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  1.   Season 2023 - 2024

    Part Season Review







    Season Press Expectations



    Club Expectations




    Three quarters of the way through the season and with the Karlsruhe performing extremely well in the league after their promotion FC Bayern sack their manager.  One of the biggest clubs in the world who are not doing well and are 11th place in the league.  The temptation to apply and to see what happens is so strong as I have never managed a top club ever in all my time playing FM.  Has my reputation grown or will I be a laughing stock to the rest of the football world - its a gamble I must take.


     League Table when applied for FC Bayern





    Applying would upset the board and fans as I have just signed a 2 year new contract extension with the club, but opportunities do not come up like this everyday



    Some people like me and believe in my reputation of what I have done to date in may career - or is it just the press talking as nothing formal has happened to date.



    Until got approached for an interview - could this really be happening.



    Then after a bit of time went by I only went and did it!



     Part League Table when left to take FC Bayern post


    When I left the club I have done enough to meet the expectations of avoiding relegation as I targeted 35 points at the beginning of the season to keep us up as no club previously has been relegated on that number of points previously.  30 points or less had previous teams relegated except 1 season where 33 points was not enough,  I leave Karlsruhe on 39 points which is more than adequate judging by previous seasons.  The team dropped a few positions since I applied for the FC Bayern job, this could have been to do with the speculation of my leaving or possibly it would have happened anyway.

    Past Positions



    Cup Run

    The form of the team led to a very good cup run throughout this campaign




    Season Review


    In January the team where doing well so I changed the expectations, however I have even surpassed these when I left the club



    Team Stats upon leaving to join FC Bayern


    Club Records





    Manager Info




    Manager History

    Season    Club            League                Position            Svenska Cupen Cup               Rookies All Star                             Achievements
    2019/20   Tvaakers IF     Div 1 Sodra             8th               2nd Rnd                                  				        Man Month x 1
    2020/21   Tvaakers IF     Div 1 Sodra             1st               2nd Rnd                          Won           			      	Man Year, Man Month x1
    2021/22   Tvaakers IF     Superetten              7th 		    Group Stage (to be completed)                                               Man Month x 1
    Season    Club            League                Position            DFB-Pokal                                                                   Achievements
    2021/22   Karlsruhe SC     3 Liga                 1st               n/a                                  			     	
    2022/23   Karlsruhe SC     2. Bundseliga          1st               Semi Final
    2023/24   Karlsruhe SC     Bundseliga             9th               Qtr Final (All at 3/4 through season)                                       Left to join FC Bayern

    Style of Play Statistics

    The clubs main tactical style is to play Pass and Move Football. combining short plays with Positive / Attacking football.

    The team should therefore have a good average possession rating in the league along with a high pass completion ratio. 

    The team has not done well in the playing style compared with other teams in the league - the step up in quality of the players in the Bundseliga is massive as some of the opponents are worth tens of millions of pounds.  The players cannot seem to compete.  This would need to be improved upon by any new incoming manager






     The conversion rate is also poor - again this will be down to the gulf in class between a recently promoted team trying to compete in one of the best leagues in the world.



    Defensive Statistics

     The defence has done extremely well during the season on the Defensive side of the game this season, which is why the team and club has done so well.  This needed to happen to make sure the Karlsruhe avoided relegation at all costs,  Then further improvements could be made season by season as the club gained more revenue by playing in the Bundseliga







     The club did not have alot of money compared with the other teams in the Bundseliga but spent more than ever in its history in an attempt to stay up.  Loan signings where a must to help strengthen the squad.

    Staff In




    Due to promotion the board allowed new scouting to take place




     Finances when left to join FC Bayern



    The club has retained good financial control and is making money, once the season is over the prize money will also help the club to progress in the Bundseliga.  The prize money if the team stays in 9th place would be £48.32 million pounds. This will add to the clubs finances and hopefully the chairman will back the new manager with this money and invest in some players to help to club be established in the top league. 

