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  1. Is this still your formation, roles and duties? I play the same but find it tougher in this second save. Especially having troubles with the big teams away.
  2. Thanks. Do you always play with lower tempo or have you tried to increase it sometimes?
  3. Can you post a ss of your team instructions?
  4. Ok, very impressive then! I have to try out your tactic with the current Chelsea team. 👍
  5. I have to admit it is very impressive defensively. I like that. Since I also follow Chelsea and like to play with a back three, I will try it out with Conte's men. Just one question: Even if you was supposed to be relegated and managed above all expectations, I see that you are in year 2035, and by that time you should have been able to assemble a fantastic squad with lot of wonder regens who should be able to dominate the world. Do you think you would be as successful if you took a relegation predicted side in seasoson 16/17? Great to read about your tactics! Anders, Sweden
  6. I just wondering if you're about to show us your interpretation of Antonio Conte's Chelsea any time soon? I am about to start a new save and it would be nice to start with Conte's Chelsea tactic!
  7. Are you playing with standard and flexible or control and fluid?
  8. I might be daft, but what do you mean by "see SS for Tactic general outline"? I'm from Sweden so maybe I'm not familiar with all expressions :). I understand now, I think. With SS you mean screen shot right? What difference have you noticed when you play with standard, flexible compared to control fluid?
  9. Nice work already in second season! Have you changed anything from the tactic? Do you use opposition instructions? Do you use control and fluid? I didn't concede many in my first season with Chelsea but I didn't manage 10 in a row without conceding. It's nice with with having such a solid outfit who is almost inpenetreable, don't you think? 😀. Almost like the real Chelsea during their best spell.
  10. Wow! No goals conceded in 10 games. That's impressive! How many seasons into the save are you?
  11. Very pleasing to hear that you have been able to find success with your tactic. As I said earlier in this thread, this formation made me champions in the first season of the game. The most astonishing, for me, was that I only lost one game during the 16/17 season. It was the most solid tactic I had used so far during my years playing FM. I don't think you could expect to find this consistency if you played the same season over and over. It seemed that all pieces came together brilliantly. The most pleasing for me was that I actually think it replicates Chelsea's tactic really well. Especially those games IRL where Chelsea use Pedro or Willian as a central midfielder in the defensive phase. Often against the big sides they play like this. I am about to start a new long save with this tactic and approach. This time I will see if I can fine tune the tactic even more.
  12. Hi I have tried this great tactic with Chelsea and it works like a charm. I agree with Ingersoll that it is very effective against teams playing in a low block. Just one question though: when playing against Arsenal and Man U away, would you lower the mentality or change something else? I feel that you would be very vulnerable away from home against top opposition. thanks, Anders
  13. One more thing I realised when I had this winning streak in my last save was how important it is to give good team talks and the press conferences are. I actually had the stamina to do every team talk and press conference by my self. I just answered as realistic as possible. I think this helped me to keep my players focused and committed and avoided complacency.
  14. It got even better in the second half. We won the corner stat. 14-3. Possession 57-43% They had only one shot on target in 90 min. Next game I will alson have Hazard and Courtois back from injury. Frightening! I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...again.
  15. I had to start a new save to see if I could replicate the fantastic first season I had with Chelsea when I lost only one league game against Man U away. Was the whole season just a fluke, a one season wonder, or would I be able to do it again. I have started a new save and I'm into the first season and my second friendly. We're on a tour in Singapore where we play Arsenal on a neutral ground. Arsenal play most of their big guns. Özil, Sanchez, Walcott, Coquelin among others. The first signs are very good that I would be able to replicate the great season I posted in this thread before. If I get going I might try to make this a long save. Anyway, I just had to give you an insight of how the game is after the first 45 min. I get very excited that we play this good and totally dominate Arsenal. The last 5 min we conceded two long balls over the top. I play Terry in the cover role in the middle, but he is too slow and I am going to play Luiz there and try to buy me another DC. Here are the stats after the first 45 min... I have made a couple of changes to my tactic since I posted in this thread. 1. I have made the central midfielder a BWS (s) instead of a CM (d). I want a more aggressive role to try and win more second balls and also participate more in the attack sometimes. So far the signs are very promising... 2. I have changed the left CM (s) PI. He has now close down more and tackle harder to try to get this role also more aggressive. 3. I have changed the CWB (a) to a WB (a). This because when I viewed the map when we're in possession he had a position that was not high enough. Now it's better. Somehow I thought it was going to be the other way round. 4. I have also changed to lower tempo to try to keep possession better. 5. I play now with balanced width. Last time I used fairly narrow. With this change we use more the width of the pitch. 6. I have changed the fw role to a DLF (a) to experiment. Before a DF (s) 7. Also a AM (a) instead of a AP (a) to try to get more penetration. This will depend on the player who plays there. What I also note is that "use offside trap" is very important, because with this TI I reduce the chances the opposition get with long balls over the top and one on one with my keeper. As you understand this could totally fall apart in the second half :). I just had to show you this sample because I got so excited that it works so well against top opposition.