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  1. canvey, it's the same. all the new users are guests. there's nothing to do about it and threads doesn't help, mods don't answer.
  2. all the new users are guests. i can't do anything about it.
  3. canvey - how is it possible? i registered and logged in [because i forgot my previous password], did everythink right but i'm still a guest!
  4. Levan Kenia

    Do you have this player? If you do, how good is he in your team? I took him from Schalke on a free transfer, sent out loan for 2 seasons and now he has kicked Borowski out of Bayern first-team and is a regular MC starter! His dribbling, long shots and passing - 20! So, that means - he can go past any Bundesliga defender and then smash a long shot into the net or simply give a superb assist to a player that is in even better position... 18 years and 23 caps for Georgia... Has scored plenty of goals in CL and even more in BL...
  5. I agree to people saying that we should be able to say things to players during games. Example: I am manager of Cameroon and I can't get my players pass the ball to my star Eto'o. I've tried all kinds of target man supply etc. I should have chance to say ''hey, just get the damn ball to the only player here who nows how to play, damnit! Yes, Eto'o!''
  6. yeah, this could be interesting.
  7. Manager Name: Ints Vancans Date and Month of Birth: Jan 7th First Nationality: Latvian Second Nationality (if applicable): Lithuanian Current Ability (/200): 120 Potential Ability (/200): 190
  8. First Name: Kevin Last Name: Manuachu Nickname: D.O.B. (M/D/Y): 25/09/1989 City: Dhaka Country: Bangladesh 3 Physical Attributes at 20: Pace, Acceleration, Agility 3 Mental Attributes at 20: Determination, Creativity, Flair 3 Technical Attributes at 20: Finishing, Heading, Passing Up to 3 Preferred Moves: Likes to Beat a Man Repeatedlly Shoots with Power Likes to Curl Shots
  9. How/Why did it happen?

    besides, if they would have signed kroos and kenia on free, how could 'release on free' button be still available for me?
  10. How/Why did it happen?

    No, they had contract for next 5 seasons!
  11. Good news, can't wait for this to start.
  12. So, as usually before the start of new season I offer clubs to loan my youngsters and accept only the offers with 'valuable first-team members' text. So I send Kroos to Bochum and Kenia to Cottbus plus 5 other players to other clubs. So, the season ends, all the other youngsters except Kroos and Kenia have returned. I check Kroos and Kenia profiles and see smth wierd. Their contract is marked as n/a and when I check 'transfer' to see any loan contract details, it's the same there plus there are no signs that these players are mine. On Bochum and Cottbus player list they aren't blue (marked as loaned players from other club) but like all the others. I saw no way how to get them back! Fortunately I found a way - there was still the 'release on free' button, so I released them and then signed them. Message in my mail - 'Kroos arrived to Bayern on a free transfer from Bochum', the same about Kenia... Wtf?