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  1. Im struggling to fit in both Modric and Van der Vaart in my team. I really rate both IRL and want to keep them, but they always end up in the same space when attacking. I have tried Modric both as box-to-box and cm with attacking duty, and he performs best at cmA. But then he keeps running in the same space as Van der Vaart in AMC. What to do?
  2. I rate Gio higher than Lennon. He is more creative and unpredictable, only problem is that he is very selfish and wont give up the ball. But his raids into the opposition box is excellent.
  3. The squad looks great this year. BAE should have got better stats, and because of this i will unfortunately have to sell him. Its with a heavy heart, he is one of my favourite players IRL. I will use Bale at DL and give him an attacking role. Then i will use Kranjcar as an inside forward in a support role to make room for Bale. Lennon is not good enough, so i will also try to sell him, and use GDS and Pienaar instead. I think GDS as an attacking winger can work out really well. VdV will play as AMC as an attacking midfielder in a support role. I want to keep him out of the box, spreading passes to Bale, Adebayor and GDS and scoring from long shots. In the midfield i will play Parker as ball winning defence and Modric as deep lying playmaker support in the matches against lower/mid teams. Against top teams i will play Sandro or Thudd instead of Modric. Im considering selling one of the keepers and bring in Marc-Andre ter Stegen, he looks like a beast, but he might be reduced a bit on the full version. If he wont be reduced he is really a must buy, he is nearly as good as Gomes already. I will try to loan at Friedel and keep Gomes as backup.
  4. When the tactic familiarity levels are full, is there any gain from match preparation? It consumes a lot of the training, and therefore i want to use as little match prep as possible after all the tactic familiarity level bars are full.
  5. Another easy way to get the best regens is to scout all the regens from the teams with the best academies. This is how i do it. The teams with the best academies usually gets the best regens, although sometimes a real talent appears at random small clubs.
  6. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    Hi, i am doing well in the league, 3rd place with 20 games played with only 1 point up to 1st place. My only problem is that Crouch and Defoe are not scoring alot. I have had a lot of narrow wins, but my defence is very good and i have only conceded 10 in 20 games. Crouch have scored 10 and Defoe 5, i am especially concerned about how little Defoe has scored. I have Vaughan which i sometimes play as Poacher instead of Defoe, and Agbonlahor, but i havent managed to find a good way to use Agbonlahor. I play a 4-4-2 with following roles: Gomes (GK-defend) Srna (automatic) Dawson (limited def stopper) King (central def cover/ballplay cover) Bale (automatic Lennon (RM attack) Kranjcar (adv playmaker) Palacios (ball winn support) Modric (aml inside forward support) Defoe (poacher attack) Crouch (target man support) This is the roles i usually play. I sometimes change the roles depending on tactics, for the most defensive tactics i have two ballwinners in the centre midfield as an example. Anyone has any recommendations on how to change the roles to get my tactic working even better. The roles i mainly think about is if Lennon should be attack or support, if Kranjcar should be attack or support, if Modric should be attack or support and which role he should have, what role that fits Defoe best and if Crouch should be attack or support, and if attack, how should i play his striking partner?
  7. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    Play King as central defender cover and Dawson as limited defender stopper, works really well. Bought a young defender from Scotland, Danny Wilson on the new patch, for about 2,5m£ (25mil norwegian kroners). He looks really promising, and is good enough to work as a backup already, even though he is only 17. He will also become homegrown, which is great. Recommend him to anyone that needs a new defender on the new patch.
  8. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    Problem is that Kranjcar is playing very well as advanced playmaker from an MC position. If i play both as advanced playmaker, i guess they will not work that well, because one of them will have to be primary playmaker.
