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  1. Yes, I have changed their last position. I also lowered the rep but it didn't affect the expectations. I guess I have to play as it is.
  2. Do you really think Liverpool at the moment play with a winger? To me, it seems like they play both their wide players inside. Also, I might go with a 4-5-1, but a 4-1-4-1 seems equally right. I am not a Liverpool supporter but I love the way they play right now. The fluid movement in attack, the intense pressing. Klopp certainly seems to be on the right track for something special. It would be interesting to see more people's views about what mentality, shape and team instructions to choose that reflects how Liverpool play now. I have tried to replicate their play with a recent save. Then I used a 4-3-3 formation with very fluid mentality and it worked quite nicely with the inside forwards almost defending in line with the central midfielders. I have tried with a false 9, but results have been poor with that role, so changed to a Complete forward.
  3. No one? Really? Come on, someone on this forum must know... Thanks, Anders
  4. Hi I am frustrated at the moment. I have edited my database how I view it in real life at the moment, but one thing I can't seem to change. I am playing as Chelsea and I want to lower the season expectations. Instead of being "win the premier league", I want it to be "reach a Champions League place". I hope you know what I am after and I would be very grateful if someone could enlighten me. Thanks, Anders from Sweden
  5. Would you like to share your roles and duties plus your T.I. and P.I? I am also thinking of a 4-1-4-1 and curious of your ideas.
  6. I echo the same question as Shauny1990. Whenever I play with a much higher def line I always seem to let through passes over my def line and a striker will have a one on one with my keeper. Even though I try to put real pressute on the opposition they often find one or two through balls. I also have a good defender who's quick and reads the game pretty well. So how do you prevent this and manage to play a high line?
  7. Hi I manage Chelsea and I play a tactic that reminds of yours 4-1-4-1. I have one question, how was your thought process when you come up with counter/very fluid and control/structured? I also have two tactics but I have counter/structured and control/fluid.
  8. Özil, if you were playing against the top sides away from home, did you ever change mentality to counter? My experience with Chelsea is that if I don't play with a lower mentality they often seem to score a few against me. Great thread Özil!
  9. Thanks RTH, good to know. I also wonder if there is anyone who plays FMT on an iPad Pro? I am curious about how Football Manager would be like on that particular tablet. I have never played FM on a tablet, so I don't know what to expect. At the moment, I am pondering whether to buy an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Pro. Anyone who wants to give me some advice your welcome. Obviously, an iPad Pro is a lot more expensive, but since I am planning to use it pretty much over a couple of years, I feel that I can afford it. Anders, Sweden
  10. Another question, sorry if it's been asked before. Are you able to train ppms in FMT? I am thinking about buying an iPad Pro or an iPad Air 2 very soon. Anders
  11. Hi Is it possible to tutor players in FM touch mode? Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  12. I am thinking of playing with two deep-lying playmakers as a central midfield pairing, one on defend and the other on support. How would you think that would work in a set-up like in the opening post? Anders, Sweden
  13. Very thoughtful and interesting. I also have those kind of ideas on how I want my team to play. I also like Simeone's Atleti and Tuchel's Dortmund. I am a big supporter of Chelsea since I was five years old. Now into my fourties... so I usually when I have time I play as Chelsea. I have a few questions for you Marsupian: 1. Do you notice any problems with the Offside trap? In my first game when I tried to play the Offside trap it took less than 10 min for Welbeck to score from a through ball over my defensive line who had tried to play offside. Do you notice much difference if playing without it? 2. I have tried a set-up like yours but with play narrower since I want to compact the middle and channel balls out wide. Any thoughts on this from you? 3. I have also a center midfield pairing consisting of a dlp (d) and a dlp (s) that works great since both seem to hold the middle and liberates the wingbacks to venture forward. Does your combination of a cm pairing that roams hold the middle well? I have played with flexible team shape but switched over to very fluid to try your set-up and I noticed a big improvement in combination play in the oppositions third which was very pleasing to see. I felt that my players played with more freedom and movement which they should do with a change in team shape. I will consider changing to this permanently, but I am unsure whether I will be as solid defensively as I have been. So far I have conceded very few goals. I will show my set-up and settings later if I manage to upload it. Anders, Sweden
  14. I have just finished reading this great thread. One of the most interesting I have read. I printed it out and took a comfortable seat in my favorite armchair with a cup of coffee. I am inspired to having a go with a base formation like the 4-5-1 and then see how I can develop it. One question though: I am not able to view all the pictures in this thread. Is it because my web browser or is it just not possible to view all pictures? There seem to be quite many that I can't view...
  15. How have you set up your wingers? You mention that they sit narrower. Have you given them PI sit narrower? Have you given your striker any PI? Also, do you have any other TI than close down more and push much higher up? I will start a new save with my beloved Chelsea with your set up. I will also look at Thomit's assymetric formation. Both use very fluid which appeals to me.