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  1. This which agrees with my last post - also take over a team like Bolton who start the game on -10 points and see if you can keep them up/ Taking over a top team is making the game too easy , starting in a difficult situation is making it harder. Or do what I do and go unemployed so that the first team you pick is in relegation trouble with no resources to build from. You could even look on this forum at some of the challenges that people do and report how you are doing in the careers thread, which will make the game harder.
  2. Are not difficulty levels already in the game in that you can start with a Sunday League reputation with no coaching badges and work your way up
  3. When looking for staff the game highlights the attributes required eg for a physio - physiotherapy is greyed out. however for the role I would expect them to be high in other attributes ie level of discipline - to make sure that he tells a player that they are not putting the effort in to get back to fitness and motivation - to motivate the player to get back to fitness especially over a long term injury. Also for say a Head Physio or Chief Scout I would expect them to have man management skills. When looking at these other attributes in the game they are not greyed out. When I look for staff I always add the other attributes in as I believe they are necessary - however as its a game do they have a bearing on any outcomes or not and is it just the greyed out ones that affect the game with the others been cosmetic. As I have found a physio with 20 in physiotherapy but his other stats are all below 8 so is it worth me signing him knowing that the game only looks at the 20,even though I as a manager would also look at his overall attributes
  4. On the Team Report / Player Comparision screen where it shows your team stats averaged out and how they compare with the rest of the league. Does this include your reserve squads and under 19' in the report or is it just for the First Team?
  5. Season 2020 - 2021 End of Season Review Squad Season Press Expectations End of Season League Table Past Positions The existing inherited squad was added to with loan players and free transfers which helped us achieve an unexpected promotion. The goals came from all over the team which made us a constant threat throughout the season. Cup Run Following the 1st round victory with IK Malmo we were drawn against much sterner opposition in Hammerby IF who played in the Allsvenskan which were the top league in the Swedish league. We had the home advantage in the second round but our finances were plumeting. The club received an offer from our opponents which was duly accepted as I felt the money that could be earned from this tie would vastly help the club. The chances of us beating them at home was also slim. Even though the team got knocked out they did not do to bad Season Review Team Awards Team Stats League Goalscorers We scored alot of goals this season with them spread around the team which shows in the above chart as not one of the players hit double figures or finished high in the charts as would be expected for a team which has won promotion. Our strikers performed better last season where they finished in the top five. This is something that I will look to improve on. Assists Club Records Manager Info I was asked by the Swedish Football Authorities to take charge of the Rookies All Star for this season. At the end of the season and a few months after I signed a new contract with the club the following job became available which I took like to as I felt the step up may progress my career quickly. However it wasn't to be as I didn't even make it to the interview stage. Manager History Season Club League Position Svenska Cupen Cup Rookies All Star Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 8th 2nd Rnd Man Month x 1 2020/21 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 1st 2nd Rnd Won Man Year, Man Month x1 Transfers Staff In Board End of Season Club Vision Contract End of Season Finances Next Season Following promotion alot of players contracts are up for re-newal. As I stated when I first joined the club the contracts would need to be run down before I can really fetch in some better players as the club cannot afford to release them. From consulting with my backroom staff I don't believe alot of the players will be good enough to keep us up next season following promotion and have decided to release the majority of them so that I can fetch in my own players based on the scouting that I have done. This will probably be a blow to them with what they have achieved but I need to be ruthless. I will also be looking at changing my backroom staff in areas to help the club make the step up to the next division.
