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  1. I'm bumping my own thread. No one knows of a solution to this issue?
  2. When I use the editor to create a coach (or a scout, etc) with a player history I find that in the game everything worked out great, except for the fact that his history as a player isn't there. I cannot be the first one to encounter this problem, yet I didn't find a suitable solution to it. Anyone? =)
  3. Im bumping this thread to see if anyone's got an answer. Maybe even SI themselves? =)
  4. I know we have the dynamic league reputations, but does a country's financial status (ie "economic factor" and "financial power") change over time?
  5. Yeah, I know about the murderball that chewed it's way up from his knee to his face, but I wouldn't think of that as lack of professionalism
  6. Hey Wiz! Check the LLM (Lower league management) part out. Im sure you'll find loads of good info in there
  7. Don't worry about it Oakes, it's just some other members acting out. I'm glad we have moderators such as Cleon who can sort things in here. The query at hand is relevant; it would be nice to know with certainty what the physios affect in game. The manual claims that physios contribute with preventive treatment, as well as post injury treatment. This would mean that your squad will stay more fit, and benefits a lot from several good physios. The 'urban legend-like' word on these (and other) forums says different. According to the common knowledge, the physios' only real function in game is to determine the length of injuries. The better the physio, the more accurate a prognosis. To me that is quite a difference!
  8. I am also eager to know, as it is something that affects your save quite a lot
  9. UN squads. Love the expression! Important to say though, considering the point of the thread, is that it wouldn't matter if your squad consists of players from various regions of the world or just local british players from Tullmore. They. All. Play. Similar. Football. On. The Pitch. Maybe this type of discussion is more suitable for the "constructive ME feedback thread"?
  10. The regens aside, I feel that the other points made in this thread are valid; lower league teams play the same type of football as world class teams. Too much tiki-taka in irish division one. Even too much of it in the English Championship. When I watch Barcelona play in real life I am in awe because they are so skilled. When I watch a (low level) local side play I am not as impressed. At all. There is - of course - a clear difference in the sheer quality and style of play between these two teams, but the difference that is so obvious in real life is not visible in the ME. Whether the game is too easy or not is hard to answer. To me it has been easy so far, but I've been playing the game series for many years. I believe that it is too easy to sign good players from exotic countries, and I don't appreciate the fact that my amateurish tier four side plays beautiful football more often than not.
  11. I have also seen this phenomena where I can sign free agents from every corner of the world. They are regens that the game creates, and a few of them actually become rather good in a few season. Stephanie's lover, I know what you mean by signing players that you look for manually (by entering and searching the international U21 squads for example), but that is not the case with the type of players mentioned by GundeGran and others. I took over an amateur club in Ireland, and my scouts found nothing but a handful of players. When I went into players search I simply chose to narrow the search down to "free agents" and the age to be below 20. There they were. Sure, I didn't see all their attributes, but no manual searching whatsoever. 5 years later I've won the Irish PL several times and got the job at a top club in the English Championship. Out of those regens that I found from Ecuador, Switzerland, Greece, etc, I have brought four with me to the new team. Three of them play regularly and perform well. To summarize it, I would say it has given me a sense of unrealism. I doubt that a squad from Irish division 1 would consist of Ecuadorians, Spaniards, Greeks and Dutch players.
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