliberatly set out to lose to a relegation candidate on the lastday of the season just to see a fierce rival gettin relegated!
  11. anelka scored irl with his back towards goal for france a few years ago didnt he? on fm messi scored from the edge of the area with an over head kick! goal of the season.
  12. a free kick 20 yards out, player x is an expert at the dead ball. runs up hits it well, looks like its on target net thing out of nowhere jumps my right back and blocks the shot. the commentator then says "player y blocks the shot, he saved a certain goal there" most annoying!
  13. love:winning in the last minute of the game, coach reports, wonderkids. Hate: the amount of disallowed goals for fouls and offsides at crucial times during games!