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  1. Thanks for the advice although Chelsea gave me 25m for Borriello so dont have him anymore will give the swapping strikers ago. Been playing Pato central and its working really well now my main problem was Suarez took 13 games to score a goal but has 13 in his last 12. Playing the GCS version and Pirlo is insane as one of the centre mids has 25 assists and 7 goals in 25 games, top of serie a after 18 games by 8 points loving the tactic
  2. Im playing as Milan atm and im trying to figure out where to play my strikers. Especially Pato as I have him, Inzaghi, Huntelaar, Luis Suarez. Atm I have Pato on the right with Suarez and Inaghi starting but its not working as I would like Pato isnt getting very good ratings im thinking it should be Suarez, Pato, Huntelaar from left to right?
  3. Just because you have more posts than someone doesnt mean you know more about FM than them. This tactic has been proven to work by a lot of people in a lot of different leagues both high and low. You arent actually contributing to the discussion of the tactic. If you take a bit of notice Mr Hough has started a save with Palace so keep quiet for a while and wait and see what the results are if you have nothing constructive to add.
  4. It says in the OP the ideal attributes for each player to have for the tactic to work mate
  5. Just lost Aguero for 5-6 months with a broken leg going along pretty well in season 4 now into march and way in front in the league. Tafer has made 2 starts and come off the bench 15 times scoring 10 goals with 7 assists haha talk about a super sub
  6. Sticking with 10.2 to play another season before updating as am enjoying my game atm Just started season 4 made a few free transfer signings Kacar, Guardado and Welbeck coming in and let go of a heap of younger players on free transfers as well as selling a couple of players for about 15-20 million total. Playing second league game of the season after winning the first 3-0 and now 2-1 up against OM
  7. unlucky I was getting them a lot with another save but that was 5 or 6 seasons in with a huge database loaded up with heaps of leagues havent had one on this lyon save touch wood
  8. Season 3 2011/12 review Coupe de la Ligue: Progressed to the final beating Monaco 1-0 then Rennais and OM 3-0. With Aguero injured for the final I slotted Gourcuff in at AMC where he proceeded to score 4 goals and assist a further 2 in an 8-1 belting of Saint- Etienne. http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/OlympiqueLyonnaisvASSaint-Etienne.png French Cup: We were knocked out in the quarter finals 1-0 by Saint Etienne the highlight of the run being a 5-1 win against Guingamp in the ninth round. Champions League: We had a great run through the group stages, drawn with Rangers, Benfica and Rubin we won 5 and drew 1 scoring 20 times and conceding just once. We came up against Juve in the first KO round and after 2 legs finishing 3-3 after extra time we managed to come out on top in the penalty shootout. The Quarter final saw us drawn against Real Madrid and in front of our home crowd we blasted 4 goals into the back of the net winning 4-1 however 30 minutes into the 2nd leg Real had drawn back level and were in front on away goals a big turn around in the second half saw us through 6-4 on aggregate after losing the game 3-2. We saw off the threat of Man utd in the Semi with a 2-0 at home then 3-2 at old trafford and we were through to the final against Liverpool. Lisandro scored after 19 seconds to put us in front and thats how the score stayed for the rest of the game 1-0 and a first Champions league win. League: We won the league easily this year having secured the title in our 29th game of the season after 30 games we had conceded only 11 goals. We then conceded the same amount in the remaining 8 games with the team struggling to get motivated in league games apart from another big win away over Saint Etienne this time 7-0. The end table looked like this: Goalscorers: http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/Ligue1-3.png Assists: http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/Ligue1-4.png Average ratings: http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/Ligue1-5.png I signed Henry on a free at the start of the season but he struggled to get game time as Cavani and Lisandro were hardly injured and scored a lot of goals all season Milevski and Tafer also struggled for game time for this reason. This is what my squad looked like this season: Also a few screens of guys who did well this season Lisandro lead my goalscoring overall winning the champions league golden boot and also making a lot of assists. Toni Kroos had a battle to be a regular starter with a lot of competition for the midfield places and Aguero having the AMC position basically to himself but still managed to set up a heap of goals for my team. http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/10ToniKroos.png Sergio Aguero also had a fine season http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/18SergioAgero.png Tafer is starting to look very impressive and Cavani will need to keep his goalscoring going otherwise Tafer will take his place very quickly. http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/12YannisTafer.png And lastly my best regen I have so far and the only one in my first team is a Russian central midfielder Sergey Nesterov. http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz293/lmanion/FM%20patch%20102/lyon%20s3/15SergeyNesterov.png Only real plan for season 4 is a backup keeper as Hartock is useless.
  9. 1 game left in my 3rd season Champions league final vs Liverpool should be a good game fingers crossed to finally win one of these Edit: Lopez scores after 19 seconds
  10. Yeah had him since start of season 2 my 3 main CBs are him Mexes and Otamendi also have Bodmer, toulalan and Criscito who can fill in there if I need someone else. Another backup CB might be in order for next season.
  11. just beat PSG 7-0 away from home they are in 17th atm in Feb of season 3
  12. Gourcuff just got injured for 5-6 months breaking his leg while on International duty
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