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  1. Yes, played a 11 season career game with darlington, won the prem for last of those 3 seasons. I found that in leauge 1 & 2 I scored 140 odd goals a season but conceded 80 odd, this was not a problem as I still won the leagues with over 100 points, I think the problem lower down is getting good CB's FB's and GK's, you pick up some decent AMC's and Strikers. If you do start in League 2, good players to bring in are: Jody Morris AMC Free, have him as the middle AMC Shoes Moshoeu AMC, can be picked up for about 20k, he is 39 but has all the stats and will score bucket loads Emil Salomons
  2. Having experimented with DiMartinos 424 variant of Kimz tactic I have found that juggling this and Kimz V2.1 With 1 Setup are the perfect combinations. 424 is virtually watertight but not as prolific with goals for, I have played 24 games in the prem with Darlington in 2015/16 and remain unbeaten, in the final of league cup beating Man Utd in 1/4's and Arsenal in the Semis, 5th round of FA Cup, First knockout round of Champs league, won Charity Shield, Euro Super Cup and World Club Champs. I do have an excellent side and I have found using 424 for tricky away games and home games against t
  3. Definately happy but scored 110 and 113 in the league in the last two seasons, trade off with the clean sheets though.
  4. Mate, Have been using V2.1 with 1 setup but just switche to the 424, it's water tight, played 5 league games and conceded none, tweleve for. Not scoring as many goals but conceding none. Any ideas on the goals?
  5. Darlington Finally Premier League Champions 2014/2015 Season. The mighty Darlo are about to go on to dominate the english game for many years.
  6. Try moving your defensive line to narrow when away from home, I find that this does help tighten up especially when playing against a 4231 formation with the AML & AMR, also try reducing the tempo to 4 against poorer sides and up it 7 against good sides. Also teamtalks for away games I always nearly always go with "for the fans" b4 and then see what happens at half time. My Darlington side are currently top of the Prem after 20 games in 2014/15 season, semi of the league cup and first knock out stage of the champs league. Managed to beat Arsenal 3-2 at the emirates coming back from 2-0 d
  7. Still with Darlington, now in 7th season. Using V2 with 2.1 layout and is working well. Think we will end up 2nd again this season as Arsenal are just unstoppable, they have only dropped two points after 15 games, they were at the Darlington Arena, and we battered them! 07/08 Champions League two 08/09 Champions Lague One 09/10 Play-Off Winners Championship 10/11 6th Prem 11/12 4th Prem 12/13 2nd Prem First 11 is now GK H Lloris DR J Hoyte DL C Pander DC J Dhorou DC F Fazio DM S A Castillo DM E Sarki AMC Tales AMC R Gonzalez AMC J Farfan FC J Kennedy Any suggestions on pe
  8. Just finished 4th in the Prem with Darlington, Champions League and plent of moeny. Just signed Artur Boruc as my keeper for £5m, got about £25m left, got Hitzlsperger coming in on a free. Fazio is available on a free so gonna break the bank for him wage wise. Need some top draw AMC's didn't score enough goals from AMC last season. Any suggestions?
  9. Fifth season in with Darlington, Sitting 3rd in the prem at xmas. Which training schedules are people using with this tactic and a link pleas if poss. Jason Kennedy 23 in 23, Legend, he'll be on 200 goals in 5 seasons by the end of this one.
  10. Hello cjbltfc88v !!! which version you used with Darlington? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Hi, I used v2.1 with the v1 set up, using the tempo and OI instructions for the first 3 seasons, I stopped using the OI and tempo tweaks in the Prem and didn't seem to make much of an impact. Finished 6th in the end so made in into to Europe, got some better players coming in now so will try the OI and tweaks this season and report back. The main thing in the LL is getting some half decent players, you do need some pace at the back, Miral Samardzic will come to most L2 sides and he is premiership
  11. Darlington in the Prem after 3 successive promotions. 7 Games to go and we're 6th, 1/4 finals of the FA Cup and only a dodgy 94th minute pen knocked me out. Jason Kennedy, starts at Middlesborough, had him on loan for 3 seasons before signing him permanently for 4.2m when in the prem, has scored 140 goals in 160 games over 4 seasons, he is a legend. Big up to Kimz
  12. pld 46 won 30 drew 10 lost 6 for 132 against 71 +61 100 pts League 2 After 17 games in L1 top of the league having scored 58 goals. This is League 2 with Darlington. Using V2.1 with V1 set up as suggested by Kimz, working great for me in the lower leagues. Also following team talk instructions posted by Kimz and the opposition instructions, ie hard tackling if bravery 10 or less. Good players for league 2, Jason Kennedy on loan from boro up top, scored nearly 40 goals. Shoes Moshoeu AMC, he is 38 but still good enought for L2, Tomasz Cwyka on loan from Wigan also AMC. If any one needs any
  13. dave byrd, Lordy, bihdhdhdhbd, Have tried this tactic with Darlington a couple of times and had a very mixed bag of results, usually resulting in a very bad run conceding gaols. I tried it with V1, no i'm guessing that it is cos I had Foster & Ryan at CB who have good defensive stats but are very slow, also used to concede a lot of goals from corners, maybe something to do with tight marking???? Can you recommend any good signings for league 2 for this tactic, always went for Jody Morris, Gavin Rothery, Sander Puri, Soley, Marcus Bean on loan, jason Kennedy(loan from boro) always did ok
  14. When the Lambs is talking about player interaction, adding the ratings for the last 3 games and giving a delighted, pleased, acceptable, below par feedback. How often should this be done, every 3 games? Thanks
  15. Anyone taking over in League 2 or 1 buy Marc Nygaard from QPR reserves. HE is a legendary Traget man from league 2 through to the championship, even decent backup in the prem. Currently with Swindon, won league two, one and the championship. Just entered december in the Prem and currently sit 9th. Really need a cheap decent left winger as lost Halmosi to Sunderland. Also anyone that has taken small teams into the prem that can reccommend some palyers that have worked well for them. Thanks
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