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  1. What on earth has this to do with the thread ?????
  2. Playing as Leyton Orient my first results are 3-5, 5-1, 4-3, 2-2 lol. Too many goals and the defenders still seem too disinterested. Quite often my opponents counter attack while the midfield calmly stroll past the player with the ball in the opposite direction. Several instances of the ball lying in six yard box, defenders & keeper look frantically for it while opponent runs in from outside area to fire home. One goal I scored came from defender recovering ball on goaline by edge of no with no-one near him. He promptly passed to my CF on edge of six yard box who gratefully thumps home. Last game I went 2-1 up in 91st minute, I withdrew my CF for an extra DM and instructioned everyone to drop deep. Next highlight was of opposition CF breaking my defensive line in the 94th min a few yards inside my half and running the length of the half to score the equaliser as the defenders quickly gave up chasing him
  3. Beta codes are just being sent out now !
  4. Just received my beta code now ! The time is coming !
  5. Similar to this is the Confederation of Independent Football Associations which is a group of the country's too small for UEFA. They're holding an eight team Euro Cup tournament next year in the Isle of Man in June.
  6. more riot police and better catering facilities
  7. because you can't manage the team & can't win, it's the games fault? ... Right?
  8. With Coventry, you'd be better off trying new players rather than tactics !
  9. My game's unplayable, I haven't got a retail box to look at while I'm playing. I've tried to look at the FM12 box but it's just not the same Come on SI ...SORT IT OUT !! What crappy customer service, sack the person that thought about releasing a beta game without a box to look at! It's unbelievable! EA's Fifa would never do that. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Why wasn't SI got Steam to give everyone's money back?
  10. Well you'll be out of luck, FM13 will only ship with BSN/BSS as the lowest playable league. You'll have to wait till the good folks at the Editors Hideaway come up with a file to activate the Combined Counties league
  11. Cups as low as the County Cups are not included as standard as very few of the teams that enter them are playable in the standard FM. You need one of the editor files that have been created by the good folk over in the Editors hideaway that make levels 7 & 8 playable then you should find that the County Cups appear
  12. This is 100% the funniest thread I've ever read on these forums
  13. Don't you think you ought to play more than two games (as stated in the OP) before you become frustrated? Are you one of these people who go to a game and if they aren't winning in the first five minutes you start the sack the board/manager/players chant? Give it time, results will come. This isn't a game where you win every game from day one, it that's what you want then I suggest you're playing the wrong game
  14. If there was no relegation how come they are playing in Div.3? Magic? Birthday present? No, they were relegated to the lowest level of proffessionalism when they were caught cheating on their tax, players and fans
  15. I'd like to see it happen, it would make an interesting career game to travel all round Africa and seeing if you could get any european jobs after that. Perhaps it would go well if Moto Club remade his French Guiana file for FM13, it would be nice to go Africa to French Guiana to France?