  6. Can anyone at SI advise if there will be another patch - I have reported some issues in the bugs section ie formation analysis not showing when you click the link, match notifictations - not all player notifications come up, goalkeepers not passing out to fullbacks when playing ball out of defence etc... From previous versions if my memory served me right the last patch was always with a winter update at the end of the transfer window, however the only patch that came out was some match engine improvements. So I wondered will there be another patch addressing more of the issues that have been raised in the bugs forum
  7. Season 2019 - 2020 End of Season Review League Table at Management Appointment End of Season League Table Past Positions I managed to achieve one of my aims in the remaining 15games of the season as the team pulled together and finished in a decent position in the table and avoiding relegation. Unfortunately we finished with a -2 goal difference and I wished on my appointment for us to finish in positive numbers, however the improvement in this department shows that if we had a couple more games extra we would have probably achieved this to, it was always a big ask to go from -12 goal difference and into positive numbers. Overall the turnaround has been fantastic against the odds as we had no money to spend and with limited scouting knowledge of the league. One of the highlights of the turnaround was when we were losing against the team who was sitting comfortably at the top of the league to win. Season Review Team Awards Team Stats League Goalscorers Assists Club Records When I took over the club the team was not scoring goals (18 goals in 17 games) and it also conceding them (30 goals in 17 games) at an alarming rate which gave a -12 goal difference. To achieve and break so many records in 15 games shows what a massive turnaround we had under my stewardship. When I first arrived at the club and looking at the players I realised that I would have to work wonders on the training ground and use my man management skills to get the best out of the squad as there was no money. My initial thoughts where that I would have to let there contracts run down and then replace them with better players. I may have to re-think this now. However there is next season to go with these players as the contracts do not expire for another year before any decisions are finally made, however they have shown me in the 15 games that they do have promise. Manager Info Manager History Season Club League Position Svenska Cupen Cup Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 8th 2nd Rnd Man Month x 1 Team Playing Style As manager my playing style that I want the players to adhere to is attacking pass and move football. This combines short pass plays with attacking football. The team will focus more on keeping possession than with a standard attacking football approach and will proactively create space by drawing players out of position. A number of attributes are required for this style and the players will need to fit into it as much as possible. During my time at the club I intend to fetch players in to suit this style of football and try to improve the players that are already at the club to fit them into the style. I also want my players to have high attributes in determination, workrate, teamwork and concentration as a core running through the club. Obviously I realise that I am at a small club with no money and to make these changes will take time, for example all of the players contracts are not up for renewal until the end of next season. I will not be allowed by the board to release these as it will cost the club money it has not got. My only option is to let the contracts run down, while re-newing the ones necessary. The change to my ideal playing style may take time and I may have to perservere with what I have and adjust any tactics to suit Transfers As the was no transfer or wage budget there was little I could do in the transfer market apart from fetch in some youngsters on loan to help boost the squad numbers where the team was light. Staff In Board End of Season Club Vision During the season and just after I was appointed the club had some elections for a new chairman, luckily I managed to keep my job through this period and not get distracted by the rumours. End of Season Finances Next Season I will generally need to use the squad that I have inherited and fetch in a few players either on the cheap or on loan as previously mentioned I will not be able to go releasing players and will need to wait for the contracts to run out. It also looks like there will be no money for players again in the transfer market, unless I manage to sell, loan out or release for free some of my current squad. I will scout players in Sweden as well as fetching them in on trial throughout the season so that I am armed with a very good shortlist for when I need to move into the transfer market. I will use my man management skills again to fetch the best out of the current players while also trying to off - load players that I do not need. I intend to make some progress on the pitch and attempt to finish as high up the table as I can
  8. Ideally I wish to play and attacking / possession based style of football - but I may need the right players to do that so it will take time. In the meantime I will try and base my tactics playing to the strengths of my squad while also adjusting them to exploit the weaknesses of the opposition. Good Luck with your Wexford Save too!
