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  1. What pitch size do you use? Do you use any specific training or match preparations? Do you use Opposition Instructions? How do you see out a result?
  2. Is there anything you think I can do when 1-0 up to retain a lead? Also any joy on sorting out the defense against corners?
  3. What do you change, if anything, when up against a team who play with one upfront?
  4. Can we see your current Wolves first eleven? Amazing tactic, helped me beat Arsenal at home with Sheff Utd!
  5. Simply amazing Sheffield United won the Championship without any signings first season!
  6. OK perhaps I was a bit quick these are my last few results with this tactic...rather impressive and it's pushed my humble Atletico side to 1st place.
  7. I won 4 out of 6 games with a draw and defeat, also I found I picked up 1 red and lots of yellows, it did score loads though, my Atletico side beat Mallorca 9-0 away!
  8. I tried this with Barca at Anfield against Liverpool, we lost 6-2...defence does need looking at! You can tell that it does score goals though and is very attacking.
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