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  1. I have started to have rest days in between games for players who play a lot. If I have a rest day before the match, then I assume that I will not get any benefits from match preparation, right? In one of my tactics we press very hard and play a high line, but the tempo is normal. I play standard. Even though we close down more I seem to get the same amount of injuries. Since I started to give some players 1-2 rest days in between games maybe I see a tendency for injuries to occur less. Would you not advise me to play with much pressing? I play with tempo normal so I thought it wouldn't demand that much.
  2. Great, I will check that out. Maybe you have a point there. I am very quick to sub my players if there is an injury. I will try to be patient with some injuries and see if they recover.
  3. Maybe it's down to bad luck. I have searched through the forum to see if other people have problems with lots of injuries, but haven't find anything particular so I think it's not a common problem. I will pay even more attention to it and give them some days of rest to see if it changes. Hopefully, it will get normal pretty soon..
  4. Thanks! I have training set to low-medium intensity, so that shouldn't be a problem. Since I manage Chelsea, often I play every 3-4 day, but I try to rotate quite much but still get many injuries. Also, they are all match related and often my midfielders or forwards. I have checked the risk assessment tab but still to no avail. I will see what I can do. Anyone who knows of a great thread in this forum where people discuss this in detail?
  5. I am into the middle of December in my first season as Chelsea manager. I am doing well at the moment, top of the league, albeit with two points. I just have one problem right now and I don't know how to handle it: I get many injuries in matches. Not in training, but during matches. I have played FM for many years, but this is the worst I experienced and it's about to ruin my campaign. I urgently need some good advice. I try mostly to play players that are above 95% match condition, but it doesn't help and I seem to get 2-3 injuries during each game. Please, what can I do and do you experience the same? Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  6. I really like your ideas here. I have used your ideas as a base and just changed a few things. I really like what I have seen so far. From my perspective, it looks definitely like Guardiola's Man City team when viewing a game. What I changed from your ideas are the following: - an inverted wingback on defend instead of a wingback (s) - added PI "sit narrower" to the wingback (s) - removed both the CM (s) PI's "run wide with the ball" and changed It to "move into channels" - gave one of the CM (s) a "get further forward" PI - gave one of the IF (s) a "get further forward" PI - added TI's "work ball into box" and "prevent short GK distribution" I have a few question for you: - What are your PI's for your f9 (s)? You say you added hold up ball, but that is already included in the role? Also, did you add dribble less as a PI for him? - Do you think the CM (s) PI's run wide with the ball works? What do you think of the change I made? That is to remove it and add move into channels? I thought that maybe adding that would get them to move into the half spaces or am I wrong? I really like your thinking about setting up a tactical system based on core principles and tweak it through your personnel. I also find more enjoyment thinking and playing like this. Finally, do you have any more interesting thoughts about your set up? Have you played anything with it and if so has it worked? Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  7. Thanks! Great feedback from you and roggiotis. Now I'm off to try to set up my Conte's Chelsea.
  8. Ok, great. I haven't paid attention . Now I am going to try it out for myself. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Interesting with a def midfielder in front. You said you were inspired by Knap. May I ask from which of his tactics?
  10. Knap, you don't have a set up like 3-5-1-1? Conte's Chelsea sometimes line up like this when playing tough opposition with Pedro connected with the two central midfielder. Or if you don't have one. Could you make one from WOF 3-4-2-1 with some tweaks? Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  11. Could you post a screen shot? I have played with Knap's 3-4-2-1 but I am thinking of setting up a 3-5-1-1. It would be interesting to see yours.
  12. Quick question: If you have work ball into box as TI. Do you really need shoot less often also as PI? The same goes for Get stuck In as TI and tackle harder as PI? Or have I misunderstood it? Great if you know the answer!
  13. Question for you KNAP: Could you help me with screenshots from all your PI instructions? I only have FM installed on my Ipad and can't download your tactic. I would be very happy if you could do that! Thanks, Anders, Sweden
  14. Do you know if Knap's WoF 3-4-2-1 is tested? I looked att MrL's site but couldn't find the tactic.
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