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  1. The real-life Bangor situation looks like a FM story. I had to double check the chairman and his son and the squad situation was reality but it is! KUTGW!
  2. Great read so far! Actually quite similar to my career I have planned for this year. I want to try and stay out of the top five leagues this year as I've done them all before, and I'm naturally drawn to countries I've actually been to in recent years... Croatia and Hungary being two of them.
  3. Jong Almere City's header colour appears as a purpley blue - should this not be red as the main team? (I'm not familiar with the Dutch league so apologies if I'm wrong)
  4. No problem. I'm just uploading now a Groundshare2025 which is just before Chorley move in, and a Groundshare2030 which is just before the other two move in. Hope that helps!
  5. If you click on your own profile in game, there should be a little edit symbol by your manager’s facegen. Click that and you can edit your manager’s appearance.
  6. I've been holidaying into the future (2031), and noticed this odd ground share where Darlington, Morecambe, Fylde (all L2) and Chorley (Con) are all playing at Morecambe's ground. From what I can tell, none of the three are temporary moves. I'm currently uploading a file as Groundshare.FM but if you need previous years' save, I think it's been auto-saving every year.
  7. Summary: Unable to use Filter drop down menu in Competition Reputation screen. Description of Issue: Due to the Filter drop down menu being where the Reputation column is, when you click Filter it just sorts the Reputation column ascending/descending and there is no way to use Filter.
  8. It seems there isn’t a rule so to speak, but an intention in the way they decide not to do repeat winners. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/paris-saint-germain/story/3705571/psgs-kylian-mbappe-will-not-make-history-with-second-golden-boy-award
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