    I will keep my eye on my old club and possibly may return one day in the future.  I wish the new manager good luck and hope that he can continue with what I started with the club.



  2.  Season 2022 - 2023

    End of Season Review







    Season Press Expectations



    End of Season League Table



    Past Positions






    The team managed to obtain back to back promotions against the odds of 39-1 set by the bookies at the beginning of the season where they also had them finishing 13th in the league.  Some lucky punters who bet on us have raked in some money!!  The fans where also delighted and partied on the streets until the early hours !


    Cup Run

    The form of the team led to a very good cup run throughout this campaign,



    A great an unexpected win against a team who played in the Bundgesliga but had a very poor away record



    Overall the team did very well in the cup, it was disappointing that it was my two strikers who missed the penalties in the shoot-out!


    Season Review


    In January the team where 10 points clear at the top of the league, so I gambled and said that we can make the play-offs so that I could receive some more transfer and wage funds for strengthening the squad for if we did manage to gain promotion







    Team Awards




    Team Stats

    League Goalscorers




    Nobody from the team entered the top 5 league assist charts.  With the amount of goals that was scored throughout the season it was good to know that the goals where coming from all over the pitch and not through one player.  Dadasov was positioned in 11th place in this league with 8 assists.

    Club Records






    It would be expected that a good cup run would lead to more money in the bank, while also raising the stature and profile of the club



    Manager Info








    Manager History

    Season    Club            League                Position            Svenska Cupen Cup               Rookies All Star                             Achievements
    2019/20   Tvaakers IF     Div 1 Sodra             8th               2nd Rnd                                  				        Man Month x 1
    2020/21   Tvaakers IF     Div 1 Sodra             1st               2nd Rnd                          Won           			      	Man Year, Man Month x1
    2021/22   Tvaakers IF     Superetten              7th 		    Group Stage (to be completed)                                               Man Month x 1
    Season    Club            League                Position            DFB-Pokal                                                                   Achievements
    2021/22   Karlsruhe SC     3 Liga                 1st               n/a                                  			     	
    2022/23   Karlsruhe SC     2. Bundseliga          1st               Semi Final

    Style of Play Statistics

    The clubs main tactical style is to play Pass and Move Football. combining short plays with Positive / Attacking football.

    The team should therefore have a good average possession rating in the league along with a high pass completion ratio. 

    The team has done well in its Average Possession ratings throughout the season, however strides could be made in training to improve this rating next season and try to have a Average Possession rating closer to 60%

    The team has done very well in its Pass completion ratio this season finishing in 4th place, 5% below the team at the top. Again though this should be improved on.






     The team has  scored alot of goals this season and has a good chance conversion rating compared to the rest of the league.  However again this could be higher especially next season in the Bundesliga where chances may be harder to come by with sterner defences.



    Defensive Statistics

     The defence has done extremely well during the season on the Defensive side of the game this season. 









    Staff In




    End of Season Club Vision





    I am please that Jansen has won the election as we have a good working relationship during  the two back to back promotions since I joined the club and been re-elected can only help with the continuity of this work.





    The scouting budget has been set for next season.  I will need to strengthen the squad if it is to remain in the Bundesliga and will hopefully looking at fetching any new players in early so that they have time to gel and get to know the other players as quickly as possible as I will need every bit of help I can to keep the club up next season.



    End of Season Finances











    Next season will be really tough and I am not currently sure if the budget the board has given me will be enough.  My main concern is will I be able to attract established Bundseliga players to the club or not with us only just been promoted.  I will attempt to, but may have to rely on the team spirit of the existing squad to grind out results.


    Next Season

    I have told the players to go and enjoy there success as next season I believe that the club will be in a relegation battle and that I will be looking at strengthening the team where I can to help us achieve this and to keep us up.  The team was overall happy with what I proposed.  I will also look at the backroom team and look at where I can possibly improve it especially with fetching in new staff with positive personalities.