  9. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    To misterawesome: Seems like you have figured out things, but a formation change is not always that bad. But you need to know what you want from your tactic, and think before you change, so you dont stumble around with many formationchanges in a short time. It is also important to rembmer that you need tactics for different situations, and in my opinion it is best to use tactical sets, and not just one tactic or one for home and one for away. You should read the TTF guide, it is great stuff How should i play Modric? A play a kind of a 4-4-2 with my LM moved up to AML. I played Modric there as Inside forward attacking. Was not happy with him and played Di Maria with same settings, and he have been working really well, much better than Modric. He always passes the oppostion fullback and gets in lots of good crosses. Still i want to try to get Modric to work, because i know he is a real great player. Other than that i am really happy with Kranjcar as MC advanced playmaker, played really well, lots of beautiful assists. Palacios have played together with him as box-to-box, have been doing the job well defensively, but not contributed that much offensively. He gets in a few one-one-ones with the keeper, when he runs through the defence, but always finishes awfully. Someone here said that Dawson works well as Limited defender, and it is true. Thank you! Play him as limited defender stopper and King as ball-playing cover or central defender cover. Works pretty well. Dawson has an average rating of 7.32 and Dawson has 7.23 in mid december. I was seconds in the league after Liverpool, who was unbeatable in the start. Now i am 7th but it is only 3 points up to third, with Liverpool and Man Utd dominating the league further 6 points up from the 3rd. I still believe i can win the league first season, and i am pretty sure i can qualify for CL. Selling Hutton and hopefully Keane. Havent played anyone of them at all nearly. Barca have actually made a bid for Keane, haha.
  10. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    If you are struggeling you need to change things anyway, i have changed tactics in the middle of the season with great sucess on previous versions of fm. Look at why you are loosing. After overperforming first season, teams will play more defensively against you. Therefore you need to get a better squad, but you also need to attack more, and play a more possesion oriented game. Control and attacking strategies should be used often at home. If they play very defensively you need to play creative football to break their defences down, and you need good players to do this. Typical games like this is if you loose 1-0 to bottom teams, that basically defend and get one goal after a counter-attack or from set-pieces.
  11. FM10: Best midfield destroyers

    Totally agree, have considered signing him several times, but never actually signed him. His composure is a bit low, and his passing is low, but if you ask him to play a simple passing game, i think he got what it takes to do a good job at a very high level.
  12. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    To misterawesome: If you have won the league in first season, you might want to adapt your tactics, because more teams will play defensively/counter-attacking against you. This is always a problem, and a tactic that worked in the first season might need some adjustment. Another issue is the way you build your squad. You need to have a plan for EVERY player, and need to let them play sometimes. I try to have 11 top players, and a lot of versitable subs. For instance it is smart to have a player that can play both LB and RB, or both on the right and left wing, or DC and MC etc. You should also look to bring in some experienced players to your squad. I look for players with high determination and influence attributes. They are great tutors, but more important; great leaders. I try to have atleast one good leader in defence and one in midfield, but you need as many of these personalities as possible in your squad. If your team struggles, playing more experienced players with high determination and influence can help turn things around faster
  13. Specs of my pc is: q6600 2,4ghz 4gb ram (dont remember the speed of the ram, pretty fast) Geforce 8800GTS 512mb On a P5K motherboard On my current save i tried 65 leagues playable, and the game is too slow. Plus the game did not load all the players in the norwegian league, even though it is playable, so i will probably play with a lot fewer leagues and start a new save. I only got a 2 star speed rating, and it is a bit slow. I dont know if the game gets a lot slower in the future, but on FM09 it happened to me when i played with lots of playable leagues. I think it is due to regens, and that the game generates more and more information, which makes it slower.
  14. I havent found the "load all players from..." to be an option on fm2010. Maybe i overlooked it, but i havent found it, and i have actually looked for it. On my new save now, i run 65 leagues as playable. I think it will work ok for the first seasons, but probably slow down after a while, this has happened on the previous versions of the game. I guess it is due to lots of regens, new staff etc. Also, i think you need to run the game as playable to produce regens from the nations, atleast it will produce much more regens, which is why i run the game this way. But the game is pretty fast this year
  15. FM10: Best midfield destroyers

    Annan is Anthony Annan at the norwegian club Rosenborg. Have had him for Spurs as a backup for palacios and for the games against better teams where i want to destroy the midfield, and he does a really good job. He is also available for about 3m£.