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    man utd are great!!! liverscum, the team not so great in English Football

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    find me in the man utd social group and join


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  1. league 1!

    swansea will be a good option, have about 1.1 mil approx transfer budget,
  2. don't know hu to start one with!!!

    what type of leagues would you want to be in? also would you want a lot of money or not a lot to make it that little bit more challenging
  3. Fluctuating Finances

    right then, i've used the editor to create a super team starting in Blue Square Premier, i set the value/balance so it would be super rich as well a couple billion or so. But the problem is that on my first day of management the estimated value will something like 466mil, then about 3 days in i'll have made a loss of 1.5 billion and a debt of always 42.5mil which i don't really understand. I've gone back re-edited several times and i am losing patience with it. help...
  4. Cant play in England with Created Team

    i had this problem but all you need to make sure is that there is the same amount of teams in each league before and after you edited it e.g EPL 20, Championship 24 etc
  5. Best Championship team to be?

    on mine ipswich can get up to 1 mil more than qpr, plus i checked on the editor ipswich have a have a higher reputation
  6. Good regens?

    kimmo, is great penalty 16 taking in bizzare for a regen the highest i've seen is 14 on me games