  3. When players become unhappy with training as they think there individual training schedule is 'not producing any results' / 'not suitable' / 'no longer a weakness' etc  and the training revolves around  the lowest attributes in there role that needs changing is it best to ignore them and keep training or to change.  I have certain players where no matter what extra individual training that I assign they become unhappy with training .  I am using a downloaded 'double intensity' training schedules from a post I found  'RDF Development guide and training schedule' which said is guaranteed results if you keep them on the same individual schedules/  However some of the players are becoming unhappy for a variety of reasons.  So is it best to ignore them as they may lack determination and not be good trainers.

    What is your approach to this in the game to get the required results?

  4. I have created some training schedules in FM21 but have decided to go back and play FM20.

    I decided to use these files in FM20 as they are just training schedules based on .fmf files, however when I goto import them they will not show. 

    Is there a way of getting them to show in FM20, even though they were made in FM21 without having to create each schedule again and costing loads of time in doing so

  5. Hi, I have made a number of custom training schedules in FM21.

    I have decided to go back and play FM20 and want to use the training schedules that I have made in the earlier version of the game. However the fmf files wont show in FM20.  Is there a way of somehow getting them into FM20 even though were made in FM21 without having to spend ages re-creating them. 

    Could anyone please advise on if this can be done and a step by step guide on how to do it as it would be greatly appreciated.


  6. Gone back to an FM20 save after deleting the game, al files and re-installing/  My manager man exists but I wanted to give him a spruce up so I have edited manager appearance on the start screen and saved the appearance as a new avatar.

    However, the new appearance will not appear again on the start screen after saves unless I go and re-load it and it diverts back to the original appearance,  It also will only show the original appearance on the touchline and not my new one.

    I have tried re-loading skin with caching turned on and off, but I still have the same issue.  I have managed to change the manager man appearance before when the game was previously installed, but now it wont do it.  Its like its cached to the old appearance.

    Can anyone advise on how I can change it and get it into my game.


  7. I have a few set pieces that I have made in FM21 that I wish to use in FM20.  I have put the files into the correct folder in FM20 but the files will not appear in the game.  Is there a way of getting these to show or will I have to recreate them all again.  I would have thought that as the set piece creator was not modified between versions and that these files would have copied over ok even to go back a version.  Is there something I am missing.

  8. 2 hours ago, Os said:

    Overall the game is good, however the issue with the stats not being accurate is disappointing as this part of the game has never encountered these problems before to the best of my knowledge.

    Please can Si assuage my concerns that as long as the game is good enough for the casual player then the quality standards are good enough?

    As a player that has been here from the beginning I feel a little worried that due to my money not being of any more value than the casual player then the refinements of the game will become less important.

    I too have been there from the beginning and bought every release.  I now have had to go back to FM20 as FM21 for me is still broken, with no more updates looking likely and of which is the first time I have felt like I have had to since the Championship Manager series began.

     I play the game looking at the stats on the prozone during the match every 15 minutes  or so as it is played and make any tactical changes necessary as this to me if football management - tactically adjusting my team to find a weakness in your opponent and working out where your team is not playing well and adjusting things to suit.  It is disappointing that the bug I reported in December of mistakes and missed interception stats  wont be fixed as well as the other statistical issues reported by other users.  As you say some people would play the game not looking in this depth, but others do and for those players the game will feel broken.  

    I will now be considering my stance on buying future incarnations of the game each year   My biggest loss on this is not the price of purchase of the game but the time wasted getting a career game up and running on FM21 since release only for me to feel that I have to start again on a previous version where the stats work so that I can get full enjoyment and immersion out of the game.

  9. Si, Is the Final winter patch the last one that will be issued for this series, there are a number of stat bugs under review in the bugs forum, including mine below that have not been fixed and I wondered if they will be looked at. This to me is a game breaking bug as football manager is a numbers game and if the stats are incorrect how can you make the correct adjustments in your tactics to suit


  10. I have also reported that the missed interceptions and mistakes are not been logged - did this in December and it has been under review since then  - I don't believe this will be fixed as from what I believe the final winter update is the last patch based on previous years 

    The response so far from SI on if this will be fixed is ' There has been no indication from SI that there will be any further updates for FM21' in the official feedback thread 

    I really do hope that Si do look into this and get it fixed for this series as its is game breaking for me and annoying for when your assistant tells you that your team is missing lots of interceptions and you are unable to identify the player / players during a match and if necessary sub them, don't understand why this suddenly broke as it worked in all other versions!

