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  1. Crikey, A LOT of overreaction here. Yes it's annoying my game is broken at the minute. As someone in full time work i'd settled down to play some FM on Friday night only to have my game go on the fritz. Spent an hour trying to fix it myself not being too tech savvy. Looked on the forums, noticed its a common problem, and, in time will get fixed, or at least have clear steps for how to self fix it. A pretty sorry existence if you've got nothing else you can do on a weekend then demand a refund for a game that has given your thousands of hours of fun for a measly £30. Chill out - go for a run - let them do their job.
  2. I didn't buy FM18 so the new scouting system I new to me. I actually quite like the style of reports and what not, actually feels a little more lifelike - but anyhow to my point. I'm managing Man Utd, have an extraordinary number of scouts (35) and to familiarise myself with the system I've let my chief scout lead on reporting and assignments for the season. Only issue is - it doesn't look like he's sent anyone anywhere. Yes I have full packages for each, but staff are just down as doing 'general' scouting. Is this the norm now or am I missing something? I have a feeling i'll be taking this back over and setting assignments myself. Anyone got an opinion?
  3. Yes I take your point but were not talking about youth prospects here, I'm talking about spending £150+ M each transfer window to replace players on your bench. Look what happened at Utd this year - bought Sanchez to stick him on the wing, upset the balance of the squad, arguably have too many players that play the same position (albeit poorly), and rumours start swirling of players wanting out because there is too much competition for places. If these teams wanted to increase their chances of winning, maybe it would be wise to build a balanced squad, and address weaknesses, instead of buying 4 attacking midfielders when you arguably don't need more than 1.
  4. Made it through the January window. I always play with first transfer window disabled to hold onto realism for as long as possible. Feels like the AI has been rubbing their hands with glee as January approached. City buy 4 players, Arsenal the same, PSG likewise. Tottenham too. The one thing that really infuriates me with this game. You now have teams who have players unregistered who've been a prominent player for half a season as the squad is too big. I'd happily take no further tweaks to design/features for the next years game in a bid to help AI managers build decent and sensible squads, it really is a bit of a joke and I feel massively tarnishes the game. Didn't buy 18 but had a good save (10 seasons +) on FM17 where City and PSG bought new players every year, that were no better than what they had, sat in the reserves and no one else could pick them up due to the money.
  5. I'm taking Utd back to the glory days of Ferguson - 4-4-2 with Wingers - what a dearth of them there is! It seems that everyone I find who I like the look of and people speak of on the forums are inverted wingers, Bailey, Bruun Larsen, Under, Sancho, to name a few. Really trying to find a pairing in the Beckham/Giggs mould but it's going to be hard! Currently rotate either Martial at LM as a winger - Big red dot in the tactics but plays reasonably well, and rotate him with Pogba as a wide playmaker, who again does well out there. Mata has played well as a wide midfielder for me on the right, but is now out for 5 months with a popped achilleas, and with that, probably the rest of his physical attributes will be done. Had lined up Carlos Soler as my RM but he's done the same too! I'm finding it hard to figure out who to buy, have never liked to go for the big names and popular buys, though Skriniar looks very good. Just flogged Smalling to Chelsea for £13M and Darmian to Napoli for £8M. Hoping to bring back TFM, Tuanzebe and Mitchell to provide cover next season. Currently sat top, 2 points over Liverpool at Xmas (Fabinho is insane by the way).
  6. Drinkwater-iffic was the worst I had many moons back
  7. Will have to give it a go.... interesting how different people accept differing qualities of running the game. I'd have stayed away from an i3 had I known but 95% of the time it runs fine for a small, mobile laptop. Be interesting to see how much more demanding having 3D enabled will be, though i'll still be watching the 2D model. Out of interest any recommendation for an upgrade, not too fussy on make but needs to be a multiuse model, not just gaming, and budget up to £400. Thanks,
  8. Smurf - i'd be keen to hear if you think my current laptop is up to snuff bearing in mind it's now over 4 years old. Ran FM17 just fine minus the odd crash during loading, never play with more than 6 active leagues, though always played on the old 2D screen, just disabled 3D from the off. Worried it will be too much work for this machine. SAMSUNG NP355V4C - S01CA CPU - AMD quadcore A10-4600M APU VRAM - AMD HD 7670M gDDR3 1GB_hybrid MEMORY - 6GB (DDR3 1600MHz/ 4G*1+2G*1) link for closest spec is this...https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-series-3-355v4c-14-a10-4600m-4-gb-ram-750-gb-hdd/specs/ Thanks,
  9. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Luke Shaw Your Team: Man Utd Buyer/Seller: Southampton Player's Value: 5.5m Offer: 27m (12m up front, 8m over 18month, 4m after 40 games, 3m after 20 Int caps Transfer/Wage Budget: No Idea (Plenty) Patch: Current Season: March, 1st season Trying to get my Business done early before he goes to the world cup and price rises. I think this offer is very high for him but I want a young english left back and there arent too many around. Would happily pay 18m for him but Southampton want around 40 when negotiating. Managed to haggle down to this and he only want 30k/week contract. Do you think this is good business or should I wait and play dangerous. Southampton look like theyre going to finish anywhere from 8-14th. No european football
  10. As much as I wish Man U could claim these bids in real life I know they couldn't and really struggle to figure out what is going on with the player values in this FM. I know the world has gone mad with fees but in reality Utd would do well to get 10 for Cleverly, 15 for Nani, 10 for Welbeck, 10 for Ando and 8 for Young. I know its only a game but still the difference is incredible!
  11. Has only done this twice on this FM...havent noticed what it says but next time it does il make a note and copy it into here. Thanks for the head up!
  12. Hi guys, Had this problem on my last two laptops on previous 2 FM games including the new one. Computer randomly cuts out and re-boots with the Blue screen error....(blue screen....white letters...physical memory dump etc etc. Only does it on FM and computer has no other issues. Any ideas?
  13. Does it mention this in your game? I tried expanding the stadium and the board says no so I can still ask to build a new stadium but there is no mention of me moving into a new stadium at all
  14. Currently sit 1 point clear of Real midway through January of the 3rd season. Just been taken over by a greek tycoon....Pumped 70 million into the bank and given me an extra 45 mil to spend. Im now the highest rep rated club in the world :| Everyone is interested in joining but I can't be bothered spending lots of money. So hopefully going to try and use the money to build a new stadium!
  15. No i wouldnt dream of selling falcao Hes by far my best player. He asks to leave every season so I promise him we will qualify for the champions league and he seems happy enough. Take into account that 50% of his sale goes to a third party there isnt really much point selling unless your going to get 45million or so for him
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