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  1. Oh I see like a main background, I believe there are various skins you could download maybe someone has done one? I like this idea!
  2. I disagree i like the current layout, and don't feel the need to crowd it with more gimmicky (sp?) icons etc. You can fit plenty of detail on 1 screen. What graphics would you like to see added?
  3. yes almost a month past the date, tried offering full time contracts but still no option to do so.
  4. Board have agreed to turn professional in 2022 after 2 seasons in the conference with ST Albans, however the date of completion came around, no mention in news or emails and now a week later still hasn't changed on club screen? Have I missed a trick or did the board change there mind? On request status it sats cinoketuin 27/06/22 but on the left it still says planning.
  5. I thought about that but kinda felt it was cheating.. lol, least if I let their current manager do it it's kind of challenging?
  6. Top stuff! i started with Crewe, 4 painfull play off defeats later, had a terrible season with Wolves almost getting them relegated, so I went to Belgium, returned RMP to the pro league and got them into Europa league and winning the Belgian cup too, a terrible season again with Marsielle has left me at St Marys my most enjoyable fm save and longest by about 10 years too!
  7. My longest career in FM ever, 2035, I have been at Southampton since 2029, winning an FA cup in my first year, their first league title in 32, back to back trebles in 33 & 34. 2035, im currently on course to win everything, super cups, club world cup, carling, fa. I thought about retirement an starting somewhere else, but then I wondered about trying to get a feeder club to big things, like Eastleigh? buying a player off them for £50million see how they do with the money? Anyone done similar? do they just waste it all? Or any other suggestions to keep continuing..? What keeps you going this far into the future..
  8. Tried the above recently, so has been re advertised maybe 2 weeks? May need a section in the future versions to see applicants on the ad page?
  9. 3035 Liverpool just been relegated! Have been holding on for 2/3 seasons but finally dropped, Man City holding on each season too so could be next giants to fall! Aston Villa meanwhile have just won League 1 after being off the scene for long time!
  10. In the year 2035 i don't seem to be getting any responses to my job adverts? Assistant man, Fitness coach U21 Man? Can't say i noticed this problem before earlier in the save? I'm southampton, back to back premier league & champions league winners, 8th best rep in world?
  11. So a young up and coming keeper of mine has finally broke into the first team and kept his place this season, however when he was upset he decided he wanted to let his contract run down, any chance of him wanting to sign again or is that set now? He will play the rest of season currently in dec so plenty of game time?
  12. I'd also go for promotion but job security is my biggest worry! Midway through a season I'd be looking to get a 2 year extension so if relegated there is still a year on the contract to save yourself and if finances aren't great they wouldn't want to pay you off.
  13. Not allowed to discuss on the forums because of licences, hence why they aren't in the game. Google will help you though
  14. Having just had a new stadium built for the first time in my FM history I can't say I would want to be involved in the design, not needed in my opinion, although i did feel like there was not much of a chance to see it, you can use director cam and get the odd glimpse in matches, but this isn't great. How about the chance to view the empty stadium in the email when oyu have the stadium "opening"?
  15. Board have recently allowed my RMP side to improve our youth facilities so to complement them i would like to have a revamp of my youth staff which i've never paid much attention to really except for renewing their contracts, however now i'd really like to start developing our own players more so wondering what's most important attributes when employing staff..
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