    Please SI release another update patch to get this working


  11. SEASON 2021 - 2022

    Three Month Review

    August - September - October - November Review


    Following promotion to Liga Nos the boards first aim for the team is to avoid relegation.  To do this I have set a target for the team to achieve a minimum of 38 points which looking at last seasons Liga Nos table should be enough to ensure survival as the team who finished 15th survived on 36 points  



    Competition Expectations Review


    The board are aiming for me to finish in the relegation play off place in the league.  I have spent wisely as you will see under the transfers section and brought the players in early, which is why I only have £40k transfer budget left after the initial budgets been set at the end of last season being £2.4million transfer budget and £4.26 million wage budget.


    Club Vision



    Sponsorship Deals

    The board negotiated the following sponsorship deals which will help the club financially.





    Coaching Course




    B Team


    I decided that at present I did not feel it necessary for the club to establish a B Team as I could send players out on loan and I wanted the club to establish itself first in Liga Nos without the added side distraction of the B club.  My view on this may change as we see how the club fares for the first time in its history at this level.


    Players In


    Alot of the players I have signed are between the ages of 24- 28 years old who do not make me much progress in the Club Vision of signing players under the age of 23, however I felt that I needed these players for their experience as all the players I have signed have been scouted and a decent or good players in Liga Nos.  Rogriago is a 6ft 6 giant who plays in central defence who I am hoping will bang a few goals in from set pieces.  I am really excited about signing Panya who can play AMC or AML and I will be utliising him in both positions throughout the campaign.  He is only 21 and has loads of potential as has Sarmiento who is 18 and of who I am also really excited about.  I tried to sign a younger goalkeeper but had to go for the experienced Denis at 34 years old who does not help me progress my Club Vision on two accounts.  Hopefully these players will help keep me up and I will be looking at bringing in Under 23 players to satisfy the club vision in future transfer windows and of who can push the experienced players for a starting place.


    Players Out


    I have mainly got rid of the players whose contracts where due to expire at the end of the season and of who I could gain some money on before they went for a free and with me knowing I would not be renewing there contracts for next season. I have also sent a few players out on loan who I do not believe are good enough for the first team but need to develop.

    Staff In and Out



    The board have allowed me to extend the backroom team in coaches and scouts.  I am a little annoyed with the chairman again as I wanted to fetch in a new Head of Youth Development with a better personality stat than my current one so that any youngsters that the Head of Youth Development finds has a positive personality.






    As you will see above the Head of Youth Development is also the Managing Director of the Club and did not want to step down from his role as HOYD.  I better not complain too much since he's my boss, but this is the second time in two seasons he has not backed me in a decision I wanted to take, the first was last season when I first joined the club and he sold my star defender from under my nose even though the player had a min fee release clause, the board let him go for alot less.




    Home Grown Players




    Pre-Season Fixtures



    A good pre-season in which we played teams of similar / smaller reputation to test our attacking side of the game and teams of higher reputation to test the defensive side of the game.  The players did well and look good in gaining tactical familiarity and match fitness.  There is still some work to do on this which I will cover in training as the season starts.




    The team made a steady start to life in Liga Nos with a win, draw and loss in the first month of the campaign.  New striker Gomes finding the net in that month 3 times, the signs looked promising.  A great September saw the team score 6  goals in 3 league games and only concede once.  



    The fans started to question my tactics in the 4-1 away defeat to Famalicao especially as my opponents where down to 10 men after 5 minutes and we could not get a result even though I did change from the 433DM wide tactic later in the game. However this was rectified in the great 2-2 draw with Braga on who were 2nd in the league and as we were losing 2-0 and manged to turn it around.  Paulino one of Bragos players is worth £23.5 million pounds more than the cost of my whole team.


