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  1. I'm with you on this one, over a season it's a lot of time that could be saved
  2. Ahh man i choose prevent use of it when i start a save lol ill try an unofficial one and mess about with it in there thanks for the reply
  3. Evening lads, I'm currently into a save with Gateshead and had some custom kits made for it, 3 of them. I've added them and they work fine but the 3rd kit isn't showing? There was only two showing before so could anyone help me with how to add the 3rd kit option to the club info screen like majority of other clubs do please? Cheers
  4. Is there anything I can do to edit this or can't it be changed? Cheers
  5. Evening lads, does anyone know how you make the dugout panel bigger in this skin so I can get it match the size of the panels either side as per the screenshot attached? Thanks
  6. downloaded the vincechup skin from sortitoutsi website, then copied the icons folder from the graphics folder inside of that skin folder. created graphics folder in the skin i was using, paste the icons folder into that
  7. legend! thanks for putting the time into this, makes the game so much better for me to play
  8. one more thing sorry lads, im assuming this is meant to show the kits? any idea how to change?
  9. loving the skin could anyone guide me please on how to move the shirts so its centralised with the name bars? it's a little thing but it sets off my OCD lol Also how to change the green circles to this style from the vincechup skin? I cant see anything different between to the 2 panel edit files thanks lads
  10. Evening lads, I'm currently using the Dark Polish skin and have added the green circles, but could someone guide me into how i can change them to this style? I like the circles in the Vincechup skin better, could anyone help me with what needs changing please as I've compared to the two panel edit files and cant see anything different, yet they're different lol Cheers
  11. I think they might have started in level 9 so I’ll check them out now, cheers lads
  12. Evening people, has anyone created the kits for teams down to English level 10? I'm up to the National League now and it's annoying that my kit isn't as up to scratch as the rest of the league, I'm playing as Bristol Manor Farm. Can anyone help or direct me to a download for this please? Thanks
  13. have just noticed reece name-dropped him at the top lol. least someone else mention the GREATEST player of all time on the series lol
  14. I've scanned this whole thread and did obody ever buy supat rungratsamee as a 14 yr old from pompey's academy?? everytime i started a newcastle game he would play from the second he came 2 my team - then, hoping he would pick england as his adopted country (90% of the time he would) when i was england manager he would bang hat-tricks in for fun!! pure legend - him and a regen (i think) called giuseppe manco for my roma game - good times
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