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    Well im a student who plays rugby not football :)

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    'Football is a gentlemans game played by beasts, rugby is a beasty game played by gentlemen'


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    Liverpool and Woking :D
  1. ah i missed league standard! thank you
  2. When i create my own custom league in another country (Morocco) whatever i set the repuation of the club or league to its impossible to attract the same calibre of players to that club than if i was playing the the Premiership. How can i make the same players want to join me as if i was playing in La Liga or The Premiership? Thanks
  3. Sol Campbell Michael Ball Glauber Berti All ex prem players which can be picked up for free
  4. Kaka has the same as well Name:Zlatan Ibrahimovic Club:Barcelona Value:29M Min fee Release:577M
  5. thanks, that helps alot.
  6. Hi guys, basically im looking to create a database where i have to bring all future players through the academy or pinch them from other clubs while they are young, but i want to have a first team of aging stars that can tutor them/have good ppms. These players don't have to be amazing just good enough to keep me in the premiership/championship. One last question. will where i base my club in the country have an effect on the quality on youth coming through? Cheers ST.
  7. Not sure if this has been said already but i couldnt be bothered to look through all 46 pages, i think it would be a good idea to be able to tell a player when you sign him where you will be playing him, for example: if i have no right wingers but alot of strikers but i find a striker who is rated 5 stars as a right winger. When i sign him instead of half my strikers getting upset and complaining about it, it would be nice to tell them he wont be playing as a striker. What do you think?
  8. he starts at barcelona if i remember correctly?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, i might try your database actually, though derby does look good. Thanks
  10. I didnt know if it would be relevant to put this is in the new 'What team to be' thread beacuse it is 08, basically im looking for a topish team with a quite good budget and a small starting squad, the smaller the better Cheers
  11. Beating Bristol City in the first round of the carling cup as rushden, after getting promoted first season, low point is drawing watford in the next round.
  12. thanks alot worked perfectly
  13. thanks alot for the quick reply.
  14. Hello, Quick question: is there anyway to remove/change manager photos during the game without retiring? Thanks
  15. i think its a very good idea and would allow you to mould players easier, maybe if when they joined your squad that had a prefered positions and coaches reccomended positions. another idea would be to have and new feature on coach reports coach X believes that player Y would be more effective as a.....