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  1. Has anyone ever seen one where the complaining player actually has the fans' support? I've seen them have 0% in favour and over 90% against...
  2. Team meetings work pretty well for stopping losing runs, but then it just feels like a magic bullet to overcome the death-spiral effect of poor morale. I have never tried one on a side that was doing well and going by the horror stories on here I don't think I will.
  3. Oxford_Canary

    Non Football related costs

    Presumably it's meant to be board members, directors, Chief Executives etc. However, I agree that there are times when you find yourself paying out a fortune for no readily apparent reason. I'd also like to know how it is calculated.
  4. Oxford_Canary


    It's pretty rare in the football league, but that's actually true in real life. It would be nice to see more made in the news feed of clubs being in financial trouble. It's such a big part of football news coverage these days, but doesn't really come up much in FM. It would also help for those moments when clubs are suddenly willing to sell players cheaply which you normally only stumble across by accident.
  5. Oxford_Canary

    A.I. ruin your old team

    If anything I find that, for a year or two, it's the opposite as the AI takes advantage of my squad to achieve some success. Then the awful squad management takes over and they revert to their natural place or worse (if you've taken a small club up the leagues then the effects of relegation will be horrendous). I think I'm more cut out to be a director of football than a manager. The best I've seen was my old Nottingham Forest team playing against my Bayern team in a Champions League semifinal with substantially the squad I built/recruited as kids, which was particularly impressive because I hadn't managed to get them into the Champions League before I left them. Currently my old Preston side are still comfortably midtable in the Championship with the smallest wage budget in the division a season and a half after I left them, but they've lost some key players (including all their fullbacks) so it probably won't be much longer before they go down.
  6. Oxford_Canary

    Trouble scoring - Is it just me?

    Certain tactics will create more shooting chances than others, but this doesn't mean necessarily that this will lead to more goals. There are two schools of thought on this (both might be valid): either some tactics create lots of shooting chances, but very few good chances so you see the sort of stats you describe with 20+ shots and less than 25% on target, or some tactics create an unrealistic number of chances so the ME prevents crazy scores by making your strikers much less accurate. Last night I played about 8 games, some with a 4-5-1 with a flat midfield and some with a 4-4-2. The 4-5-1 was great (as you would hope) against big clubs like Man Utd and Spurs (I'm Birmingham), but against Watford I had something like 23 shots to 2, but only got 6 on target and drew 1-1 - I also lost 3-2 at West Ham due to horrendous defensive errors and some more poor finishing. When I went back to 4-4-2 (my usual formation) I beat West Brom and Burnley comfortably despite having far fewer shots than I'd had against West Ham and Watford who were very similar sides in terms of quality. I would like to think that it's because the 4-5-1 doesn't create as many good chances with only 1 striker covered by two DCs, but it's easy to get the impression from the highlights that the ME tries to stop you scoring if you create too many chances. I know this was certainly what people were suggesting with 1-on-1s in FM09 or FM10.
  7. Oxford_Canary

    Has anyone has a worse board than my lot?!

    Similar story on a smaller scale: I got Preston promoted to the Championship in the the first season. Finances had taken a hit in L1, but the board had thrown in some extra cash to meet running costs and we had less than £1m debt. There was a massive loan which was paid back in instalments when the club made a profit, but the day-to-day costs were well in hand. First season back the board wanted a midtable finish, but only gave me a wage budget of about £65k/week. This made my yearly wage spend the lowest in the division at about 70% of the next lowest club and around 15% of the really big boys in the division. Having rebuilt the ageing L1 squad with younger players using every trick I know to keep wages down I achieved the midtable finish they wanted only to be told that the next season they wanted a top half finish, but were only giving me about £5k/week more than the year before. After about 3 months of scrapping for points with my team of low-priced misfits I decided I couldn't face another season trying to fulfil the board's expectations on a shoestring and walked out. Two weeks later I got offered the job at Birmingham who were a place or two above Preston (15th and 16th respectively if memory serves), but had 5 times the wage budget. We destroyed the league for the rest of the season and finished top on 101 points. Preston stayed up, but last time I looked were still scrapping in the bottom half with a tiny squad of misfits. While it's nice to see some boards being careful with money there comes a point when the budget simply isn't in line with the expectations (which sounds a bit like the OP's situation).
  8. The one change I would like to see is to have all transfers set up to go through on the date they happened in real life. I guess this would be extremely hard to build into the game without trashing the financial model and would also probably risk creating scenarios where teams are unable to sign a player they need in August because a player is set to arrive in January so I'm not too bothered that it isn't, I just think it would be a nice touch and a little more realistic.
  9. To be fair dafuge, he had a fantastic season for Sunderland in League 1 in 2060/61...
  10. Oxford_Canary

    Letter of Grievances by some FM Fans

    Well said. How can the OP complain that Miles hasn't read his thread when he dismissed Neil Brock's reply out of hand? What exactly does the OP expect Miles to say anyway? Plenty of people have raised questions which the OP hasn't answered - calling them all 'defenders of SI' because they disagree with you or question your post is unhelpful. I don't think the game is perfect and I don't think SI are perfect, but I also don't expect them to design the game purely around my desires.
  11. I would agree with this. As Birmingham manager heading into 2014-15 I managed to offload both Nikola Zigic and Stephen Caldwell for cash despite them being past their best because they've both played the previous season (Zigic was first choice, Caldwell played quite a lot under my predecessor). Chris Burke has sat in the reserves for years and is now unsellable even for free (and won't accept a mutual termination). I've seen something similar happen with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who never quite cracks the Arsenal line-up, but doesn't get snapped up by a Championship or lower Premier League team because he has no record of playing even when his attributes are good.
  12. I would imagine it is incredibly rare if not actually impossible. Championship clubs will be so restricted in their finances that they simply won't have the spare cash to spend on signing a player and paying his wages for 3 years while he gets a work permit somewhere else. At that level it's all about having players who are ready to contribute. You have to be established at the top level to think about stockpiling youth talent in that way and even if you have the spare cash then there are plenty coming out of British clubs. Purely on a realism basis most Championship clubs in real life won't have the resources to scout youth players in foreign countries so there is no need for that kind of link. Obviously in the game this can be incredibly frustrating when (as happened to me this week) you agree a £30k deal for a 20 year old from Belarus with great attributes and Premier League potential and can't get a work permit) but it is realistic.
  13. Oxford_Canary

    Ooops: expert advice needed!!!

    I had exactly this problem when I won the FA Cup with Norwich. I had to play all my Europa League games with a 17 man squad which wasn't too much fun.
  14. I think most people are agreed that this needs addressing fairly urgently. It is possible to get some offers for players (I offloaded 33 year old Nikola Zigic and his enormous wage packet for £500k today - about £100k less than his rapidly declining value), but it seems to be much easier early in a transfer window, particularly the summer window. Presumably this is because AI clubs max out their wage budgets and lose the ability to adjust them in order to squeeze in an extra player.
  15. Oxford_Canary

    What I missed in FM12

    I may be missing your point, but the 'Next Opposition' scouting report breaks down your opponent's record (in terms of minutes faced, goals scored, goals conceded) by formation. Obviously it's still a bit limited (it doesn't tell you whether a direct style is more or less effective for example), but it can be helpful.