  9. The Job After much deliberation I decided to manage the following team after been successful in interview. This is the only real job that caught my eye from all of the interviews that I went to and is a club with a higher league reputation than all of the rest where I was interviewed. There is no money to spend and it will be a great challenge to start with. The Club Background and History The club has not won much since it was foundation in 1920 and narrowly missed out on promotion last season which probably cost my predecessor his job, especially with where the club is currently positioned in the league this season. Can I be the manager to take it forward and into the dizzy heights of the best league in Sweden, however there is a lot of work to do before I can think about promotion. My Contract Facilities Finances With no money for any movement in the transfer market or for player wages I am going to have to rely on loans to strengthen the squad, and look for players whose teams will let them come to us where we don't pay any fees or wages out and the players just need playing time. With me not knowing the Swedish Market I will have to rely heavily on my backroom team to recommend players until I become more accustomed to the league and my surroundings. Alternatively I will also look to adopt some tactics to get the best out of the current bunch who are under-performing but who also did well the previous season - so some hope may exist if I can use my man management skills to get the best out of the players. Squad and Dynamics Statistically the players are not doing very well - Johansson (MRL) and Adolfsson (SC) lead the current club goal-scoring charts with 4 a piece. As Adolfsson is my main striker he needs to improve and quickly. Ericsson is my second best striker however he is out injured for the season and will not return. Wimbo (MC) is doing quite well with assists as he has provided 8 this though needs improving. Wimbo (MC), Johansson (MRL) and V Nilsson (CD) top the club charts with 2 Player of the Matches each As 17 games have already passed - these stats need improving and quickly if we are to avoid relegation. Inherited Staff The staff needs improvement in all areas and it is something I will be looking at addressing in my first weeks in charge of the club. We need an overhaul as much as possible with more coaches fetching in. Players Contracts I will assess the players in due course to determine if the contracts are worth renewing. As there is only 3 players contracts up for renewal in the next 12 months it is obvious that the majority of the players will be here next season unless I can release them, but as they are under contract this will cost the club money which looking at the finances we have not got. I will therefore have to utilise the players and let the contracts run until they expire before I can fetch any permanent players into strengthen the squad. Current League Standing We need to defend better and improve the goal difference of -12 which is the worst in the league, if I cannot improve this relegation beckons and we will fall out of the league with a wimper. I will have to look at this in training and the tactics I adopt to fetch the best out of the current bunch of players to improve the defensive and attacking aspects of the team by training them and looking at the tactics in detail. We do not have much quality behind the first team especially in defence and we are short of numbers in attack especially with my second best striker Ericsson being injured for the season. It may be necessary to play a few players out of position in certain areas where they are not accomplished in the role. Club Vision Board Expectations Aims and Plans The first aim will be to avoid relegation at all costs and strengthen the backroom staff. I will look at fetching some loan players in where there are no fees or wages attached to the deal along with some trial players in. If I am lucky to employ some scouts I will also send these out to look at players so that next season I have a shortlist to work from. The current chairman Jorgen Hansson is up for re-election in September which may help with the clubs finances as this may lead to some future investment -however this is unknown. As well as setting the players the aim of avoiding relegation, I want them to do it in style and reduce the current - 12 goal difference so that we finish the season in positive numbers. There are 13 games to go to save the club from falling into the relegation zone. Wish me luck as I may need it!!
  10. Set Up I have loaded the following leagues to commence my save and will have the rest of the leagues on View Only so that I can change the direction of my career if I want to further into the save in the future. Manager Profile I have commenced Unemployed and with a Sunday League Reputation with the intention of proving myself in the lower leagues in an attempt to obtain a higher reputation job as soon as possible. When looking at the club I will be starting at I will assess all of the clubs I have interviews at and determine which I feel will be the best club to achieve my short term goals. I will then take that job in a hope that it is the right one and I can achieve short term success there to raise my reputation as quick as possible. Job Interviews I have had job interviews at a number of clubs in a few different Nations including Vanerborgs FK, Braintree, Lisburn Distillery, Conwy, IFK Umea, KuPS, Oxford City, Cobh Ramblers, Knockbreda, AFK Linkoping, Tvaakers IF, Gefle IF, BK Olympic, FC Inter, TNS, Atvidabergs FF and Qviding FIF amongst others that I applied for.
  11. When posting images for career updates etc.. which is the best image hosting site that people use. I used to use tinypic but it no longer exists and want to use one that is reliable for posting my career updates on in the forum.
  12. Thanks. Could SI advise if this is intentional or a bug - In FM19 I did not manage a semi pro team so not sure if it worked like this in previous versions
  13. No - if I remember in FM19 these got scheduled in automatically and you didn't have to assign them. I am though a semi professional club with most training days stated as unavailable so not sure if this is the reason
  14. Could anyone advise on the above if they know - Im not sure why if Im not getting the match briefing up and if its a bug that needs reporting
  15. I am managing a semi professional club in FM20 and am not getting the pre-match briefings that you used to get to talk to your team and set opposition instructions etc.. unlike in FM19. When you click on the days to match on the home screen and it goes to the next match tabs - under briefing it always says not a suitable time to hold a briefing. As my club is semi professional I only have a few training slots and most are unavailable. I have also checked and I have assigned myself to do briefings in the staff responsibilitites section. Do semi professional clubs have pre match briefings?