    In the cup competitions progress has also been made as we have reached the 5th round of the Taco de Portugal and have one game to play in the Group stage of the Alianz cup where we sit second in the table and have one 'must win' game to play to stand a chance of qualificaiton.



    Development Loans Progress




    Style of Play Statistics

    The clubs main tactical style is to play Pass and Move Football. combining short plays with Positive / Attacking football.

    The team should therefore have a good average possession rating in the league along with a high pass completion ratio. 

    The club is working on achieving this as it sits 4th in the statistical league charts of Average Possession and 9th for Pass completion .  The team is new and has only just been put together as it jells more and gains more cohesion I would expect the team to get better in both these stats especially for pass completion which is quite disappointing, however I need to remember we are in a higher division.





     The team is also developing extremely well in its Positive / Attacking style as it is having alot of shots on goal.  This is a really good stat considering that the club is playing in a higher division and bodes very well for the future.



    General Statistics

    Our defensive stats need to be improved very quickly as the team leaks goals.  We need to be better at defending from free kicks as the team has conceded 5 goals from the 17 its conceded from Indirect Free Kicks.





    League Table



     A solid start to the season has been made by the team and my idea of bringing in experienced players rather than young U23 players has helped the club establish itself in the league.  I set a target at the beginning of the season to achieve 38 points to avoid relegation and with a third of the season gone we are on course to achieve that and more.  Even though we have games in hand than the teams around us it is good to know we have the points on board and need to achieve 16 more points over the remaining 2/3rds of the season. 

    Contract Talks

    The board opened up contract renewal talks with me.  As I was enjoying my time at the club, despite the interfering chairman annoying me I decided to take them up on their offer for the next few years. I also felt I owed it to the players, especially the young ones that I had just signed as I could not wait to see how they played and developed.


  12. Can anyone remember from previous years if generally there are anymore patches to come out after the winter update  that has recently been uploaded.  From what I recall the last patch used to be  after Jan transfer window, but I think this was when the game used to come out in October years ago rather than the more normal November release, hence why I wondered if they would be anymore fixes.  The other reason is I reported a couple of bugs last year which have not yet been fixed so wondered if it looked like they would be

  13. SEASON 2020 - 2021

    Three Month Review

    March - April - May  Review







    The team continued the excellent form as it managed 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss during the final period


    Final League Position








    The team did it and went all the way and gained an unexpected promotion in my first season in charge.  The media and pundits where dumbfounded as at the beginning of the season we were down to finish 13th with odds of 25-1 for promotion.  The bookies have a bit of money to pay out for anyone who betted on us.  The Club have never reached these heights before.  I must praise my predecessor for the quality of players that he brought in at the beginning of the season.


    Manager Coaching Badges


    After achieving the coaching badge I went to the board as  I was keen to progress with my badges.




    This has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth as they did not want me to better myself at first in case I got offered another job.  First they ignore the min fee contract clause for one of my star players and sell him at a snip of the price when I wanted to keep him or sell him for the min fee clause and now they appear for me not to want to better myself.  Possibly this may not be the ideal partnership and club for me long term.  Cracks are beginning to form.  As no other club is in for me, the promotion has enhanced my reputation and Ill have to plod along for now and see what the future holds.  I still have a job to do and on the pitch I am enjoying it.




    Development Loans Progress


    The players out on loan have made good progress overall at there respective clubs. Each player has played alot of games with Dias performing well in the goalscoring department to.


    Awards and Records

    Manager of the Month



    Manager of the Year



    Player Awards







    The team has broken a number of records this season both club and league.










    The season has been extremely successful in terms of the numbers of statistical records broken as well as the promotion


    Style of Play Statistics

    The clubs main tactical style is to play Pass and Move Football. combining short plays with Positive / Attacking football.

