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  1. Kwabena Agouda

    i bought him where he was the second striker, played him a little behind my main striker, put him on long shot max, his job was to pass the ball to the main midfielder/striker or try a longshot, and boy he was a wonder, i have seen 35yd goals with the commentary going what strike he knew exactly where the goal was, awesome shooter. if u know how to play him he ll deliver. has been my highest scoring second striker. netting 30 a season with ease and the main striker with 45. while other strikers second strikers net 12 to 18
  2. Doncaster

    Richie Wellens is good, coopinger, woods, try to play heffernan alot in league 1 he is a star
  3. btw can u post his stats, how did he fair? history look up over the seasons