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  1. I guess this topic transformed in the need of help with the game to begging for a discount and should be closed
  2. I would recommend to post in their forums in order to get (maybe) faster help https://sortitoutsi.net/forums
  3. Hi, since the beta is getting live right now i would like to know which features are you guys discovering that werent previously announced in features video & tweets Cheers
  4. Thats awesome news but i would like some general tips on the new game to preorder it. At least a schedule of how news are going to be informed. Cheers
  5. Well, i agree with both points. While i dont want a "chairman manager", it would be nice to use our income to our personal growth. I would like to see some intelligence in taking the courses. Maybe the board could be more flexible to let you do the course in the off season or when no matches are planned
  6. Since my previous topic was closed (although i dont agree with it) i would like to know which features which were not announced in facebook/twitter/youtube are actually in the game. Unfortunately, this comment will mix with other ones which are not beta-feature related
  7. Hi, since the beta game is available today i would like to know from those who have pre-order it which features have you discovered in the new FM2016 besides the ones announced in youtube/twitter/facebook. Screenshots & comments welcome !
  8. Hi, i have downloaded one of the league packs in order to start with a San Marino team. I checked that all the teams are amateur and i would like to know if that status is hard coded to remain amateur or can increase according to results and earnings to a semiprofesional and profesional side. Cheers
  9. eating healthy i guess lol I think its a random stats that may vary between days. Im not sure it will make really hard changes in matches 2kg less
  10. If i remember correctly in first versions of cm94, there was an option of insurance you could hire for players
  11. Im not that desperate for the game. While im a fan unfortunately i have other duties like family and job which basically makes my launch day routine just like other day....The diference comes when i arrive home
  12. No that i am aware of. It might increase the reputation of the league if a international tournament is played in that country
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