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  1. I think they might have started in level 9 so I’ll check them out now, cheers lads
  2. Evening people, has anyone created the kits for teams down to English level 10? I'm up to the National League now and it's annoying that my kit isn't as up to scratch as the rest of the league, I'm playing as Bristol Manor Farm. Can anyone help or direct me to a download for this please? Thanks
  3. A few more TI tweaks and playing a F9 has sorted things lads lol, scored 4,4,5,5,5 in a run of 5 games albeit against lesser opponents then got smashed 5-1 by Man U but I can live with that, semi finals of league cup...I can smell silverware
  4. So yeah I finish 9th second season but fluke Europa League through UEFA fair play system. Still can't enjoy this game though with the home/away problem I'm having. 7 games into 3rd season, won 3 (home), lost 4 (away). Tried everything, this just me or anyone else suffering same thing. Actually no point playing it cause no one is finishing higher than 8th with a disgusting away record like that
  5. all MC's on support, Tielemans AP / Romero BBM / Gini RP. You reckon put them as defend duty? I've started leaking goals for fun at home too now ffs lol, game is a lot more difficult than other I'm finding this year
  6. 433 with wingers for both home and away, but counter away and slightly narrower and Romero in DM position Mitro / Berahino Perez Sissoko Tielemans Romero Gini Haidara Antei Mbemba Janmaat Horn It's annoying me I can be so dominant at home and so garbage away, just lost 3-0 to stoke who are rock bottom, extra pts i could've picked up I'd be contending top 4 with ease lol
  7. Currently in mid-Jan second season and whilst my home form has been in top 4 territory last season and this, my away form is tragic! So far up until now from the first game last season I've won 3 games, THREE! Anyone know how to deal with this lol, thanks
  8. Dan is the Gloucestershire County League included in level 11 in this or are you planning to add at all? Buzzing to start a game with my local team Southmead Athletic, located in Bristol. If not roughly how long does it take you to add a league with all the teams?
  9. I didn't even think to look for him until the press mentioned him end of my first season, seen the big clubs from England were in for him. Went to make an offer and could see I could sign him pre-contract for nothing! One healthy contract offered and a day later he agreed bargain of the year. I'm Newcastle by the way, sticking to the buy youth policy, loving this years version
  10. I've used the '4-2-3-1 Deep' Rovio and changed a few of the roles and 9 times out of 10 I dominate teams. Also, I can't praise Moussa Sow enough, 37 goals in 35 games (league) first season I started, bagged him for 11m, he also won PWA player of the year. Jonas the other award! He is an assist machine lol. How does everyone play Shaqiri, as in what role/position? He doesnt seem to perform for me, Obertan has taken his place back!
  11. Managed to get my my youth & training facilities upgraded on my save in the 3rd season....well, thought so until I asked for a new stadium and the chairman cancelled them!! had to take a loan out for 1.1m for the stadium, 3768 capacity, called the Kazcar Kazyi (whatever that San Giovanni legend is called) Arena...b*****ds!! I deserve recognition lol. Furthermore, I have to pay 7k a month repayments untill 2027, once the stadium is built in 2017 though this should pay for it
  12. Makoto have you managed to upgrade your youth recruitment at all in this career? Just wondering as I haven't been able to at all on my Newcastle save and the San Giovanni save I started up yesterday! Can't believe how quick the season goes by lol, first one down in less than 4 hours! Managed to finish 4th, couple of good youths in, still can't settle on a tactic though :/ what do you usually play in the league/europe? Also, how often do you hassle the board for upgrades? So far they've upgraded junior coaching once and nothing else!
  13. And with you breaking up for school in the coming weeks I look forward to some MAJOR FM usage
  14. I'm so happy!!! Been checking this everyday in work in the hope we would get this news lol - bring on the Champions League!
  15. And how much are people paying for Papadopolous? In the summer, after finishing my first season i was getting quoted £40+ million!! He's an animal who i need in my team but i'm not prepared to pay that !!
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