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  1. Finally finished the first league season winning the league FA Cup Final now against Man City don't hold much hope of winning that, still a final is good achievement for the players.
  2. Ah yes winger attack 22 appearances so far 12 goals and 6 assists. He's been injured a bit though.
  3. Finally started playing FM after a few years break. Took some getting used to with the new layout and tactics but think I'm getting there now. Anyway started a game as Leeds, like their style of play and the young team intrigues me. Jack Clarke has bee immense for me so far, despite being out for a few weeks injured. Long way to go yet mind! Here are my results and league table so far: Results: Tactics (found in this thread but I've tweaked the roles and settings slightly):
  4. Is there anyway I can make the player condition bars re appear on the player screen please?
  5. Sell for that much. I've got rid of him on a free transfer as was not getting enough games.
  6. I've just started a Saints save just wondering what everyone did in regards to coaches as they are poor at the start.
  7. DMC PA and CA or star ratings don't seem to matter as much in this positon it seems as I've got Sven Bender and Wanyama both are 3 stars at the most but are awesome in my team and constantly get high ratings.
  8. Thanks. I'll look at them as well I usually steal there HoF so should of thought of them myself really. Any other suggestions welcome.
  9. Nation: England but may consider other teams with good youth set up Division: Lower EPL to League 1 or 2 (or eqivulant abroad) Media Prediction: N/A Board Expectation(s): N/A Transfer Budget: doesn't really matter on transfer funds but would like wages to play with, also a good youth set up is a must really want to make my own stars. Wage Budget: As above Finances: Decent, see above Just want a decent team to be really, have looked at Crewe so if there was something similar in the championship so its one step closer to the EPL then great if not suggestions are welcome for other teams.
  10. Is there anyway of changing the size of pitch under the tactics screen in windowed mode as its not showing on my game anymore. Here's a screenie http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157448358
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