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  1. Cheers for that. I think I saw it for sale via G2A but I wasn't sure if that was a legit site (I've only ever bought digital games from steam!). I'm mostly interested in a good ME (which is why I'm finding 19 so unenjoyable) so I think I might give 17 a crack.
  2. FM19 is the first version I have bought since FM12 and I'm really not liking it. Seeing all the positive ratings about FM17 here I was thinking about having a look at it, but I can't seem to find it on steam for purchase. Can anyone point me in the right direction for where I can purchase an official/legit version of FM17? Cheers (and apologies if this is not the best place to ask...couldn't find anywhere more suitable).
  3. Thanks Rashidi, I appreciate that explanation. Makes sense (though I haven't been playing since fm12 so I don't know anything about Redsea or scramjet etc).
  4. Thanks Rashidi, this is very helpful. A quick question/example, if I have say a 4231 with the ST and the right sided wide forwards with MIC (either from their asigned role or PPM), should I expect to see them both target the same channel (ie the right channel) simultaneously, or is there a way to influence the ST to instead drift toward the left channel and therefore create the space for the right forward to target the right channel? (hope that makes sense).
  5. Pretty sure AM(a) has a higher mentality and some other PIs not available/adjustable.
  6. Just to clarify, do you mean that players who move into channels (eg a striker) make it more difficult for other supporting players to find them with a pass?
  7. Thanks, I'd appreciate that. Yeah basically I have a wide player with no dribbling related PPMs, but who has pretty balanced stats (dribbling, passing, physicals etc). If I play him as a winger or IF he dribbles much more than I want him to (ie gets dispossessed or dribbles when I'd prefer him to make a pass). I don't really want to play him as a wide playmaker. My workaround has been to play him deeper as a wide mid (because that role allows more PIs to be adjusted) which has been ok, but changes the team shape from what I really want. I really just wanted to get a confirmation on the relatio
  8. Thanks for the replies. Just so I am crystal clear here, would it be reasobly accurate to think of it in this way (again using dribbling as the example) when planning tactics/roles: Player with 'dribble often' PPM = +3 dribbling 'Dribble often' PI = +2 dribbling 'Dribble less' TI = -1 dribbling My interest here is to try to work out the best way to try to manage dribbling on my players as I am noticing that they lose possession too often when attempting dribbles (defenders seem to be a bit OP in executing successful tackles on dribbling players, even those with good d
  9. Yeah I have One of the main reasons I changed from this (my preferred) formation to a 4231. For me Ozil plays better as AMC support. He comes deep a bit less and can contribute to building play (with the two CMs) leaving the two wide players to operate and provide support higher.
  10. I see your point, but I'm not sure why you would want another player contributing to build up deep when you already have 3 central players (plus possibly fullbacks) to provide this? And my experience is that by constantly coming deep, Ozil will often not get back into a higher position quick enough to provide good support to the FC.
  11. I'm just getting back into the game (haven't played since FM12) and have a question about the relationship between TIs and PIs. If I set TIs to 'dribble less' and then put a player on a role with hard coded 'dribble more' PIs (and assuming he has no dribbling related PMs), will the two instructions basically cancel each other out (ie dribbling will be neutral for that player)? Are there other player attributes (eg decisions, team work) that I should also consider? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm interested in your suggestions here. I've recently got back into FM after not playing since FM12. It's a real slog, particularly given the very obvious ME problems others have mentioned. I've been playing around as Arsenal and one point I would note is that Ozil has the 'comes deep' ppm, which with an APMs duty sees him play far too deep too often for my liking (and with lack of proper deep forward movement sees him playing too far away from the two forwards) . Second, I would wonder if swapping the two MC roles would be better (DLP on right and CMs/b2b on left)?
  13. Very good read indeed. your update highlights the attacking threat you'd expect this tactic to demonstrate. I'd be interested in seeing some more detail on how it defends. I've always loved the 4411 but I've been reading some of cleon's posts about MC's not defending properly without support. I'm wondering if you are finding this an issue in your formation with two mcs and an aml and mr?
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply mate. I will follow your advice as it makes a lot of sense
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