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  1. Has anyone ever seen one where the complaining player actually has the fans' support? I've seen them have 0% in favour and over 90% against...
  2. Team meetings work pretty well for stopping losing runs, but then it just feels like a magic bullet to overcome the death-spiral effect of poor morale. I have never tried one on a side that was doing well and going by the horror stories on here I don't think I will.
  3. Presumably it's meant to be board members, directors, Chief Executives etc. However, I agree that there are times when you find yourself paying out a fortune for no readily apparent reason. I'd also like to know how it is calculated.
  4. Fantastic thread and a subject which I've wanted to see addressed for a long time now. I don't think anyone is suggesting that superstars should be routinely cropping up in non-league, but there should be more Premier League and Championship level talent, certainly more L1 and L2 talent and it should be identified more by big clubs when it does appear. On the subject of clubs ruining themselves with high wages for 6 or 7 players I think a lot of the problems have been caused by the introduction of the 'Match Highest Earner' clause. As others have pointed out, one of the big advantages for human players is that we are much better at controlling our wage budgets. This works in multiple ways (identifying who is worth what they're being paid and moving out those who aren't; offering sensible contract lengths depending on age and potential etc.), but a major issue is that the AI is much to ready to hand out Match Highest Earner clauses and Yearly wage increases. In FM11 and FM12 I have taken over Championship clubs and found a wage bill primarily bloated by 5 or 6 individuals on high wages. Usually 2 or 3 of these will have a Match Highest Earner clause of which only one will be worth what he is being paid. Others will be in the third or fourth year of a contract with a 15% yearly increase. In this way players who are given maybe 2k or 3k/week more than they are actually worth end up getting 7 or 8k more. This creates inflation in the game and means that 1) by the 8th season or so any club that loses revenue is in serious trouble and 2) signing 24 or 25 year olds is extremely expensive because they refuse to take a pay cut to what they are actually worth so you're left either paying a back up £35k/week or picking up someone on a free who has sat in the reserves for 2 years.
  5. My neighbours must think I have tourettes considering the amount I swear at the game.
  6. This appears to have cropped up a few times recently. This is my idea, slightly embellished, from another thread. I don't claim any great originality since I'm sure such ideas have been thrown around before. Surely this is something that could be at least partially addressed by adding a press conference/statement after a manager leaves a club (or adding questions to the conference after taking a new job). Probably shouldn't apply if a manager has been sacked (you generally don't hear from sacked managers formally until they start doing specific media interviews irl), but if you move on without being sacked perhaps you should get the opportunity to give your reasons and your feelings - Offer I couldn't refuse/Felt it was time for a new challenge/Taken the club as far as I could/Difference of opinion with the board. With the feelings about the move it could be altered depending on your time with the club or reputation there so a long-serving manager who had brought success would be able to say they would always have a soft spot for the club or hoped the fans would understand the move while a manager who jumps ship after a year would be limited to more selfish options (ie, 'I had a good spell here, even if it was short'/'Football is a business and this club was just another step on the ladder for me.'). My concern would be that it might be a bit tricky to provide negative options, (or would be too easy to win credit by lying) but if you're just trying to mitigate an inevitable loss (say 100 points of overall reputation with the club up to the maximum 100 dislike) then it would still work (ie giving the best answers would see you lose nothing - it wouldn't be realistic to gain rep by leaving - while giving some good and some indifferent answers would lead to a loss of 30 points and take you from legendary to favoured personnel or from indifferent to mildly disliked. Obviously saying the club were just another job to you and you were only looking out for number 1 would see you lose the full 100. Only the most loyal and successful managers would get the questions to keep their club rep intact, everyone else would see a guaranteed drop. In brief, I see it as going something like this: Manager gets the sack - Nothing changes. Manager accepts another offer - Release statement based on 3 or 4 set questions/answer extra questions in press conference at new club explaining reasons for leaving and their feelings about their old club and about the move itself. By leaving the club the manager opens himself/herself to a maximum 100 point reduction in rating (a true legend risks dropping to indifference or mild dislike, a regular manager risks extreme dislike) but can win back points by answering questions. The amount of points they can win back depends on their answers, but also hinges on longevity and success with the club which open better options to the manager. Thoughts appreciated.
  7. Insanity, but unparalleled devotion. I am genuinely speechless.
  8. Please, please, please can tactical changes operate faster than player substitutions? How many times have we all seen the message that the opposition has gone 4-2-4, adjusted our defensive tactics accordingly only to sit and mentally (and occasionally physically) scream at the fullbacks to get goal-side of those marauding wingers who snatch the vital goal at the depth?
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