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  1. Thanks! Great feedback from you and roggiotis. Now I'm off to try to set up my Conte's Chelsea.
  2. Ok, great. I haven't paid attention . Now I am going to try it out for myself. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Interesting with a def midfielder in front. You said you were inspired by Knap. May I ask from which of his tactics?
  4. Knap, you don't have a set up like 3-5-1-1? Conte's Chelsea sometimes line up like this when playing tough opposition with Pedro connected with the two central midfielder. Or if you don't have one. Could you make one from WOF 3-4-2-1 with some tweaks? Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  5. Could you post a screen shot? I have played with Knap's 3-4-2-1 but I am thinking of setting up a 3-5-1-1. It would be interesting to see yours.
  6. Quick question: If you have work ball into box as TI. Do you really need shoot less often also as PI? The same goes for Get stuck In as TI and tackle harder as PI? Or have I misunderstood it? Great if you know the answer!
  7. Great customer support . Thanks!
  8. Question for you KNAP: Could you help me with screenshots from all your PI instructions? I only have FM installed on my Ipad and can't download your tactic. I would be very happy if you could do that! Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  9. Do you know if Knap's WoF 3-4-2-1 is tested? I looked att MrL's site but couldn't find the tactic.
  10. What's your reasoning between the two team shapes you have chosen? Why flexible? Curious.
  11. I am going to start a new long term save with this as a base tactic. I play as my boyhood team,Chelsea, and for me it's a must that I have a realistic tactic. This tactic mimic Conte's tactic quite well. I don't find enjoyment and can't immerse myself into a game without realism. Thanks for this! Anders, Sweden
  12. I have found that this tactic of yours works very well. In your opinion, what are the advantages with TI playing much narrower and also instructing your wingbacks to sit narrow and cut inside? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this. This is the opposite to Conte instructing his wingbacks to stay wider and attack down the line.
  13. Watford, second after 38 games with their squad! Is that an indication that a back three is the way to go in this version of FM?
  14. I like this interpretation! It reminds me of Chelsea when they play tougher opponents. They then let Pedro play the Eriksen role and drop besides Kanté to strengthen the midfield.
  15. Thanks! I am about to set up a new long term save with my beloved Chelsea. I am going to use your "Goodbye 3421" as a base tactic. Can you give me a good piece of advice how to approach the games away to the big teams, such as Arsenal, Man U, City? I want to use a back three as Chelsea do IRL. Do you think your goodbye 3421 is alright away to top teams or should I change something? Mentaliy, formation? Any suggestions?