    The team should therefore have a good average possession rating in the league along with a high pass completion ratio. 

    The team has dropped in its Average Possession by 1% to 57% and finishes 2nd in the league for this.  It was a good start though for how  I want the team to play and progress will need to be made on this throughout my time at the club by working the players hard in training. The team also dropped to 3rd in the Pass completion ratio by the end of the season., the team will need to show more consistiency in this and not get complacent towards the end of the season again.





     The team has done well in its Attacking Efficiency throughout the season and became and aggressive, clinical team which is part of the style I want for the club.  Lots of shots and putting them away.



    General Statistics


     The team was solid if defence this season despite my Star defender been sold by the board under my nose, which did not make me happy!




    Team of The Year



    Board and Stadium














    Manager Profile



    Season    Club               League             Position           Taca De Portugal            Allianz Cup                      Achievements
    20/21   Vilafranquense    Liga Portugal 2          1st                 3rd Round                 1st Phase            			Man Month x 7 , Man Year 


       Season Review








  14. During Pre-Season I have selected some of my players to gain match fitness to play in an U19 Friendly as the game allows over 19 players to play only in  friendlies and you have the option for your 1st team players needed match fitness to play in these.

    When you go to play the match the 1st team players are not selected and it says already selected in another match  on same day in one of the icons, also next to it it says u19 as the player has been made available for the U 19s

    As a workaround for this I tried different options inclcuding moving the players directly to the U19 squad which seemed to work as when holidaying past the fixture the players were selected . However 1 player became unhappy as he wasnt made available for the U19s but was moved to the squad ie demoted.  

    The available for U19s does not appear to be working as it should.  Prior to this the U19 manager refused to select the players I made available and I worked out this was the reason why.

    I have uploaded my save wazza.fm for you to take a look and change things around as necessary to get the 1st team player to play in the U19s match and you will see what I mean in

    Vilafranquense Under 19s_ Players.png

  15. Does anyone know how to set it up so that the U 19 manager picks the players you want playing in a friendly so that they get match fit - seems pretty pointless to be able to set your first team players to play in an U19 friendly match so they gain match fitness for only your U19 manager not to select them, even though you have placed them in the positions on the U19 tactic screen.  Even if you remove all of the U19 players to the senior squad so he cant select them and have the first team players there - the manager then selects non existant greyed out players

  16. Is there a way to get your U19 manager to select the players you want him to play in a friendly match.  I have a number of players who are not match fit during my pre-season and have had the option to make them available for the U 19 team, so I do and I place them in the positions  I want them to start the match, but at the end of the game the U19 manager has not selected them but selected a team of other players.  I have gone to staff instructions and my U19 manager is set to lead the team out and there is not way I  can change it. 

    I thought if you decided to play some unfit players in an U19 friendly, even if they were over 19 and selected them in a postion on the tactics pitch it was a way the U19 manager would select the players you want to play in the friendly.  I am sure I have done it before , but now it does not seem to work

  17. Is there a way to stop your board dictating when Pre-season commences and you can say how long you want this to be yourself.  Currently the last 2 Pre-seasons my board has told me when the players are to come back and Im sure in previous versions you could dictate this for yourself by clicking a tab in your inbox but this does not seem to appear or that you are asked.  Is this club dependant and is it more interfering chairman at certain clubs dicatate this or has it been removed. I am currently managing Vilafranquense in the Portuguese leagues

  18. On 18/01/2021 at 14:01, John Wood said:

    Hi @wazza as far as I know this is fixed.  Is this still happening to you?

    I have just reached the transfer window and it is still greyed out so you cannot click on  it as per the screenshot so it is still happening.





  19. 5 hours ago, Jack Joyce said:

    Hey, thanks for reporting this. Do you happen to have a save game from directly before you won the league?

    No I have just checked and the remainder of my games have overwritten them so unfortunately not.  I only have the No Celebrations save I created from the copy of the saved game after the event I uploaded.  Can it be fixed without the save game before

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