  16. Can you advise if the loan rules for Sweden Div One (Sodra) the current rules state that 'maximum if 1 player on loan per match from each affiliate where players go on loan and vice versa' - making it sound that you cannot loan any players in unless they are from an affiliate and only 1 of these is allowed in the match day squad. I have just managed to loan 3 players (One 26 year old Bosnian Goalkeeper, One 25 year old Swedish Goalkeeper and one 35 year old Swedish Striker) non of which where from an affiliate as my club does not have one but from player searching. I have managed to play all 3 in a Div One League game. Can you advise if the rules stated in the screen are incorrect and if this is an error or if there is a bug and these players should not be able to be loaned and played in the team for the matches.
  17. How do you take a screenshot so that it goes in the mydocs/sportsinteractive/screenshot folder in FM20. I used to do this in previous versions by Alt and F9 key with no issue now when I press them in combination in the game it records a video of desktop capture feature any advice
  18. If you approach a member of staff that is currently under contract and you have to pay compensation - does this come out of your transfer budget? or does the board just pay it our of other funds that are not known. About to commence LLM and there are a couple of good coaches assistants but the clubs want compensation and I have no transfer or wage budget left and don't want to mess up if I should be going for unemployed staff.
  19. I understand that counter-press is asking the players to immediately apply pressure to win the ball back after it is lost to recover the ball as quick as possible and that pressing intensity is increasing the urgency in which they press the opposition after they pass the line of engagement. Are they not the same thing what I don't understand is what exactly is the difference as they sound the same to me as a higher pressing intensity would mean that you would immediaely apply pressure to get the ball?
  20. I understand that counter press means that when the team lose the ball you instantly go and press back again to try and win it back instead of regrouping back into your defensive shape, this is on the transition tab Can you advise in what situations would you counter press and how is it linked to the pressing intensity and line of engagement in the defensive tab. Is not counter press the same as the pressing in the defensive tab where you go and press an opponent once they come past the line if engagement. In what situations would you use counter press or regroup and how does it work in conjunction with the pressing in the defensive tabs What attributes do your players need to successfully pull it off, aggression stamina work rate etc.. and which ones are more key than the others
  21. Thanks just been reading some of the stickys on this forum about it.
  22. I have been trying to improve my knowledge of the tactical aspects of the game and have been reading advice of the 'guide to fm' site to help me know why I set up the team the way I do and for finding out how best to implement team instructions to suit the attributes of the players that you inherit as a manager. I have got completley lost with team fluidity from what I understand from the guide is that if you have a large difference between high and low level attributes with your players you suit a more structued style of play and if the attributes are closer together you suit a more fluid style of play. This is then decided by the team mentality and the roles / duties you assign the players. Based on the attributes my team suits a more structued style of play, however based upon there best roles and duties they come out as flexible on the team tactics page - even if I change all my defenders to defend mentality on the PI's with no support and my attackers to attack mentalitiy and also midfielders to defend and attack so that there are no support roles whatsoever. As I read that a fluid / flexible system suits supporting roles . The only way to get this to go down is if I change the team mentality to defensive. However I don't want to play defensive football and when I assessed the attributes my team suited a more attacking football for its core style so I decided to go with a postitive mentality. Am I reading too much into these guides?!! Can anyone explain what team fluidity is in the game, how it works and if it actually matters. Am I reading too much into these guides
  23. Just wondered how many players would you recommend go in your walls for defending free kicks for Direct , Direct (small chance of shot) Indirect Wide and Indirect deep. I am currently looking at 4 for Direct, I cannot decide between 4 or 2 for Direct (small chance of shot) as the chance of the shot is small so not likely and putting some zonal markers in at near , far post and centere and also 2 for Indirect wide and deep as I assume that these are further out. What are peoples thoughts on this set up for free kick walls
  24. When setting up your manager man I thought there was a section where you could state your preffered formation and playing styles , however I cannot find it on FM20 when setting it up. Im sure I did it on the Beta but cannot seem to find it on the full release version Can anyone assist
  25. Thanks I am just going to go across and have a look now.
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