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  1. How often do you rotate your squad?

    Stamina is the main reason for me rotating players. Most of my team can't handle midweek games for more than a week or so which results in about 3-5 being rotated. I do also like to insert 1 or 2 promising youngsters if the opposition aren't too good, there's nothing better than seeing a youth team player finding his feet in the first team
  2. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    Champion League, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup et all within 22 years with a level 22 side lol eh Matt?
  3. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    First Quarter Review The curse of the commentator struck when I praised Demetri Brown and said it was his breakthrough season, three minutes into the first game he tore his Achilles and was lost for the season. Despite that we opened the season with a 2-0 win but it was a false dawn. The 4-3-2-1 formation wasn't really cutting it and it soon became clear that I needed to revert back to a solid 4-4-2 to create some more scoring chances. As I feared I was woefully short in the forward department and was hardly having any shots. A run of five winless games ensued where the defence was holding out but the lack of goals finally told. All that turned round when my Chief Scout finally found me a decent forward; Danico Johnson arrived on a season's loan from Reddich. Johnson bagged a brace in each of his first three games as Town picked up two wins and a draw. We crashed out of the FA cup to lower league opposition, Frickley Athletic, when I paid for making seven changes. We slumped to 17th in the table after our tenth league game as the team seemed out of sorts at home to Blyth. The changes in the cup appeared to have disrupted the side's cohesion and the visitors won 5-1 in our heaviest defeat of the season. The board isn't worried just about the finances but our pre-season balance of £39,000 has been used up by the wage bill and we are now £962 in the red. Table | Player stats |Finances | past positions
  4. FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    Is playing FM all about winning? Can you not enjoy the game without winning it all? For me it's the thrill of building a club up, if I go on a losing streak you have to tweak things, motivate the players and go again. It's a blow when you lose the big one but it's best to grit your teeth and start again, don't just throw up your hands and accuse the AI of being fixed lol
  5. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    Holidaying in the third season, no crashes or issues yet
  6. Ran two seasons test with the first file, everything seems ok with it. Bora won the league both years but lost the promotion playoff both times to East Stirlingshire who in turn lost the promotion/relegation match to Clyde and then Edinburgh City, Clyde won the Ladbrookes Lge 2 relegation game on pens in 16/17 and went on to go up as Champions of L2 in 17/18 I had my holiday manager manage Dumfries and despite finishing 3rd and 4th in the SOS lge and only using 'gray' players they were £40K in the red in June 2018. Mind you their only income in May was fund raising that wasn't very successful lol as they banked just £2 which didn't help much with their £1.400 expenditure ! Now to do the same with the second version of the file
  7. I agree about the game views, yes the graphics could be improved but the ME is great for realistic action. I watch a lot a football live and time & time again you can spot the FM moves happening in real life. Well done SI
  8. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    Got it to work now. Loaded level 12 and above and now left it to holiday overnight
  9. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    Does that file drop straight into folder with the other saved games? My game doesn't seem to pick it up?
  10. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Pre-Season 2017/18 Pre Season wasn't a bundle of laughs but that was to be expected as a vast horde of trialists passed through the dressing room. I signed three scouts but the board wouldn't let me sign a goalie coach , my ass man left (didn't realize his contract ran out almost as soon as I took over) and my one coach was so rubbish I gave him a one way ticket to the job centre. My scouts had sent some my way and I kept an eye on the social feed to try and snatch a few as I attempted to improve the squad. I signed far too many in the end and exhausted my budget (currently spending around £7K a week while the board really wanted a limit of around £6,800 but the main problem is the scouts couldn't turn up any decent strikers that wanted to play for me. That's probably one of the main reasons the bookies really don't fancy us but I've agreed to avoid relegation to go an extra £243 in wages a week. Most of my new signings were young guns as I attempted to build a U23/U18 squad for the future, I don't appear to be in any league so I'll fix week to week friendlies for them, just hope that I survive long enough to see them in proper competition. My idea to use my favored 4-3-2-1 tactic went by the board after one and a half games as it was clear that my initial squad's wide players had no intention of running past anyone and I had to go to a safe 4-4-2. by the end of the pre season though the new signings had allowed me to return to my preferred formation. It's still not as good as it could be but I like the solidity that the centre three gives me, my wide attackers need to learn to create more chances for my forwards though and I really need to find a decent attacker to put those crosses away. Board Expectations | Staff overview | Bookies odds | Players signed I don't think any of my players are world beaters but here's my three to watch for the 2017-18 season Romeo Akinola MC 18-yr-old I spotted on Social feed linked with someone after being released by QPR. Excellent first touch, work rate and tackling makes him perfect for the centerpiece of my three midfielders. No pace at moment but high natural fitness makes me hopeful that it will develop Niall Maher GK 18-yr-old goalkeeper released by Morecambe. Won't initially be in my first team plans but best aerial reach and reflexes in club might help him to force his way in. Demetri Brown MR/AMR 22-yr-old speedy winger in his second year at club. This could be the season he breaks into the 1st team. Excellent leadership skills has him vice-captain of the U23's already and I'm hopeful he could be a future captain of Town
  11. Manchester City built their academy from the ground up but it wasn't instant. It was part of a six year plan and cost the best part of a billion pounds. Eight years after the start of the Academy project we are starting to see the benefits emerge with the sides starting to dominate at U13, U14, U15 & U16 levels while the older levels are still being matched by Chelsea
  12. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    OK, don't normally do this sort of thing although have done a few FM stories under my first log-in of mavericktango which I got locked out of. So ...... [centre] [/centre] Profile | Squad | Staff | Finances I was tempted to go with Basingstoke to see if it would be feasible to stay in funds as a pro club but I've always hated the town of Basingstoke so went with Hednesford instead. My staff aren't very good but I've got £1,200 a week to play with for wages. I haven't examined the squad yet but I've got 19 players at the club and their positions means I can probably play my favourite 4-3-2-1 tactic. Nice to see my probable #1 keeper is valued at £5 and I've also got a 34-yr-old centre half worth £4 lol! First tasks are to recruit a goalie/general coach, some scouts and organise a pre-season
  13. That does sound good Morrissey. I shall look forward to the release
  14. There's some great highlight videos on this site, it's almost convinced me to start my first save with this file. I don't know much about the Scottish lower leagues though, where do you guys suggest I head to learn about them? Or who do you think would be a good challenge? I went to Linlithgow once (not that I saw the ground) but can't think of anywhere else I've been that might have a team, outside of Edinburgh or Glasgow of course. I've been to Ayr, Kirkcaldy, Dumfries, Irvine and Aberdeen. I did once see Clyde v Clydebank so one of those might be fun reviving? Sorry to be another "what do I do ...." but always best to pick the brains of those who really know the area