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  1. Set Pieces Left: Corners = 6 Yard Box Right: Corners = 6 Yard Box GK default DR stay back DL stay back DC challenge keeper DC attack near post MR attack ball from deep ML attack ball from deep MC stand on far post MC lurk outside area FC attack far post FC attack ball from deep I find it makes no difference whether it is in-swinging or out-swinging, I get around 10 goals a season from each centre back with this - it's brilliant. EDIT: Near post flick on is useless I find and just clutters the box for the two centre backs and the striker.
  2. Is there a patch/tool/fix that allows you to have real life fixtures for the 08/09 season? If there is can someone link me please? If not, is it possible to do?
  3. [Released] Amaga

    This skin looks bloody brilliant! Much better than Steklo in my opinion due to its originality and the only viable contender with Klasa for the best skin for FM2009. Keep up the good work mate, it's coming along nicely.
  4. I doubt it. Try it and if it doesn't work, open the 'tactical_templates.xml' file you wish to use in notepad and transfer it across to the tactics folder systematically. By this I mean make sure the data you copy across matches the rules at the top of the original 'tactical_templates.xml'.
  5. [RELEASED] Klasa Skin v1.1 + Bonus

    Thanks a lot Anthe - that fixed the SITV being fullscreen problem .
  6. I have created an XML Pack including every theorem covered in this thread. The pack consists of two xmls for each theorem: 4-4-2 Standard and 4-5-1 Standard. Please read the README.txt file before using this. Download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/226453728/TTF_.xml.zip.html Alternative: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P0RD96V6 EDIT: Feel free to use this, distribute it and include it in future releases if you feel it is beneficial.
  7. Basically - what he said. This question was asked over a month ago but has been unanswered. I think it would be very beneficial to have this so please could someone point me as to where these mythological xmls are hiding?
  8. [RELEASED] Klasa Skin v1.1 + Bonus

    Cheers michael that fixed it fine. One more thing I feel before this skin is complete: how can we get the Klasa SITV to take up the same size as the original SITV but with the Klasa design as the original SITV doesn't look good with it?
  9. [RELEASED] Klasa Skin v1.1 + Bonus

    The SITV still stretches across the whole screen. Also, can you tell us how to change the goalscorer colour in the SITV to white instead of light blue please? Otherwise, really well done and KUTGW.
  10. [RELEASED] Klasa Skin v1.1 + Bonus

    Link doesn't work for me on FireFox or IE. Can you upload on Megaupload or Rapidshare please vasili07?
  11. Is it only me that finds these tactics just don't work? I've made an attacking, standard and defensive version of a basic tactic: 4-4-2 with a global mentality and they simply don't work. The team plays so inconsistently it's unreal. I can only beat teams stronger than me and it ends up with me thrashing them or getting thrashed by them. I can't beat weaker teams at all.
  12. *** Official W.I.P. Thread ***

    Here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YG5C1TM0 There are three tactics: Brazil Complete Brazil Halfway Brazil Incomplete The first tactic is the most attacking and requires better teams. The last tactic is for lower quality teams and the middle tactic is a go-between these two and could be used during the transition of incomplete to complete. Edited link to v2 to make the striker more effective.
  13. *** Official W.I.P. Thread ***

    I've just played my first friendly with this tactic and this was the outcome: I missed a penalty and hit the bar 6 times! If you turn those 6 shots that hit the bar into on target shots then I had 34 shots, 21 on target which isn't too bad. (If I had scored those shots that hit the bar and the penalty I would have won 16-0). Here is the pkm if anyone wants it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B56UW1CQ
  14. Reduce your tempo a few notches and take off long shots on players in key areas (Strikers, wingers, attacking midfielders). Try and get a loanee striker from a parent club because it can really make your season as I found from this:
  15. *** Official W.I.P. Thread ***

    I'm making a 'beautiful tactic pack' based on quick, short attacking play. This is the layout of the tactic: I want the goalkeeper to distribute to either fullback, which are given a lot of freedom to run with the ball and attack in this tactic pack. My question is should I select 'Quick Throw' or 'Defender Collect' on the goalkeeper specific instruction for 'Distribution'?